6 Fun Fall Learning Activities for Kindergarten

Fall Learning Activities for Kindergarten

If you are looking for 6 fall learning activities for Kindergarten, you have come to the right place. Let’s check out some fun fall activities that are perfect for bringing fun to Kindergarten and making it easy for you as the teacher.

Nut Themed Patterns

Nut Themed Patterns

Our first of many fall learning activities for Kindergarten is creating and extending nut-themed patterns. Who wouldn’t love using these precious nut erasers and squirrel squeezers?! I found them from Educational Insights and I knew they would be perfect to use in the fall. We use these two items with these fun pattern pieces to work on making and extending patterns.

Your little learners do not have to use these erasers or these squirrel squeezers, because you can just use the acorn pieces included.

Fun Fall Learning Activities for Kindergarten

Numbering Acorns

Next, let’s play a number recognition game that will be sure to make your learners cheer. Grab these nuts and the recording sheet. Your learners will grab a number randomly and say it aloud. If they don’t know it, it is okay to help them. Next, they find the number on the matching recording sheet and trace it. (One option for the recording sheet allows learners just find the matching number without tracing it.) Next, the learner colors in their acorn. They continue until all the numbers are colored in.

Numbering Acorns is fun with this fall-themed activity for Kindergarten

This activity is not difficult for my little learners, but finding the number on the recording sheet can be a challenge. Each time we play this game, I have many students who want to play it over and over again.

Self Correcting Number Puzzles

Self Correcting Number Puzzles

Another skill my little learners are working on right now is number sense. We are constantly working on our number sense. One side of these puzzle pieces contains tally marks and the other side is ten frames. When the ten-frame side matches the ten-frame side, the correct number is made in the middle.

Word Building with a Fall Theme

Word Building with a Fall Theme

Next, let’s dive into the skill of word building. My class has currently covered many letters and sounds. We are working on the tough skill of sounding out words. Since this is a skill that takes time and lots of practice to master, it is essential to practice this skill with a fun fall theme.

To play this fall activity sounding out words, students only need mats and acorns. Students take the mats and add the vowel nuts. These words well with students with even little letter and sound knowledge since each mat contain the same initial and final sound. Then, students practice sounding out the words to see which words are real and which ones are nonsense.

Word Matching Nuts

Word Matching Nuts

Another one of the many great fall learning activities for Kindergarten is this acorn matching activity after sounding out words with the mats above can be working on CVC words. This game has 5 color-coded versions, a version for each vowel sound. The CVC word is at the top and the image is at the bottom. Students sound out the word, which is the acorn top. Next, they find the matching word.

Reading Number Words and Color Words

Fall-themed Reading Number Words and Color Words

Another step in reading in Kindergarten is learning and reviewing number words and color words. But students need this practice to be fun. Check out these fall activities in Kindergarten mats, which are also differentiated. Students read the word and draw a line to something in the image it matches. For example, a student can draw a line from “orange” to the pumpkin. They can also draw a line from “two” to the two pumpkins.

Word Walls and Writing Prompts with a fall theme for Kindergarten

Word Walls and Writing Prompts

Along with reading comes writing, so naturally working on themed writing is FUN. A great fall activity for Kindergarteners is writing about things they see and love about the fall. We are using this prompt and word wall next week.

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