10 Clever Products for a Successful School Year

School is back in session! Whether your kids are in the classroom virtually, in-person, or a little bit of both, these products will get them pumped and prepped to grow into the geniuses they are. Set you and your gang up for success with products to encourage healthy eating, sleeping well, organization, innovative learning and more. Read on for our favorite finds for the Pre-K to Elementary set!



Losing your voice screaming "wake up!" all morning long? You’ve got a sleepyhead on your hands and we've got your backup. Once the alarm sounds, this nutty clock jumps from their nightstand, rattles and rolls, beeping and buzzing until your kid gets up and turns him off. Now you can lose the snooze and start your mornings off right, with a few giggles along the way.

Get it here $39.99



Osmo's hands-on learning kits are award-winning for a reason: they encourage creativity and critical thinking with activities hosted by loveable characters—meaning a tablet game that both you and your kids can agree on!

Need a Kindergarten-prep tool? The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure has six hands-on games that engage littles in core subjects.

The Osmo Coding Starter Kit transforms your kid's tablet into a hands-on coding adventure. Designed for ages 5–10, this kit builds coding skills in progression with three hands-on learning games, and BOOM: now they have the superpower of the 21st century.

With the Osmo Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night, kids can learn with Osmo on their own, or focus on collaborative play with friends and family. This kit includes seven games focusing on core skills and creative expression, problem-solving and visual-thinking through interactive STEM learning. The best part: Osmo sees and reacts to every live movement!

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For some mystical reason, food just tastes better when it’s organized in five little compartments. Kids love choices and you can fill this bento-inspired lunch box with a variety of foods–there’s even a spot for a dip! Each section individually seals once you lock it, so your yogurt won’t end up on your chicky nuggies–genius. This box is portable, sturdy, leak-proof, easy to clean and just plain fun!

Get it here $29.99

Scratch-Off Notecards

What is sweeter than finding a handwritten note in your lunch bag? These notes have taken this simple joy to the next level: write your handwritten message on the card, cover it with the scratch-off sticker and toss it in their bag. Whether it's pumping them up for a test, the soccer field, or just to let them know how loved they are, it's sure to put a smile on their face.

Get them here $18

Turtle Steps Obstacle Course

Whether your kids are learning in the classroom or living room, getting them up and moving is key to keeping them engaged. We love this set to work on their balance, coordination and concentration. Kids can create their own obstacle course with these sturdy shells. Activity cards, a spinner and additional game suggestions are included so there is tons of fun to be had, indoors or out.

Get it here $39.99

Clear View Highlighters

Where have you been all our lives? Highlighters are not only useful, but just fun to use, and these have a see-through tip so you can light up your page with precision. They also have smear guard, so no more messy letters–one less thing to clean!

Get them here $7.20

Binder Flash Cards

ABC’s, 123’s, science facts and multiplication tables–these cards are goof-proof with a built-in loss prevention system: a binder ring. You won’t run out anytime soon, either, since this pack comes with 1,100 cards. A simple yet brilliant idea, not to mention an essential study tool for any kid on the block!

Get them here $19.99 

Muti-Cultural Crayons

Because there are so many more skin tones that just beige and brown, now your kids can color their world to include everyone. Big enough for smaller hands, these crayons are perfect for your little portrait artist.

Get them here $7.99

Elementary School Planner

Get them in the habit of making a plan and sticking to it. This handy planner includes a bookmark, tons of stickers to help nail down plans, resource pages for their studies including times tables, fractions, measurements, tips of the week, vocab words and more.

Get it here $12.95


Do your kids have more screens than you do? Probably. But either way, you need this non-toxic and highly effective screen cleaner. Not only is it a hygiene necessity these days, but it also makes your screens shine like new and helps keep sticky fingerprints from collecting.

Get it here $9.99

–Jamie Aderski