10 big promises Colorado Gov. Jared Polis kept in his first term — and some he hasn’t (so far)

As soon as then-U.S. Rep. Jared Polis launched his 2018 campaign to be Colorado’s governor, the Democrat started making big promises about what he would do if voters elected him to lead the state. 

Polis promised, for instance, to abolish the death penalty, give local governments more say over the regulation of oil and gas, and host video game nights at the governor’s mansion.  

The Colorado Sun started keeping track of those vowseventually tallying more than 100 of them

As Polis vies on Nov. 8 for reelection to a second four-year term as governor, we revisited his 2018 campaign promises to evaluate 10 that he kept and some that he’s making progress toward keeping or hasn’t kept. 

Some of those promises he kept included establishing full-day kindergarten and expanding preschool, abolishing the death penalty, protecting abortion access, pardoning people convicted of nonviolent marijuana charges, passing a red flag law, creating a retirement savings plan for the private sector, forming a paid family and medical leave program, and more.

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