5 Fun Ways to Learn the Alphabet

 If you're teaching the alphabet and letter sounds to your students here are 5 fun minimal-prep ideas to incorporate into your learning program!

I recently released a new set of alphabet posters that feature our bright colors - you can use those in some of these ideas or any alphabet posters you already have!

1. Morning Focus

If you've taught the whole alphabet or students are familiar already, select 4-6 letters each morning for a review. Revise letter formation, sound, letter after in alphabetical order and words that begin with the sound. Include a vowel and encourage students to make a word - e.g. bed, cab, fad, dad

alphabet display

2. Pairs

Print 2 sets of alphabet posters at 6 to a page - this will create small cards. Play a pairs matching game. Flip them over and have students take turns to select 2 cards to see if they match. If they do they may be kept to the end of play.


  • encourage students to say the letter name of sound as they flip - here they will be making an important connection between the visual and the sound
  • if they do not know the sound/letter, tell them and have them say it back to you as they look at the letter - again making that connection
  • it can be easier for students to build visual memory if the cards are lined up in an array or rows and columns

3. Clear the board

Print all the posters on one page using your multiple page settings. Ask students to place 6 counters on any letters. As you call letters of the alphabet they remove counters they have placed and the winner is the first child to have a clear board!

4. Alphabet Detective

Use a wand or magnifying glass for student engagement and play an ISpy like game where you select a letter and give clues to a word that begins with the sound. For example for the letter f (frog):
I am thinking of a word that begins with the same sound as flamingo, it is the name of another animal. The animal is green. The animal jumps. The animal is in a book we read yesterday and it was sitting on a log.... 
Students guess the letter and work towards being able to give the clues too. 

alphabet spy

alphabet detective

5. Alphabet Coloring Page

Over in the Pond Coloring Club we offer you this free page! Students can color it as a mindful afternoon activity, or within their learning program. Glue it in the cover of their letter work or handwriting book and as each letter is mastered, they can color a kid in!

Alphabet Coloring Page

Have fun teaching the alphabet today, if you need them - we have even more ideas ready for you and your learners on the website!