10 Years of Homeschooling

Our summer break starts today. This concludes our tenth year of homeschooling. Our son finished 9th grade. According to the law, he started out with Kindergarten (or Year 0 as it is known in some countries). Hence, 10 years of homeschooling.


I am holding her book as she warms up before her violin recital.

Words do not come easy to describe the last decade. My husband and I are happy we went this route – let us start there. Then, we can say that we plan to continue on this road until high school graduation for both.

Our daughter just finished seventh grade. Her passion is art, but she also enjoys clothing design, interior design, and playing harp and violin. She has plenty of time to develop her skills and take a specific path after high school.

Our son playing a Vivaldi concert from Suzuki Book 5 for his recital

Our son enjoys computer programming, writing, and speed cubing. He is focused on self-improvement and likes playing his violin in the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra. He plans to get baptized this summer, get his driver’s license, and start his own business later on this year.

Looking ahead at the 12 weeks of summer break, we plan to relax, travel, read, and enjoy each other. There will be fun in the sun in Florida, summer camp in Georgia, string camp in Knoxville, a camping trip to Fall Creek Falls, a 21-day fast from electronics, and harp and violin lessons.

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