129 Wholesome Times People Made Someone’s Day On Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re a major fan of Valentine’s Day or you think it’s all a bit too cheesy, you can’t deny that the celebration has a lot of charm. It’s the perfect opportunity to remind yourself of all the beautiful reasons why you love your partner. It’s also a day when you can be kind to complete strangers and spread a bit of love around the world like a Panda-shaped cupid.

Our romance-loving team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the most wholesome Valentine’s Day pics, stories, and posts to share with you, and they’re bound to warm your heart and heal your soul. Seriously, they’re overflowing with love and kindness! Don't forget to upvote your faves.

#1 My 82-Year-Old Grandad Sends Me A Valentine's Card Every Year. His Writing Is Getting Worse Because Of His Tremor, But He Always Insists On Writing It Himself

Image credits: lucwhy

#2 This Amazing Gentleman Every Valentine's Day Will Bring All The Widows From The Nursing/Retirement Home And Treat Them To Lunch And Gifts And A Rose For Each

Done this for the last 5 years at our restaurant. He is simply an amazing guy.

Image credits: Sinalot7775

#3 I Didn't Have A Valentine's Day Date, But I Still Gave What Was In My Heart To Those Who Needed It Most

Image credits: Ripple884

In an ideal world, we’d give our loved ones the attention they deserve every single day of the year. But life tends to get in the way. School, work, hobbies, and looking at cat pics (we promise you, we’re not judging!) can gobble up a lot of your time and energy.

When you’re exhausted, you default to your basic habits. For some people that might mean going for long walks in the Great Outdoors, exercising, painting, and meeting up with family and friends. For others, it might mean sitting on the couch in front of the TV or endlessly scrolling TikTok (or both, at the same time). However, you should do your best not to neglect your social connections. And it’s not just because it feels nice to have an active social life!

#4 My Dog Has A Girlfriend Who Lives Across The Street. This Was His Face When She Came Over For Valentine's Day

Image credits: HOBbitDAY

#5 It's Been A Good Morning. Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: ravenlockk

#6 Men Staring Into The Dark Abyss Of Valentine's Day Cards

Image credits: Erratic_Professional

Loneliness is incredibly damaging to your health. The National Institute on Aging notes that prolonged isolation is about as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Socially isolated people are also more likely to be admitted to nursing homes and the emergency room. Isolated individuals often don’t sleep well and don’t exercise enough, so their health is far poorer.

As such, it’s essential that you maintain an active social life as you age. It’s not just about camaraderie and romance and making memorable moments, it’s also about literally improving the quality of your life.

#7 She Sent Me A Valentine's Day Dinner. From Thousands Of Kilometers Away, Onboard A Royal Canadian Navy Frigate She's Deployed On, Using The Ships Satellite Internet

Image credits: AshleyUncia

#8 I Brought Her Flowers And Candy On Valentine’s Day When We Were In Kindergarten

Image credits: disconaldo

#9 My Daughter Is Blind And Her Grade 2 Class Is Exchanging Valentines Tomorrow. She Brailled "Love" On Each One And Then Used A Heart-Shaped Hole Punch

The letters in print are so her classmates know what it says.

Image credits: mack3r

There’s nothing new under the sun, so it might be difficult if you’re trying to think of a completely unique gift for someone. But instead of worrying about that, try to focus on tailoring the gift or card to your loved one. Think about the things that your partner or family members enjoy the most.

Think about what they value, what inside jokes you might have, and what you genuinely love about them the most. Everyone wants to be understood—prove that you’ve been listening.

#10 Biggest Smile Ever As He's About To Give His Crush Her Valentine's Gift

Image credits: gxlauraa

#11 My Latest Piece Made From Clear Cedar Scraps From A Deck We Built Not Long Ago. A Little Valentine's Day Gift For My Wife

Image credits: Acecarpenter

#12 Awesome Bus Driver

Image credits: pandba

At the end of the day, what matters the most isn’t how Instagrammable your Valentine’s Day gift looks. What matters is that you spread some love and make someone you care about smile.

The real victory isn’t about boasting about it on the internet (though there’s nothing wrong about doing it), it’s about expressing your love, respect, and admiration. The effort and care that you put in both speak for themselves!

#13 They Still Look At Each Other So Lovingly After All This Time

Image credits: Rock_sie

#14 My Valentine's Gift For My Wife. I Bought A Chest At A Craft Store. Sanded It, Stained It, Sealed It, Engraved It, And Filled It With 365 Love Notes: One A Day Until Next Valentine's

Image credits: lorgskyegon

#15 Had A Bummer Of A Valentine’s Day. This Good Boy Brought Me His Bone And Put It In My Lap. Beats Flowers

Image credits: alwayscringing

What your partner really wants is to feel special. Don’t just get them some random card or gift that you picked up at the gas station. It’s very impersonal. A smaller gift that’s tailored to your soulmate is bound to be a greater hit than a dozen roses and a generic box of chocolate (unless they actually like the cheesiness), no matter how much they might cost. We impress others with our feelings and dedication, not the size of our wallets.

#16 Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: TotallyAwesome80s

#17 I'm 16 Years Old And I'm Recovering From Anorexia. This Is The Valentine's Day Cake I Made And Ate Without Fear With My Family Yesterday

Image credits: its_smallbread

#18 I Ordered These Earrings For Valentine’s Day. Inside Was A Card Telling Me I Was Their First Costumer

Image credits: snwbrdrmidget15

Think about what your partner might actually want to get or do on Valentine’s Day. Maybe they’ve mentioned something to you recently. Though every single day should be like Valentine’s Day, in practice, it’s hard to do. But never forget that you’ve got the rest of the year to be incredibly romantic. Don’t be shy—surprise your partner when they least expect it. 

#19 Somebody Put These In The Men's Bathroom At The Movie Theater On Valentine's Day

Image credits: SupderDuperNormal

#20 For Valentine's Day, My Wife And I Gave Each Other Powerpoint Presentations On Historic Figures. Best Valentine's Day Ever

Image credits: MaxAvery

#21 Just Finished My Valentine's Day Gift For My Girlfriend. A Modded Gameboy Pocket And A Custom Pokemon Blue Version Cart

Image credits: CrimsonChymist

How much importance you place on gifts will really depend on you and your partner. Some people show their love in different ways. Others like giving and receiving tokens of affection. So if you know for a fact that your partner loves gifts, you’d do well to put in the time and effort to make or buy one for them, even if you might not be a big fan of gift-giving yourself.

#22 My Girlfriend Commissioned A Friend Of Ours To Illustrate Us (And Our Cat) For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: pjpacattack

#23 Having The Best Possible Valentine's Dinner Date

Image credits: Mr_MicMac_BE

#24 My Grandma Was Crowned "Princess Of Springhurst Pines" Tonight For Valentine's Day

Image credits: jennthemermaid

Similarly, if your loved one isn’t all that into physical gifts, you might surprise them with a fun trip or an unusual experience. They might want a major distraction from their everyday problems. Your solution could be anything from a bubble bath to a surprise live concert at the place you two met all those years ago.

#25 My Friend's Daughter And Her Valentine's Present

Image credits: project_seven

#26 Winston Is My Valentine

Image credits: Kimler

#27 Our Dog Died After 18 Years Of Being A Good Boy. My Mother Bought All His Food From Chewy And She Received This On Valentine’s Day, Two Weeks After He Was Put Down

Image credits: blueholeload

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day, dear Pandas? How are you surprising your significant other? What gifts or cards did you receive this year? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to pop down by the comment section to share your thoughts.

#28 Somebody At My School Stuck A Heart- Shaped Sticker With An Original Wholesome Message On Every Locker (There's Almost Seven Hundred Of Them) On Valentine's Day

Image credits: CEISTIANO

#29 No Valentines? No Problem

Image credits: shutyourhell

#30 I Turned Me And My Girlfriend Into Disney Characters For Valentine's Day

Image credits: BrianDangerFlynn

#31 My Grandma Kept And Framed Her Valentine's Cards She Got In Second Grade, Around 1924

Image credits: type-username_here

#32 For Valentine's Day, My Local Library Is Setting Visitors Up On "Blind Dates" With Books

Instead of the cover, you read a brief description and get a couple of reviews to help you pick which one you want to take home.

Image credits: Saber_Trooth

#33 Last Year, My Husband And I Got Each Other The Same Card For Valentine's Day

Image credits: nakedreader_ga

#34 Me And A Few Of My Brothers Paid For Our Parents To Go On Their First Valentine's Date In 20+ Years

Image credits: Gerass01

#35 Waiting To Give Her Favorite Trash Truck Driver His Valentine

Image credits: brewtalizer

#36 Wrote My Grandmother A Letter Because She Can't Go Outside. She Called Me Saying "Thank You For The Love Letter" And Chuckled Like A Little Girl That Got Her First Valentine

Image credits: Nikko91929192

#37 My Town Has Changed Standard Traffic Lights To Images Of A Couple In Love For The Upcoming St. Valentine's Day

Image credits: kazyzzz

#38 My Wife Got Me Flowers For Valentine's Day

Image credits: patinkinmandy

#39 Valentine’s Gift For My Boyfriend

Image credits: narwhalcorn

#40 My Wife And I Got Each Other The Same Thing For Valentine's Day

Image credits: JimBroke

#41 Norwegian Curling Team's Valentine's Day Pants

Image credits: h4ha

#42 Happy Valentine’s Day From Scratches The Cat

Image credits: RealRyanSeacrest

#43 My Valentine’s Day Present To My Girlfriend

Image credits: bunny__bread

#44 For Valentine's Day This Year, I Commissioned An Artist To Paint My Girlfriend And Her Cat As A Traditional Disney Princess/Companion. She Nailed It

Image credits: metaldrummerx

#45 My Grandma Was Crowned Valentine's Day Queen At The Nursing Home

Image credits: AwkwardAle

#46 She Wants To Know If You'll Be Her Valentine

Image credits: gtjackets3

#47 My Valentine's Date Was Really Cute, But He Wasn't Great At Making Eye Contact

Image credits: jumboram

#48 I Had The Best Valentine’s Day Dates Tonight

Image credits: living_musically

#49 My Little Sister Bought Flowers For My Grandfather For Valentine's Day, He Was Really Happy

Image credits: JakeDaDerp

#50 My Son Has Down Syndrome, He Won Valentine's Day King At The Special Needs Dance Last Night

Image credits: mikelowry52903

#51 My Daughter Made A Valentine For Our Carpenter. He Seems Pleased

Image credits: HusbandAndWifi

#52 My Husband And I Have Been Leaving Notes For Each Since We Got Married Last June Because We Have Different Sleep Schedules. This Was His Gift To Me For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Casefacea33

#53 Our First Valentine's Day Living Together. He Surprised Me With This Beautiful Meal In Our Tiny Apartment After He Had Set Up A Bath And Candles. I Love This Man

Image credits: MysticLadyTyrant

#54 My Parents Sent Me Valentine's Day Flowers In The Shape Of A Cat. I Feel Loved

Image credits: RelationalCom

#55 A Week Ago My Husband Was On The Ventilator Due To Covid. Today He Was Able To Have A Small Chat With Me Outside His Window And Received His Valentine

Image credits: reddot_comic

#56 High School Senior Buys Valentine's Day Flowers For All 834 Girls At His School

Image credits: ABC

#57 My Girlfriend Got Me Bob Ross DVDs For Valentine's Day. Today I Completed My First Painting Ever

Image credits: PieceMan85

#58 Since Valentine's Day Is Tomorrow And My Parents Are Splitting, I Thought I'd Cheer My Mom Up With Her Favorite Snack

Image credits: Cyndirawr

#59 Has A Heart On Her Nose And Is Born On Valentine's Day

Image credits: khosrove

#60 I Suffer From Adhd And Have Been Having A Rough Time Self-Motivating Recently, But Today Is Not Only Just Valentine’s Day But Also My Girlfriend's And Mine 1-Year Anniversary

I was able to pull my stuff together today to give my lovely girlfriend a beautiful surprise.

Image credits: i_enjoy_music_n_stuf

#61 My Daughter Won A Welding Skills Fest Today. Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Image credits: sapperfarms

#62 A Little Girl In My Son's Kindergarten Class Made Everyone Handmade Soap For Valentine's Day

Image credits: my_milkshakes

#63 My Work For Valentine's Day

Image credits: AmoyCK

#64 My Girlfriend Had A Huge Exam Friday Morning, So Valentine's Day Was Delayed Until This Weekend. While Babysitting Our Cat I Sent Her A Pic Of My Valentine's Day Dinner

Image credits: hymencaliber

#65 My Friend's Pittie, Biscuit. He Got Kisses For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Comedian70

#66 My Son And I Made Valentine's Cookies For Mum. He’s Pretty Proud Of Them

Image credits: xXStrobe

#67 Dog Day Care Did Pet Portraits For Valentine's Day. How They Got Wally To Sit Still For This I Will Never Know

Image credits: atsmith2005

#68 Daughter Personalized Her Cards For 26 Kindergarten Classmates For Valentine's Day

Image credits: drmanhattanisdead

#69 Didn’t Have A Valentine So My Mum Sent Me This

Image credits: clashvalley

#70 I Always Try To Get My Hair Flat On Top But This Is Truly Making Me Appreciate Volume

Image credits: LivinWitLyndsey

#71 My Girlfriend Made Me A Meat Bouquet For Valentine's Day

Image credits: biboibrown

#72 My Grandpa Sent Me A Valentine In The Mail. I'm 24 Years Old

Image credits: manicinmke

#73 Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: Kitty_crossing

#74 The Groomer Sent Me Valentine's Day Photo Of My Little Man

Image credits: r_z_n

#75 Pretend I Gave This To You... Our Valentine’s Day Tradition For At Least 10 Years. We Go To CVS, Exchange Cards Then Put Them Back

Average savings $15.98 plus tax per year! Then we go have coffee.

Image credits: notjoplin

#76 Art Made For My Wife. Where We Met, Got Married, And Live

Image credits: smellybigfoot

#77 I Collect Prop Replicas. My Girlfriend Spared No Expense On My Valentine's Day Gift

It's a John Hammond's cane from Jurassic Park. One of my absolute favorite movies.

Image credits: OdoWanKenobi

#78 Valentine's Dinner For Two

Image credits: King_Royce

#79 For Valentine's Day, My GF Bought Me A Fancy Exclusive Dinner At The Red River Zoo In Fargo, And It Included An Opportunity To Meet This Pretty Girl! Meet Faye

Image credits: igamejosh

#80 A Rose From My Valentine

Image credits: Alwayssunnyinphilo

#81 Our Yearly Valentine's Day Tradition

Image credits: troywojo

#82 Happy Valentine's Day From My Heart-Shaped Cats

Image credits: Dammic01

#83 My Wife And I Paint Rocks And Hide Them For People To Find. Here's A Batch Of Valentine-Themed Little Monsters Ready To Steal Your Heart. Enjoy

Image credits: petitbleuchien

#84 This Is How To Do Valentine's Day Right

Image credits: DivingCatcher10

#85 Gave The Teddy Bear To My Boyfriend On Valentine's Day But I Guess It Has Found A New Owner

Image credits: labellas

#86 My Cat (Rocky) And I (Apparently) Enjoy Strawberry Ice Cream. The Best Valentine's Date By Far

Image credits: TheAmeriKane

#87 This Woman Goes Around Every Valentine's Day And Gives Out Flowers At Local Restaurants And Even The High School. Faith In Humanity Restored

Image credits: i_need_a_nap_

#88 A Sweet Couple Walking Through Target. Made My Heart Happy Seeing Him Holding Her Purse And Then Dressed Up For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: fidgetorbust

#89 She Was Tested Positive For Heartworm Shortly After We Got Her. After 40 Weeks Of Intense Injections And Meds, This Valentine’s Day Will Mark One Year Heartworm Free

Image credits: Penelopiee

#90 My Girlfriend's Dog Is Too Photogenic. Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: RyXd89

#91 My Husband Gave Our Daughter A Diamond Necklace For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: mlj0312

#92 So Happy To Work As A Florist! This Was My Favorite Valentine's Day Order To Make

Image credits: psychedelicvelocity

#93 My 5-Year-Old Son Drew A Valentine’s Day Card For Me, And Then Gifted Me His Only Coins. I Know It’s Not Much, But It Means The World To Me

Image credits: Resting_Bitch_Face_9

#94 My Daughter Spent The Weekend Making Valentine's Day Cards For Her Kindergarten Class. She Didn't Forget Herself

Image credits: SpansonCrackle

#95 I’ve Always Hated Valentine’s Day, Until Yesterday. My Wife Of Almost 10 Years And Our 2-Year-Old Gave This To Me Inside A Store-Bought Card

I have never felt so touched or loved on Valentine's day. I broke down in tears of joy and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll never forget this Valentine’s day.

Image credits: olelongboarder

#96 My Girlfriend Lives In Amsterdam, I Live In Texas, But We Still Had A Lovely Valentine's Lunch/Dinner Together

Image credits: happywaffle

#97 My Boyfriend Worked Around 80 Hours This Week And Still Managed To Make Me The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Image credits: vvvalentinaaa

#98 I Got Dumped This Morning Via Text While Driving To Work. I Thought I Was Going To Have A Terrible Day Until My Boss Did Something Awesome. Happy Valentine's Day

This is so cliche, but it's so true. When one door closes, another door opens. At the time the door closes, we are sad and grieve the opportunity. We wonder, "Why me." one day, we see why that door closed. It closed to make us ready and available for another opportunity. One day, you will thank him for not being in your life because you will find something that better suits you. In December 2011, my best friend/boyfriend passed away. I never thought I would be ready to date nevertheless, find someone as sweet as him. In my case, one day, I was ready, and the amazing man, walked into my life. Nothing against my deceased ex, he will always be with me, but my new guy Scott is a much better fit for me. Keep your chin up. Any man would be lucky to have such a great girl as yourself. It truly is his loss. You are beautiful inside through and deserve nothing but the best. If you need anything, let me know. 


You are better off. I promise!

Image credits: ohmyDIY

#99 Valentine's Day Kitty

Image credits: saintleelyon

#100 I Told Him Not To Worry About Valentine's Day Because Our Money Has Been Tight Lately. I Randomly Looked Up From My Desk At Work And Saw This Handsome Surprise

Later I arrived home to a meal that he had taught himself to make.

Image credits: JacqiPro13

#101 I Made These For Valentine's Day

Image credits: SiminasStudio

#102 Set Up This Little Valentine's Day Surprise For My Mom When She Gets Home

Image credits: Celestial_Moon_Alien

#103 On Valentine's Day, One Of My Teachers Puts Hearts All Over The School With Everyone's Name On Them For Us To Find

Image credits: Sebastian0gan

#104 A Bird Started Making A Nest In My Wife's Hand-Made Valentine's Wreath

Image credits: SpaZMonKeY777

#105 Love Coupons My Girlfriend Made Me For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Patrik-Cotton

#106 This Restaurant's Washroom Has Blank Valentine's Day Cards For Last Minute Gifts

Image credits: wowthechicken

#107 My Valentine And Her Charchewterie Board

Image credits: bananabunnythesecond

#108 This Is Mose, He Wears His Heart On His Chest And Would Love To Be Your Valentine This Year

Image credits: Powerhowse

#109 I Haven't Had My Hair Done Professionally In Years Because It's So Expensive, So My Husband Gave Me This For Valentine's Day

Image credits: lilbopeachy

#110 Breakin' Hearts Since 2017. Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: Bblacklabsmatter

#111 It’s Been A While Since I Enjoyed Valentine's Day. Last Night Was So Lovely

Image credits: IAm1Shot

#112 Took Advance Of The Cold Temperatures, And Got A Little Creative With My Valentine's Gesture This Year

Image credits: dnekrash

#113 It’s A Cold Night And I’m Staying In To Make Valentine’s Day Grams. For A Senior Living Center As Part Of Service Day For My Job

Image credits: CholulamyMula

#114 I Call This Design Heart-In-Heart For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Natures_Lure

#115 Valentine's Day Surprise? Nailed It

Image credits: bbraun6

#116 My Wife Wanted Socks For Valentine's Day. She Won't Be Disappointed

Image credits: ludakris50

#117 If Today Has Tortoise Anything, It's That We've Loved Shell-Ebrating Valentine's Day With You All

Image credits: tarongazoo

#118 My Very Own Valentine’s Day Baby. Meet Avery

Image credits: Breablomberg21

#119 Going Through A Bad Break Up, Moved Back In With My Parents At 25. My Dad Surprised Me This Morning For Valentine’s Day. Yes I Cried

Image credits: CreviceDust

#120 Home Style Valentine's Day Restaurant; We Couldn't Go Out To Dinner, So We Stayed In, Set The Table, Got Dressed Up And Cooked Our Own Restaurant Style Valentine's Day Dinner

Image credits: Guusjedb

#121 I (34M) Cross-Stitched My Wife Her Valentine's Day Gift. It's The Lyrics To Our First Dance

Image credits: havik09

#122 I Made Some Metal Roses For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Jesse-waring

#123 My Wife, Knowing I Love Sandwiches And Don't Like The Typical Romantic Stuff On Valentine's Day Made Me A Bouquet Of Meat Roses

Image credits: CauliflowerNinja

#124 My Father, A Metalwork Student At The Time, Made My Mother A Metal Valentine's Day Card With A Working Hinge. They've Been Married For 23 Years Now

Image credits: reddit.com

#125 Had To Work On Valentine's Day. A Customer Brought Us All Cookies

Image credits: Sir_Fedgeington

#126 My Girlfriend Drew My Favorite Trading Card For Valentine's Day

Image credits: tanderoo123

#127 Made These At Work Today. I Work At A Hotel, For Some Lucky Couples. Valentine's Day Surprise

Image credits: SSGSSumbreon

#128 I Crocheted Heart-Shaped Coasters. Special For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Helen_Us

#129 I Made These Cute Candy Heart Earrings For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: Cosmic-clay-designs