114 Funny Test Answers That Deserve An A+ For Humor (New Pics)

We feel that humor and wit are seriously underrated at schools. Creativity and comedy should be rewarded with top grades, trophies, parades, and endless pizza at the cafeteria. At least, that’s how we feel.

Pretty much everyone’s been in a situation where we’re sitting in the classroom, scratching our heads, trying to figure out a question that just darn doesn’t make any sense. Some students don’t want to guess blindly or leave the question unanswered, though. Instead, they summon their courage and write out a witty response that is technically correct but might take the teacher completely by surprise.

Our team at Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest test answers that kids have ever written to boost your mood and remind you just how powerful thinking outside the box really is.

Pssst, Pandas, over here! Careful, make sure the teacher can’t see you. We’ve got a whole bunch of other genius and hilarious test answers to share with you. When you’ve finished upvoting your fave pics in this list, take a peek at Bored Panda’s earlier post right over here (hey, no copying!).

#1 My Mom Found One Of My Old Tests From Almost 20 Years Ago

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#2 My Son's Best Answer This Week

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#3 My Sister Teaches 5th Grade. Nice Try, Jackie

Image credits: robbiefreeze

A lot depends on the specific teacher who set your child’s test. If they’re more easy-going, they might actually appreciate the out-of-the-box thinking and witty answers. However, someone stricter, who feels that there’s only one ‘right’ way to answer any question might end up scolding your kid and giving them a bad grade.

There’s also a lot to be said about the type of school you send your children to. Whether or not the institution values creativity or rote memorization will depend not only on the teachers hired to work there, but also on the principal and local superintendent, how the PTA deals with things, and what the overall philosophy of the school board might be.

#4 Sounds About Right

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#5 The Answer From A Guy In My Class On A Geology Exam

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#6 How To Make Original Answer

Image credits: ANTONIN118

There definitely has to be at least some structure throughout the school day. You can’t just let your kids run completely free, doing whatever they want, without care, for years on end. Though there are schools like that and it’s up to every family to decide what’s best for their loved ones, generally speaking, there has to be a healthy balance between freedom and discipline.

Guidance from teachers and an expectation to follow the rules aren’t necessarily bad things, so long as they don’t try to limit their students’ expression and creativity for no good reason.

#7 My 8-Year-Old Son Takes His Homework Directions Literally

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#8 Debatable. But Still A Good Answer

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#9 Who Are You Who Is So Wise In The Ways Of Science

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Plenty of you Pandas have probably felt firsthand what it means to successfully one-up your teacher… and how bitter some of them get. If you correct your teacher in front of the class or tell a joke, you’re basically flipping a coin. The more empathetic educators will probably laugh along with you, thank you for your observations, or even start a discussion with the class about how, hey, not everyone knows all the answers.

#10 My Wife Is A Teacher And Found This While Marking An Assessment

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#11 Provide An Example Of A Risk

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#12 This Kid

Image credits: Bobbyrp

However, someone who feels that their authority is being undermined (usually, they have low self-esteem) might punish the students who ‘dare’ to stand out. They might give them worse grades, for example. Or try to trip them up in various ways, like assigning extra homework, more tests, or extremely draining coursework. If this is an ongoing issue, the parents definitely need to get involved and have a chat about the situation. No bullying—by an adult no less!—should be tolerated.

#13 Answer: Hot Dog

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#14 My 6-Year-Old Got The Answer Wrong, But I Think She's Right

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#15 My Little Cousin Nails A Test Question

Image credits: davidehg

Now that’s not to say that students should be free to disrupt the class all day, every day with their sass. Humor is great in small doses. However, it loses its charm when the class clown has to have the spotlight on them in every single class. There’s got to be a bit of mutual respect between the students and their teachers here. Having fun in class is perfectly fine, so long as you actually manage to learn something and don’t take away the opportunity to study from your fellow classmates.

#16 They're Not Wrong

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#17 Give This Guy A Medal

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#18 Honesty In My Son's Homework

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Interpersonal skills, feeling comfortable and confident in front of a crowd, quick-wittedness and the ability to improvise under pressure, thinking in ways that others don’t, your general amiability—these are fantastic skills to have for any kid or grownup.

A large part of your success in life comes down to how you communicate with people. Being charming and spreading smiles are useful tools in your arsenal no matter what career you choose. However… that might not be enough.

Ideally, you should support your strong social skills with a good amount of knowledge in a few areas, whether that’s science, humanities, the arts, or something else. Sometimes you actually do have to find out what the angle of a specific triangle is, not just be able to talk your way out of the entire situation. Especially when it comes to more technically-minded careers.

#19 Wrote This In 1st Grade, Didn’t Realize How Smart I Was

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#20 My 8-Year-Old Cousin's Homework

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#21 Comrade Stalin Liked That

Image credits: _Kjaxs_

Some time ago, Professor Lisa McLendon, from the University of Kansas, shared a few thoughts with Bored Panda about how educators can motivate their students. She pointed out that there are two parts to inspiring your students to aim for the stars.

 "One, give them a solid foundation to build their skills and knowledge on, so they’ll be able to succeed at whatever they choose to pursue," the professor told us.

"Two, give them support and encouragement—and the benefit of your own network, if possible—to help them get where they want to be," she shared that educators have the power to help their students build a solid foundation for a future career.

#22 Potentially The Best Answer My Daughter Has Ever Given On A Worksheet

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#23 I Have A Tradition With My Teacher To Draw Each Other Memes On The Exams, So Here Is Another One

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#24 How To Pass An Exam

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"Lots of people don’t get there [where they want to be in life] right away, or end up somewhere else completely, and if students see how others have navigated their career paths, it helps instill some patience and also an openness to other possible pathways," the professor said that educators have the ability to support their students through their highs and lows. Encouragement goes a long way, whether or not someone’s still studying or has already graduated.

#25 My Brother's Math Test

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#26 The Answer To This Question

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#27 These Tests Are Getting Easier And Easier

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"Relating concepts and skills to real-world activities can help many students understand not just what they’re doing but why. Explaining the purpose of big-picture things like a whole course as well as small things like individual assignments can help students understand why what they’re doing is relevant. Also, putting concepts and skills into the larger field can help students contextualize what they’re doing and see how it relates to things they’ve done before and things they’ll be doing at the next level," Profesor McLendon said.

#28 My Son Is One Of "Those" Kids

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#29 I’d Say This Was The Correct Answer

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#30 My Cousin Is A Teacher, And Posted This Today

Image credits: MrsJordanHarris

How an educator should give feedback will depend a lot on their students. For instance, some might want simple and direct feedback. Others might prefer a more diplomatic, subtle approach.

One way to let a student know that they might want to put more effort into their schoolwork is using the ‘sandwich method.’ “Tell the student something good about their work (bread), tell them how something could be better (filling), then tell them something else good, either about their work or about your confidence in their ability to do it (bread)," the professor told Bored Panda.

#31 My Sister's English Homework

Image credits: Haramb3_eSports

#32 My Son, The Patriot

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#33 Kid's Take On Tornado Safety

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#34 This Is The Best Answer I’ve Ever Seen

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#35 Answer On An English Exam Paper

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#36 One Of My Friends Just Sent Me Her Kid's Homework. After The Answer At The Bottom, I Realize This Kid Is Going Places

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#37 My Wife Teaches Grade 3, This Was Not The Answer She Was Expecting

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#38 Friend’s 9-Year-Old Nephew Was Asked To Show His Work Or To Describe How He Got His Answer. His Reply: “Just Use My Brain” And Drew This To Show His Work

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#39 I Was Marking My Students' Tests And One Did This

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#40 My Fourth Grader's Math Homework. She Said, "This Way I Didn't Even Need To Think About It"

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#41 Well It Didn't Say It Had To Be Analog

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#42 The Teacher Gave Me 200% For This

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#43 My 7th Grade Chemistry Exam Answers

Image credits: drakeflaem

#44 My Sister Is A Teacher, Year 1 Kid's Answers

Image credits: omathews8

#45 My Kindergarten Teaching Experience In A Nutshell

Image credits: LaPagina

#46 My Nephew Has Some Things Figured Out

Image credits: dpotter05

#47 Math Problem Solved

Image credits: onlyshrey

#48 This Is Why Teachers Love To Teach Apparently

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#49 This Person Deserves A Scholarship

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#50 The Kid Is Pretty Smart Though

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#51 The Kid Is Smart

Image credits: Hacka4771

#52 Godzilla Let Washington Down

Image credits: Brielle-_-

#53 Astronomy

Image credits: code_ex_nihilo

#54 My Son Came Home With This. Looks Correct To Me

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#55 My Six-Year-Old Son Got A Note Sent Home From His Teacher Yesterday

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#56 I Have A Feeling Someone Got A Hold Of The Answer Key

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#57 My Chem Lab Professor Accepted My Answer

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#58 Reason Why My Little Brother Failed In School

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#59 Friend Of Mine's Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

Image credits: dubblechrisp

#60 Name The Flag

Image credits: NapalaGruzu

#61 3rd Grade - New Math

Image credits: chesnutnomiddlet

#62 What Is Mass? My Nephew's Response To An Online Exam Question. My Family Is Catholic

Image credits: Suckmesideways777

#63 I'm Marking The Exam Papers. These Answers Keep Me Going

An answer: Fishing using physic powers. Physic + Fishing = Phishing

Image credits: Trevsweb

#64 They Were Almost Right

Image credits: bobocalender

#65 Passed My PhD Exam Today

Image credits: oozabooza

#66 My Sister Is A Kindergarten Teacher And Got This Back From A Student

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#67 This Kid Gets It

Image credits: Carlamon_ster

#68 My Daughter Asked Me To Check Over Her Homework. She's 7. I've Never Been Prouder

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#69 Little Sister's Homework

Image credits: Alexis_Eames

#70 Friend's Kid's Homework. I Think He Gave A Good Answer. Pennies Suck

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#71 My Younger Brother's Answers For His Health Assignment

Image credits: Batmansappendix

#72 My Kid's Teacher Is Apparently Okay With His Wild Answers On Spelling Tests

Image credits: slivovitz283

#73 We Asked Our Biology Teacher For The Funniest Answer Someone Has Put On A Test, We Were Not Disappointed

"I have to be honest with you. I didn't go over this problem last night and didn't pay attention to it in class yesterday. I do not care about this, I don't even like science. But I do like you and I don't want this to ruin our friendship. Since I do not know this, I have a question for you. I just started texting this girl and I know she thinks I'm cute but I don't really know how to start a conversation with so I was wondering if you have any ideas. Well that's all for now Mr. J but we will keep in touch."


"Impress her by talking about how atmospheric nitrogen can be used to age artifacts. Works for me every time. Mr. J"

Image credits: DRoss09

#74 9-Year-Old Student With Some Standardized Test Sass

#75 My Girlfriend Just Sent Me This From Her Physics Test

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#76 My Little Sister Wrote This On Her Math Test

Image credits: Jukethebox

#77 Give This Kid A Medal

Image credits: pcbetarace

#78 That Is Not A Very Nice Answer

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#79 My Dad Just Texted Me This. Student Submitted This For His Final

Image credits: Drachte

#80 One Of My Biology Students Gave This As An Answer On His Test

Image credits: n3hemiah

#81 My Kid's Answer On Her Math Test

Kid's answer: It is ham and cheese. I don't like it

Image credits: checkyourguns

#82 My Friend's Kid Is Pretty Smart

Image credits: imgur.com

#83 You're Not Wrong

Image credits: RuggedlyHandsome

#84 My Little Sister's Homework Assignment. At Least She's Honest

Image credits: rcv27

#85 Grading 2nd Grade Math Homework

Image credits: iHearYouLike

#86 Homework Question Response From A 7-8 Year-Old

Image credits: LucinaWinsTheBattle

#87 A Kid Asked If The Dinosaurs Can Poop

Image credits: WarthogIll5416

#88 Not Knowing The Answer On A Science Test

Image credits: imnotafgtranny

#89 Stupid Maths Exam Question, With A Great Answer

Image credits: CLINKCLONK76

#90 Some Of My Mom's Former Students' Answers I Found Funny While Throwing Away

Image credits: Just_YourAverageMeme

#91 My Teacher's Too Smart, Guys

Image credits: DuckCrimes

#92 Poor Tony

Image credits: Eric Pazdziora

#93 My Little Brother Aced His Math Test

Image credits: 0utlaw_Torn

#94 From My Grade 6 Science Test, I Think The Marking Was Unfair

Image credits: nrocpop49

#95 Technically Not Wrong

Image credits: drRJ21

#96 Answer To The Last Question On A Math Exam

"K is the shorthand of 'okay' most commonly used by people who are in a rush whilst texting."

Image credits: Cressica

#97 I Think Third Grade Math Is Boring For My Son

Image credits: flaggfox

#98 My 10-Year-Old Daughter’s Science Test

Image credits: WetWookie1988

#99 3rd Grade Homework

Image credits: jacksonPollack

#100 I Saw This In A Video And Noticed I Did It 2 Years Ago When I Was 11. That’s My Test

Image credits: artsyg0rl

#101 My Test Answer Oh My God

Image credits: scoobymcpoopers

#102 I Was Grading Assignments When I Saw This. The Answer Is 0.007 Kg

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#103 Wrote A Note To My Teacher On A Test I Failed. Her Response

Image credits: Im_Not_Juan_Martinez

#104 My Student Thought The Tests Logic Was Off

Image credits: JoeMamma45

#105 The Answer My Friend Wrote In Her Test

Image credits: King_Kestrel

#106 From The Book “The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers”

Image credits: hahnzyy

#107 Beginner English Writing Exam 1

Image credits: cocktailmuffins

#108 Me During My Math Exam Today

Image credits: jam5354

#109 My Friend Recently Got His Health Exam Back

It said: "The name and the pronunciation."

Image credits: jigjamz

#110 I’ve Been Waiting For Years To Make This Joke, Got Opportunity On A Math Assignment

Image credits: Extension_Source6845

#111 He's Not Wrong

Image credits: Ventl8u

#112 The Best Test Answer From A 9-Year-Old I've Ever Got (Had To Give Them The Point)

Image credits: Alexis2552

#113 My Aunt Is A Teacher At A School Full Of Kids With Behavioral Issues, Personally I Think They Are Going Places

Image credits: CapN_Froad

#114 First Graders Get It

Image credits: carrot-melon

#115 My Little Sister Wrote This On Her Math Test

#116 Physics Teacher's Version Of A Christmas Present For A Test