10 Things to do with Number Cards

Liven up your math moments, warm ups, transitions and brain breaks with fast prep number and counting activities. Grab your number cards and a few classroom staples and you're set! Here are 10 hands-on activities you can implement in seconds with just a set of cards. 

10 Ways to Use Number Cards

  1. Writing Cards - use with a dry erase markers and students trace or track the numeral
  2. Ordering - let students order them in different ways (forward, backward, vertical, different starting positions)
  3. Missing Numbers - line some cards up, flip some and ask students which ones are missing
  4. Memory - print 2 sets and place face down, flip 2 to find a match
  5. Following Directions - place some cards down and ask students to follow your instructions - e.g. find 4, put 3 bears on number 6, find the number that comes after 7.
  6. Listen - clap a number and ask students to find the matching card
  7. Make a number line for display or an addition activity
  8. Difference - using the number line, put a sticky note on 2 numbers and ask students to tell you the difference, tell addition stories and hop on the number line
  9. Clues - tell clues and have students find and take the answer - e.g. I'm thinking of a number that is 2 more than 8.
  10. Create number patterns - make skip counting patterns - e.g count by 2s

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