118 Times People Who Went Through The ‘Blunder Years’ Phase Posted These Absolutely Hilarious Pics (New Pics)

Those rebellious teenage years may be gone, but evidence of our toe-curling style disasters is not. After all, nearly everyone has gone through this awkward phase in their lives, and it still finds a way to come back to make us cringe at our younger selves. Whether it’s being super into some lousy boy band or opting for terrible fashion trends and even worse hairdos, we all have photos hidden in family albums we hope will never see daylight.

But as it turns out, they do. In fact, people themselves are sharing their hilarious discoveries on the aptly titled subreddit 'Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past'. This online community is all about embracing that period in our lives when we thought we were extremely unique and edgy, yet looked anything but.

So buckle up and get ready for a wild rollercoaster ride full of embarrassing yearbook photos and old MySpace pics. Scroll down to find some of our favorites from the group, upvote the ones that made you laugh, and tell us what you think about them in the comments! And if you think you can handle even more teen madness, check out our earlier compilations right here, here, and here.

#1 Please Enjoy My Old Myspace Profile Pictures. No Filter

Image credits: gator_potator

#2 Going Through A Bunch Of Old Photos From High School, The Expression Of The Girl In The Back Definitely Says A Lot

Image credits: bs1252

#3 In 1989 I Made Myself A Fartbusters Uniform, Marched The Streets Singing “If Something Smells Strange In Your Neighbourhood…”, And Sprayed People With The Bottle Of Cheap Perfume In Attached Shoebox

Image credits: onestopsnotworking

To learn more about teenage independence and this strong urge to stand out from the crowd and discover new personas, we reached out to Cameron Caswell, Ph.D., an adolescent psychologist, family success coach, "teen translator", and the host of Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam podcast. For over two decades, she has set out on a mission to help parents build strong relationships with their kids through improved communication, connection, and understanding, and has even published a book called Power Phrases for Parents: Teen Edition.

According to Dr. Cam, most teenagers have an extremely strong desire for independence. After all, adolescence is the bridge from childhood to adulthood, so it’s only natural for them to want to spread their wings and seek out their personalities. "It’s hardwired in their brain to become independent. Thank goodness, otherwise they might live in our basements for the rest of their life," she told Bored Panda.

Nearly every mom and dad wish to see their children grow up to be confident, self-reliant adults, though it makes parenting them a lot more difficult, Dr. Cam argued. "It often feels like they push back and fight us at every turn. This may come across as disrespect to parents, but it’s actually their best attempt to have a voice and exert agency over their own lives."

#4 Me In 1998 And My Wife In 2000

Image credits: camiam85

#5 My Wonderful Supportive Mom Paid A Professional Photographer For These

Image credits: AriaFaline

#6 I Give You One 15 Yo Goth With Her Eyebrows Shaved Off. My Step Dad Nicknamed Me “Sunshine”

Image credits: m4RLA5INGER

For better or worse, many of us never forget our teenage years. The perplexing mood swings, the parental pressure, and the desperate struggles for popularity are just a few things that make us glad those days are long gone. And let’s not forget how we used to protest just about everything we laid our eyes on and were obsessed with who we wanted to become in the future. What we often tend to overlook, however, is that it was also the time for experimentation and self-exploration (although some of us never stopped looking!). We used to test limits and look for alternative lifestyles, which often resulted in us trying out edgy hair colors and styles, clothing, piercing, and much more.

#7 Every Photo Of Myself Circa 2006 Looks Something Like This

Image credits: robbiethedarling

#8 Senior Photos 2009. I Loved The Shock Value. Smh

Image credits: xTrainerRedx

#9 My Husband Made His Sister Take This Photo Of Him. He Was In A Band

Image credits: CallmeTunka

The psychologist explained that this urge to adopt new looks and create fresh personalities arises because adolescence is all about self-discovery. "Along with their desire for independence is a yearning to be their own person. Up until now, their identity was strongly influenced by their family. Now they realize that there are far more options available to them," she told us.

"They want to figure for themselves what works for them. They try out different friend groups, fashions, and favorites to see what fits. They question their religion, sexuality, gender identity, and political beliefs," Dr. Cam continued. "The more freedom they have to explore, the more confident they will be in the choices they make."

#10 My Mum Commissioned Someone To Make These Outfits For A Family Wedding. We’re Boys Btw

Image credits: Newlands99

#11 Matrix Inspired Outfit I Wore To School In 2008

Image credits: denob

#12 I Swear To The Great Mushroom God I Wore This To Prom Senior Year

Image credits: Flagsothese97

But as you probably noticed from this compilation of pictures, teenagers' wish to carve out their own path to be different than the people around them often shows up in hilarious fashion choices. "Donning the trends of the season is one of the easiest things we can do to 'fit in'. That’s why it’s so important to our teens to wear a specific brand of shoes, style their hair a certain way, and keep up with the fads. It gives them a sense of belonging," Dr. Cam noted and added that there’s no way for us to avoid making these cringe-worthy mistakes. "Even if we could, why would we want to? Think of all the tears of laughter we’d miss out on," she added jokingly.

#13 Setting Trends At About 10 Years Old, Rural England!

Image credits: seafog

#14 My Aunt Sent Me A Bunch Of Old Photos Of Me That She Collected Over The Years. There’s Some Real Gems

Image credits: JDValentine

#15 In 4th Grade I Stuck Erasers All Over My Face, Which Left Red Welts Everywhere. My Mom Had To Send Me To School With A Note Letting Them Know I Didn’t Have Measles And I Was Just An Idiot

Image credits: BasePCar

However, while teenagers feel pulled toward autonomy, they also seek to connect with others and be a part of something bigger than themselves. The adolescent psychologist told us that in addition to wanting to be their unique self, teens also crave a sense of belonging. "Although they may push the boundaries to stand out from the social norms they grew up with, they don’t want to stand alone. Instead, they find a group that accepts their new persona and adapts to blend in with them," she added.

#16 I Had Eyeliner Wings Way Before Amy Winehouse- Rocking Mcdonald’s Arches For Eyebrows - I Thought I Was A Chola Back In 1998 Lol

Image credits: GospelHeretic

#17 1996. I Said I'd Only Go To Prom If I Could Wear The 1970s High School Jazz Band Uniform I Stole. Matching Hair And Glossy White Shoes Were A Last Second Add

Image credits: better-off-ted

#18 The Local Newspaper Did Me Dirty

Image credits: Pepe_CO

Dr. Cam believes that teenagers get a bad rap. "Remember, they are learning to navigate a huge world on their own, figuring out who they are and what matters to them, experiencing love and heartbreak for the first time, and still expected to keep their grades up and do their chores. If you think about it, they’re pretty remarkable," she concluded.

#19 13 Year Old Me In The Emergency A** Area

Image credits: doomaflotchies

#20 Been A Weirdo Forever (1996)

Image credits: emciclerose

#21 Lonnnnnng Before Cell Phones, We Made Appointments At The Mall To Take These Pics

Image credits: LiveAloha23

#22 My Sisters And I Wanted Those Glamour Photos From The 90s, But We Were Too Young So Mum Had Us Do A Homemade One Instead

Image credits: emmattack

#23 I Was Obsessed With Korn As A Teen. This Was A DIY Photoshop I Did Of My Face Onto His Girlfriend’s Body

Image credits: trishery1020

#24 I Insisted On Wearing A Suit Everywhere I Went Because I Had A Phase When I Was Younger Where I Wanted To Be The President, And For Years My Brother's Would Cry Every Time They Saw Santa

Image credits: ThisIsMyUsername1122

#25 We Called Ourselves The Chicken Fighters And This Was For A Talent Show. We Danced To No Music (Around 1998)

Image credits: fairsteel

#26 Who Could Say No?

Image credits: MacePalpatine

#27 That Time In 2011 My Mom Took Me To Niagara Falls And I Spent The Entire Time Planking

Image credits: heysharkdontdothat

#28 Photo Of My Brother And I On Our Grandma’s Favorite Mug. 1998

Image credits: Johnnyappleseed84

#29 Met The Beatles, My Favorite Band, At Age 11 In Disney World ~circa 2004

Image credits: Juniorsfarmerfrancis

#30 2005. 15 Years Old. Loved Casualties And Billy Talent. So Punk Dude, So Punk

Image credits: mtrlkr

#31 One Of My Best Friends And I In Early 2012. We Were 8, And Had Our Own Band

Image credits: PiggyGamesALot

#32 By Far The Worst Photo Of Me In Existence. 9 Years Old (1999)

Image credits: Historical-Dish8013

#33 In 2004 I Won A Contest To Dj At My Very Small Hometown’s Easy-Listening Radio Station. I Proceeded To Play An Hour Of Evanescence Deep Cuts And Ruined Everyone’s Morning Commute

Image credits: losvestidosrojos

#34 Dear Slim, Congratulations On Making It To The Halftime Show. From Your Biggest Fan, This Is Stan

Image credits: 99wizards

#35 No One Understood My Teenage Angst

Image credits: HereComesYourGhost

#36 Kings Island, Oh In 1984. While 14-Year Old Me Liked Cutoffs At The Time, Today I Am Enraged My Parents Allowed Me To Leave The House Like This

Image credits: Monsieur_Bienvenue

#37 They Early 90's Were Not Kind To My Family

Image credits: GreenBaySlacker

#38 I Don't Even Know What This Was Supposed To Be. I Was 15 And Very Into Weed

Image credits: xaxfu

#39 I Still Miss That Scanner. Senior Year, 1999

Image credits: biggoldie

#40 2003 vs. 2019

Image credits: thunderhugger

#41 2009. My Senior Photo. It Wasn't Enough Without The Tiara

Image credits: probablynorth

#42 Planking? Need I Say More?

Image credits: deeppurplescallop

#43 My Myspace Profile Pic Was Of Drunken Me Feeding A Random Goat A Bagel At A Party And I Thought It Made Me Cool

Image credits: GenericWoman12345

#44 I Was One Of Two Metal Heads In My School. Freshman Year, 1989-1990

Image credits: alowisney

#45 I Couldn’t Speak English Back Then And My Cousin Used To Type The Captions. I Used To Think I Had The Coolest Facebook Profile Pic

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 I Was One Of Those Who Used To Wear A Beanie In The Middle Of The Summer

Image credits: Chaoticbiotic

#47 The Year Was 1997 And I Insisted On Going To Deaf Camp. I Am Not Deaf. I Was The Only Hearing Kid There. I’m The One With Bangs

Image credits: indianayall

#48 The Year Was 2006. I Really Thought I Did Something Cool Here

Image credits: bettavez

#49 Freshman Year I Referred To Every Woman I Met As “Ma’am”, Regardless Of Age And Effected A Southern Accent, In San Francisco

Image credits: 420cactus

#50 Me At 15 (2013), When I Thought It Was Cool To Shave My Eyebrows Off. Also, Those Braces Are Fake

Image credits: 1398_Days

#51 My Partner And I When We First Got Together, 2012. I Can Smell The Hairspray Through My Screen

Image credits: grimalkin-

#52 I Was So Proud Of How Cool I Looked With This Background In 1994

Image credits: Wageslavory

#53 Everything About This Look Just Screams 2000’s (Yes, Those Are High Heel Flip Flops)

Image credits: monumentalterror

#54 We Would Dress Up And Go To Walmart To Play Hide And Seek

Image credits: harold_the_cat

#55 Yea That’s Eyeliner And Yes I’m On A Rooftop

Image credits: Almosther0

#56 Jncos And A Pink Panther Top 2000-Ish

Image credits: hoobgooblin

#57 I Didn’t Like Rollercoasters

Image credits: THE_FUZBALL

#58 Easily The Best Day Of My Life - Christmas 1997

Image credits: roseb214

#59 Please Enjoy This Photo Of Me And My Family From The Early 2000s. I Really Thought I Was A Karate Master And Wore My Gi Everywhere

Image credits: theme_shark

#60 Me, Mom, Sister, Some Strange Man I Have Never Been Able To Identify (1998)

Image credits: Carlton_Honeycomb

#61 I Still Have No Clue What This Hand Gesture Means But I Sure As Hell Pulled It Out In Every Photo Taken In 2012

Image credits: ssaassy

#62 My Mom Started Dating A Dj, I Would Wear This Shirt On Days I Knew I’d See Him. I Grew Up To Be An Edm Fan, Go Figure

Image credits: stormybitch

#63 Family Trip To The Cn Tower, Circa 2001. I Was “Too Cool” To Play Along

Image credits: Gorillasdontshave

#64 I Went To Middle School Like This For 10 Extra Credit Points On My History Presentation. To This Day, I Will Never Forget What It Felt Like To Look Around The Classroom And Realize That No One Had Dressed Up But Me

Image credits: discoheaven97

#65 (2008) If I Could Go Back In Time, I Would Go Back To This Exact Moment And Capture My Present Self Punching My Fifteen-Year-Old Self To The Back Of The Head

Image credits: la_boliviana

#66 I Used To Buy All My Shirt At Spencer’s. Had To Borrow My Sister’s Coat And Stethoscope For This Photo

Image credits: toknazn48

#67 It Was 2008 And I Wanted To Be A ...vampirate

Image credits: NoOneAskedForThis__

#68 Do Your Worst. Sorry You Guys Don't Love America As Much As I Do

Image credits: AnneArchism

#69 2007... Yikes

Image credits: big_rick_johnny

#70 My Haircut 6 Years Ago In 8th Grade When I Decided Half Shaved And Highlighter Yellow Was The Coolest Thing Ever

Image credits: FeelingCheetah1

#71 That Time When My Mom Got Me Glamor Shots...

Image credits: shallowwitdapussy

#72 Me At My 21st Birthday Party. I'm In The Early Stages Of Growing A 'Devilock' And Have An Obligatory 90s Goatee And A Hatred For All Mankind

Image credits: geese_moe_howard

#73 My Mom’s Second Grade Photo 1970.. Makes Me Laugh!

Image credits: ChomboChewies

#74 Me At 11, Making A Facebook Profile Pic...

Image credits: icexdragon

#75 A Chubby Little Dance Queen In The 90s

Image credits: the_legit_writer

#76 Mom Made Us All Easter Leisure Suits....don't Be Jealous...circa 1975

Image credits: wshankga

#77 Me Circa 1995. I Think I Thought I Was Grunge Or Something

Image credits: hoggytime613

#78 The Year Is 1998 And We Spent 2 Hours Getting Ready To Take Our Girl Band Photo

Image credits: jane_doe_john

#79 In Honor Of His 40th Birthday, Here I Am With My Elijah Wood Wall, Circa 2004

Image credits: scrubforest

#80 Thought I Was Cool As Heck

Image credits: ThrashBound

#81 Us: Chicks Are So Going To Dig This!

Image credits: JasonBarnes11

#82 Age 17, Took This Unironically Thinking My Hair Looked Amazing

Image credits: shemss_h

#83 Puberty Hit Me Young. 5th Grade Photo

Image credits: onehipwonder87

#84 Myself, My Ex-Girlfriend And My Younger Brother. Myspace Days

Image credits: jesseverus

#85 Frosted Tips And Bong Rips Back In 2002

Image credits: TracyMorgan-Freeman

#86 Pirates Of The Caribbean Was Why I Had Dreads

Image credits: Armistarphoto

#87 Entire Family Blunder, 2001

Image credits: FamousAmos00

#88 I Was Convinced This Photo Was Going To Make Me Go Viral

Image credits: jshaver41122

#89 I Hear We're Posting Our Photoshop Crush Pics. Me And Ashton On Our Dream Vacation Circa 2005

Image credits: meckyborris

#90 Brother And I’s First Day Of School Photo Looking A Little Wedding Like... Smh Mom

Image credits: madelinemcdoogs

#91 Mom Said I Looked Handsome

Image credits: Mofomania

#92 In 1997 I Went To A Halloween Party As Saddam Hussein

Image credits: Hobthrust

#93 What’s Worse Is The Caption Was “Girl Gamers Ftw”

Image credits: missnikkig

#94 One Of My Friends Texted Me The Picture/Gif On The Left Saying, “I Feel Like This Was You As A Kid.” Pretty Accurate Actually

Image credits: keschaller89

#95 I Peaked In ‘95

Image credits: skeeter2078

#96 The One True Official Karate Kid

Image credits: EmbraceJayce

#97 9th Birthday. I Intentionally Ate Only Half The Letters In My Name (Cassie), So I Could Spell Out A**

Image credits: Asleep-Sea-1909

#98 I’m The One In The White Tux Jacket And Plastic Gas Station Sunglasses Before Prom In 2002

Image credits: pixmod

#99 My Password For Runescape Was Xboxguy69

Image credits: fartpeddler

#100 Back In 2008, I Was 14 And Thought This Was Bada**. I Ruined My Childhood Photos By Posing Like This Most Of The Time

Image credits: werewolfh

#101 I Was 14 And Wanted To Be Like Avril Lavigne So Much It Hurt. Do You Think I Wore Enough Patterns?

Image credits: Chicken_Chaser96

#102 Kindergarten School Photo, Circa 1999. That Smile Haunts Me

Image credits: TheFreakingPrincess

#103 Early 2000s. I Heard That Layers Were Trendy And I Went All In

Image credits: QuilFrisson

#104 18yo Me With Dimples From Having My Cheeks Pierced In Some Strangers Condo And Getting Them Surgically Removed A Week Later. Ah, The Good Ole Days

Image credits: worthlesswreck

#105 I Did The Exact Same Pose In Every Single Picture From 9 To 13. It Did Not Suit Me

Image credits: QLZX

#106 Visiting My Dad- I Finally Found One To Add Here

Image credits: neekalouise

#107 16 Years Old 2005. We Were So Cool With Our First Cell Phones

Image credits: spacious_bender

#108 1995 - Im On The Left. Someone Should Have Been Fined For Letting Me Walk Around Like That

Image credits: hamscratch

#109 Iykyk. The Heart Collage, The Blown Out Exposure Filters, The Massive Side Sweeping Bangs And Posing With Random Objects

Image credits: Amorisaiya

#110 Kriss Kross Gonna Make Me Jump Jump... On My Bed

Image credits: TuggAndWink

#111 My Sister And I Going To A Ke$ha Concert In 2011. Our Personality Differences Are Clear

Image credits: trieditalissa

#112 You Couldn't Convince Me That My Xl Polo Wasn't Peak Style. Age 11, '94

Image credits: shiftdown

#113 Think I Was Around 9 In This Photo. Definitely Not My Best Moment

Image credits: Dazzling_Shallot8941

#114 This Was My Go To “It’s 2013 And We’re Going To Get Frappuccinos And Walk Around The Mall For 6 Hours Without Buying Anything” Look

Image credits: foxypomsky

#115 I Told My Mum I Wanted To Look Like A Boy. Assignment Achieved With What Seems To Have Been Some Form Of Bowl Lol

Image credits: Vanillabean1988

#116 15 Year Old Me In Hollister Wearing Full Light Up World Of Warcraft Cosplay

Image credits: WorldofWartCraft

#117 Me Circa 2009. I Insisted On Having That Hair Cut And Had No Idea Who Tony Hawk Was...

Image credits: nz_02

#118 My Mum Kindly Uploaded This To Facebook. Me In The Early 2000s Getting Ready For A School Dance With The Theme 'Goths'

Image credits: terrordictal