42 Incidents That Made People So Salty That They Still Are After All These Years

Some of the things that happened in the past have no chance of leaving people’s heads. No matter how small or how big they were, the dent that was left in one's feelings turned out to be deep and persistent. Little did Reddit user xefarar565 know, firing off ‘What are you STILL salty about?’ would open a can of worms for so many readers of AskReddit.

People who shared the stories have been successfully holding onto the bitter taste of things that happened sometimes a pretty ridiculous amount of time ago. However, despite the duration of disappointment and heavy feelings, some of the stories are hilarious and will make you think about how the human mind functions when it comes to retaining certain experiences and how they made one feel.

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The question in second grade math: "Joe read two-fifths of his book and Sue read one quarter of her book. Who read more pages?"

"It depends on how big their books are" is absolutely the correct answer and shouldn't have been marked wrong. And you fu***** know it, don't you, Mrs. Kay? Don't you?!

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In elementary school, there was a pencil machine in the front lobby where you could get pencils for 25 cents. There were also "special" pencils that had stars on them. If you got one of these special pencils, you could take it into the office and get a prize.

One day, I decided to get a pencil. I put in my quarter and out popped TWO pencils. And one of them was a special pencil! I went into the office and told the lady at the desk that the machine gave me two pencils and one of them was special. She proceeded to say that the machine shouldn't do that, took the special pencil, and didn't give me a prize. That was 19 years ago and I'm still pissed.

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In a 5th grade science test the question was, "Are there any stars in the solar system."

I answered, "Yes".

Teacher marked it wrong.

I went up afterwards and said, "What about the Sun?"

He said, he meant that all the other stars are not in our solar system and kept it marked wrong.

Although I am harboring this for 50 years now, he was all-around one of the best teachers I ever had and just passed away a week or so ago.

But damn, that should have been marked "right".

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My sister got a brand new car for her 16th birthday...I got $20.

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Kindergarten. Playing with a kid in the sandbox, was a fairly drizzly day. We're making a castle and there's a puddle a few feet from us. He wants to dig a moat around the castle, and I say sure.

So he just kinda jams his hand in the dirt and starts pulling, making way too huge of a channel, which he immediately realizes is going to just destroy our castle. So I say "quick build a dam to stop the water!"

He freezes. Stares at me with wide eyes and mouth agape before running off. I think this is strange but ok whatever I saved the castle so I go back to digging when the teacher runs up and grabs me and says to go to time out, to which I obviously protest and say no wtf I didn't do anything. She then immediately says she knows I said a bad word and to not try and lie, to which I am again confused and say I did not.

After a few back and forths of her trying to pull me away by the arm and me rather violently resisting, it occurs to her to actually ask what happened. I explain the story. I still remember her face kinda dropping, realizing the other little s*** thought I said "damn" instead of "dam" and then immediately ratting on me. Tries to say well maybe use a different word to which I again vehemently protest against because no that is the correct word for such a situation and that's just how it works and it's his fault for not knowing the word, etc, etc, until she finally gives in and explains to the kid that I did not swear, and that no one likes tattletales.

I am in my 30s and on the other side of the country and I STILL remember this as the very instance in which I gazed upon my fellow man and wept, for he is stupid.

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When my son was in Cub Scouts and it was our first time going to the Pinewood Derby.

My son worked hard on his car and for a 7 year old, it was decent. We show up and not a single kid built those cars, it was pretty much a “dad competition”. My son came in dead last and I was sad for him because his friends literally said that their dads all built their cars.

So for the next 4 years my son picked the design and color scheme, and I built them while at work. We went on a 4 year win streak in the local, district and regional derby’s.

The look of anguish on those fathers faces was worth it.

Sorry, end of rant.

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I was probably 5 years old visiting my mom at the hospital after she gave birth to my brother and she was given food on a tray which she didn’t want so she gave it to me. I put the tray on the table and as I was eating, the nurse takes the tray away from me and throws away the food. That may have my first true instance of anger in my life. I’m 27 now and I’m pissed as I’m writing this haha.

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I'm 35 now. When I was 14 or 15, my mom stormed into my room one evening and accused me of smashing a glass and getting rid of the evidence. It was one of these retro coke glasses. I swore I didn't break any glass – and if I did, why would I hide such a small accident? But my mom didn't believe me. She was so mad and accused me of lying. She wouldn't even say why I was her prime suspect. Somehow it just had to be me. Anyway, I got into trouble for it even without any evidence. Some time later it turned out no glass was actually smashed. My mom thought the glasses she bought came in fours. But our neighbor bought the same set and there were actually three glasses in it. My mom acknowledged the fact but never apologized to me for how she screamed at me or how she accused me out of the blue. She just never mentioned it again. I'm still mad about it.

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Some friends from work planned a get together at a local chain restaurant for my birthday. One of my coworkers found out and decided it should also be to celebrate her birthday because it’s the day before mine. Already annoyed, but whatever. The night of the dinner, a friend bought us both slices of cheesecake & they were presented with candles, and everyone sang happy birthday. At the end, she blew out her candle AND THEN MINE. AND LAUGHED ABOUT IT. It was MY candle. You were barely invited. I’ve never forgotten about it.

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My mom decided that she didn't want Christmas presents one year and made sure to tell us (me and my two brothers). I suggested to her instead that we donate what we would have spent to charity in her name. She said she was fine with that if that's what we wanted to do. So that's what I did. I sent her a nice little card and the info for the charities I donated to, so she could see that her decision helped some good organizations out.

Mom. Was. Pissed.

"Why didn't you just send me a gift card of you weren't gonna buy me anything! You ruined Christmas!" Now, I love my mom. By that point we had a total of one really nasty fight, and that was several years before. She was fine growing up. She was fine most of my adulthood except for a suicide attempt that I got to call the ambulance for from the other side of the country (loooong story). I'm accustomed to buying my mom decent, thoughtful presents. So when she accused me of ruining Christmas for her, I was distraught. I sent her a screen cap of the conversation we had and circled where she said she'd be fine with my decision to donate in her name. Her response? "I don't remember that. I deleted those texts."

I lost my s***, told her it's her own fault for raising me to do as I'm told, and next time just don't say s*** if she's gonna change her mind and not tell us. And then we didn't speak for three months. This was two and a half years ago and I have not gotten over it.

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The fact that I spelled "mayonnaise" correctly in my fourth grade class spelling bee, but the teacher claimed I didn't and dismissed me. I had won in the third grade, and proceeded to win in the fifth and sixth grades as well. The unfair disqualification in fourth grade ruined what would have been a four year streak.

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My parents objected to my sister marrying the guy who is now her husband. They treated her badly, and showed up in a sour mood to her wedding. They never apologized for their bad behavior. My sister and her husband have been married for 8 years.

Parents, if your adult daughter wants to do something you disagree with then let her know you think it's a mistake, but when she makes a decision your job is to support her in that decision not to repeatedly harp on her about it and make her hate you.

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A friend told me that they only hang out with me when all of their other options run dry.

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In fourth grade English class (EU) I've used the word "gross" in a random sentence we had to write. The teacher argued that it isn't a real word, I said that it is, that I saw it a few times in video games and movies and she said that they aren't a reliable source. I said to her that I'm gonna show it in the dictionary, but she instead grabbed me by the arm and took me out of the classroom and locked the door.

To this day I am still fuming about this. And then she had the nerve to be all chummy when I met her once in a supermarket. Gross.

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3 months ago I went on maternity leave. The woman hired to cover for me was being paid 3 dollars more than I'm currently paid. She was going to be kept on as a full time accounting assistant after I returned, but she couldn't keep up with my daily tasks and completely fu**** up several databases that I had to correct when I returned to work the following month. When I asked for a raise, they offered me .50 after telling me how crucial I am to the structure of the company.

Needless to say, I'm looking for a new job.

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Twenty years ago I had three friends show up at my house and when they left my wallet with $80 in it was missing. One of the guys felt bad and gave me $20 back. Three years after that we are in the BK drive thru and he whipped out my wallet. Still salty. His FB friend request has just been sitting there for like two years.

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On a fourth grade math test we had to make a shape that had only four sides, one set of parallel lines, and only ONE right angle (there were probably more requirements but I cant remember) I remember almost crying at my desk and spending 20 minutes on that one question while constantly telling my teacher that it wasnt possible but according to her it was. And the next day we went over the answer key, and the answer had two right angles...

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Had a friend in college borrow my truck when I flew home for a month 1500 miles away. He agreed to the terms of “don’t cross state lines, you only drive it to work and back, and if I find out you did otherwise it’s going to be a big deal.” I wasn’t home a week and I got a call from our group of friends, he had taken the truck down to Connecticut, drove drunk, road raged at someone on the highway and love tapped the back end of a car. The kicker was he backed into his buddy’s dads brand new Lexus and caused $3000 worth of damage. Needless to say I flew home the next day. When confronted about it he basically said “I don’t have the money, it’s your problem” so I have my mother, the insurance company, and the Lexus guy’s dad all climbing down my throat to get me to fix the problem. The dad with the Lexus called me to say he was going to file a police report if I didn’t pay, my mother was screaming about the insurance company dropping me. I went to school for the day, got back and he vanished. Cleaned out a bunch of s*** from the apartment. Stole everybody’s things. The one thing that still makes my blood boil is the fact that one of my good friends that lived with us will vehemently back up the s***bag anytime it’s brought up. I understand that he didn’t screw him over, but just denying it and saying that I need to let bygones be bygones is something I cannot do.

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When I was like 10, there was a competition going on in our school and the TV crew were there too. Basically whoever won the race, won the prize. I did not care about the crew, I just wanted to run and win. See, I was a pretty good athlete and when they came to our class they called out the girls and I got up too, excited to participate in another race. But they went like "No, not you. We only want really fair girls."

I was too young to understand why I wasn't selected, but the guys in class were great they kept on cracking jokes till I started laughing (I wasn't crying, just confused and pissed)

You know what f*** them. I would have won if I had participated. The PE teacher knew it and that's why her daughter competed (who's complexion was like mine). So to hell with the crew and the PE teacher.

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The first day of 8th grade my best friend and friend group informed me that they would no longer be my friend. To this day, 20 years later, I still don't understand how or why things ended up that way. I can only guess because I was the shy nerd of the group and they were trying to fit in with the cool crowd. Regardless, it was a miserable experience that left me with quite a few trust issues.

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When I was in high school, I was occasionally allowed to drive my family's third car. It had a slow leak in one of the tires, so we were all supposed to check the pressure and put air in it if we needed to.

I picked up a friend to go to a movie, and when we came out one tire was completely flat. It wasn't the one with the leak, so I put the spare on and drove home.

I got absolute hell from my parents about it. How irresponsible I was to not check it, I'd have to pay for the repair, why didn't I call roadside assistance, etc.

Took it to get fixed, repeat the whole lecture as we're dropping it off, and the tech who did it called my mom and told her he'd found a nail in the tire and there was no way I could have seen it coming.

She refused to apologize and I still had to pay for it.

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When I was 10, I (the goody two-shoes nerd) was sat in the back of the bus, next to the class trouble-maker, because we had assigned seats (thanks to him). He took apart someone's science fair project that was being kept back there, and threw a piece out the window.

When someone tattled on him, he blamed it on me, and since the teacher couldn't prove one way or another, they just punished both of us, despite 15 kids coming to my defense. F*** schools and their "fairness" in discipline. All I got was one study hall. Kids today are getting bullied relentlessly because they know that standing up for themselves means getting suspended.

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I've mentioned this before, but when I was about eight or nine, we had a big project in school which ended with us writing a story. I spent f*****' hours on this thing. It was going to be the best book ever. It was only a matter of time before it was snapped up by some publisher and then it would be the talk of the Scholastic Book Fair, no doubt in my mind. It absolutely had to be in by the time school finished for Christmas, so my teacher could mark it over the break, so I stayed up until about ten o'clock at night for about a week beforehand working on it -- which, you know, is the closest thing you get to an all-nighter when you're about nine. It was my Magnum Opus.

I got back to school in January to find that a) she had lost it, b) she was accusing me of not handing it in, and c) because mine was the only one she couldn't find, she decided to call me out in front of the class about it. I ended up locking myself in the toilet because I was crying so much. Worst still, it later transpired that when it 'turned up after all', she marked it as though it was handed in late, and the b**** still only gave me a middling grade.

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Came second in food tech competition. Made a lovely main course then Langues de chat biscuits with lemon posset for dessert.

I made this dessert because the judges prior to this day told us "don't make a cake for dessert"

Guess what won first place? A fu***** cake.

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A child in my child’s class at school told their teacher that their mom was taking them out of school for the day of their birthday and so they would be absent on that day. The teacher admonished the child and told them that if they weren’t present the following day that there would be hell to pay. The child was rightly upset and decided to go into school, they hadn’t taken down their homework properly and so did three different pages of work. It was the wrong work. The teacher locked the child in the classroom over lunch, on their birthday.

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I was at a house party in college and we had to take off our shoes. Some b**** walked home in my leather knee high boots and I’ve never gotten over it.

Edit: for clarity, she left her dirty ass shoes behind for me to go home with, so thanks I guess you shoe-thieving wrench.

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That my 6th grade teacher refused to believe I had no idea the dude sitting behind me was copying my answers on the test

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When I was 21, I was deeply self-conscious about my baldness and I wore a hat everywhere. A friend of mine thought I was worried over nothing, so he set me up on a date with a wonderful woman.

Everything went well at first, but when the hat came off, she shrieked and sprinted to the bathroom. And that was that.

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I missed out on recognition at my schools big academic assembly for arguably the most important academic results one gets in their schooling career (in my state in Australia) because the teacher I had sent my results to didn't pass on the news.

It's been years and it still fills me with such exasperation.

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In middle school, I had a test with some true/false questions. One said something about the Atlantic Ocean and the west coast (I am in the US). There was some other stuff as well that was true about the Atlantic, but since the Atlantic is the east coast, I marked it false. It was counted wrong and when I protested the teacher said something along the lines of “obviously I meant east coast.” It was only one point and made no difference to my grade in the end, but my 13-year-old usually quiet, teacher’s pet self was ready to f****** riot. I honestly wish she had.

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It was the 3rd grade. I said a joke. Made the “popular” kid laugh really hard but only he heard it. Made me feel great. Then he repeated the joke louder and literally the entire class AND the teacher laughed. 3rd grade me was so mad.

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When my old boss pulled out the 2020 calendar (in late 2019) and asked everyone what days off they need so we can plan ahead and around. Everyone was spitting off dates. I didn’t have any plans yet so I didn’t request anything until she specifically asked me if I needed/wanted any dates off.

I shrugged and asked for ONE day around my birthday because why not, and she started mocking me in front of everyone. “It’s just a 23rd birthday, why would you need that off? But ooookkkk ....” obviously rolling her eyes, then started treating me like an idiot the rest of the day.

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My brother eating the remainder of my birthday cake behind my back a couple of years ago. After the celebrations I put what was left in the freezer to have some other time as a nice treat (birthday cake being a novelty). The fu**** demolished every last bit of it.

This wasn't just a little slice of cake leftover, at least half of the cake remained until he got his mitts on it. Was absolutely fuming.

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Skittles changing green from lime to apple

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When I was a freshman in college my mom gave my car to my jailbird brother (every time he got out she’d scrape a bunch of stuff together for his “fresh start”) without ever running it by me. He showed up to my school, changed the battery for me, and then drove away in it. He didn’t tell me his intentions beforehand so it wasn’t until then that I caught on. As he drove off I called my mom and she just said “I’ll help you with a new one.” He moved out of state with that car, wrecked it within weeks, and has since gone back to jail multiple times. Neither of them have given me a sincere apology to this day

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Years ago a guy I worked with said he could guess the age of any girl in line. I pointed out the girl closest to us who was a tween and ask what's her age. He then called me a pedo for asking him to guess the age of a girl.

Edit: I should note this job was at an amusement park where some people literally had the job of guessing ages/weights/heights.

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When I was in high school someone tagged up the school. They announced there would be a reward for anyone who rats anyone out. I get called in the office and find out I’m suspended for vandalization. I didn’t do it and had no idea who. 4 days later I’m allowed to come back to school because they found who actually did it. I just got an apology.

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my mum ate a candy I saved for after school. it happened 20 years ago

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When I had to get photos printed for a university project so I went to a printer shop and they charged me £2 extra for a DVD with my photos on even though I told them I didn't want the DVD so I didn't get it but they still charged me anyways and threw away my receipt before I could look at it. So with my new photos I went to hand in my project, only to be told that we were doing a peer review of them..... no-one in my group did the project and couldn't care less about it. So I wasted all that time and effort. Still so so salty.

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When I was in high school, I entered a book quiz and one of the books I chose was Demon Thief by Darren Shan. During the quiz, I was asked what was the main characteristic of the demonata summoned by the punk during the concert. I said it had three heads. Wrong. The answer was that it had a dyed mohawk. Except it was the punk that summoned it that had the mohawk, not the damned demonata! I lost a point because the question-setter could either not read, not write, or couldn't remember the book correctly.

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Avatar, the giant international blockbuster, used the papyrus font as it's logo.

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My family had a PS1 when I was little and we had quite some games, some of them are pretty expensive nowadays. Well, at some point the PS1 broke and my mom gave away all games. "There is no point in keeping the games if you can't play them." Jokes on her, I bought a used PS1 about 2 years ago. Now I have to rebuy all games we had.

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