5 Items to Buy Now that Will Help with At-Home School this Fall

We just got final word that our kiddos will be having at-home school 3 days out of the week. Which means I’ve got to get organized and ready! Last school year we were thrown into the at-home school, but this time we have some time to get ready and make it as successful as possible. I’ve found there were a few items that helped the kids learn. Here are 5 items you might consider grabbing now so you can start off your school year right.

  1. Learning Space. If you have a large kitchen table or island that works for your kids, then go with that. If you need a separate learning space for your kids then now would be a great time to look into desks and workspaces for your kids. I’ve learned they need to have a space that has room for their laptops, notebooks and water bottles. Having a set spot helps them get focused and ready to learn. If it’s a new place everyday, their minds might be scattered. Target has some fun workspaces and desks to choose from. You could even go with a Lifetime table here.
  2. Headphones. This is a must for all of my kids. With three kids sitting around my table, they all needed their own set of headphones that work well. This way you don’t have loud music or teaching going on from all of your kids. You can find some good kid headphones from Target, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy.
  3. Notebooks. For some reason in April I was scrambling to find notebooks for each of my kids. I thought I had plenty! Well, now I’m going to stock up a bit more for this school year. If you have younger kids that need the Kindergarten writing lines and spaces, then check out this writing paper, it’s awesome! For the rest of the kids, you could grab some notebooks from Walmart here, they are super cheap- some less than $0.25 each.
  4. Laptops. Hopefully your school will give laptops to each of your kids. However, I know many school districts where that just isn’t a possibility. It might be a good time to purchase a laptop for your kids. You could buy one and then rotate it between kids if needed. Do some research from Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart to find a good laptop.
  5. Snacks. This might sound funny, but boy is it a game changer! If I have some snacks ready and on hand for the day, the kids don’t get that hangry attitude. Check out this post with at-home snacks that you’ve got to try for school. Get ready, and things will go so much smoother.