7 Pieces Of ‘Frozen 2’ Merch That That Won’t Make You Want to Die

The kingdom of Arendelle beckons yet again, as Frozen 2 blows into theaters with all the subtlety of a blizzard. We consider ourselves connoisseurs of all things Frozen, from vanities to STEM toys to a weird Olaf toy. Thus, we waded through the mountain (sorry, we can’t help the puns) of merch out there. And because fighting the powers of Elsa and Anna is not worth your time, energy, or futile efforts, here are our picks for the Frozen 2 toys that are least likely to have you wind up on muscle relaxers.

Lest you think we’re joking: There’s a certain Frozen 2 musical toy that’s so loud, when we turned it on, it terrified our entire office. Do you want that thing in your house? Pity the fool who does.

Yes, this great little playset plays the song that shall not be named. But it's also detailed, colorful, and fun.

Let little Frozen fans have a great time with this playset. It lights up. And it plays that song but only that song.

This set, great for kids three and up, lets them create a snowy scene. The removable roller underneath the sleigh stamps Play-Doh snowflake patterns, and the molds on the side of the sleigh makes lanterns, trees, and characters.

You can never go wrong with Legos, and this Frozen 2 Lego set includes Sven and a baby reindeer.

Kids four and up can build an adventure toy wagon carriage for Elsa and Sven the reindeer. Sven! Sven! We love Sven!

This five foot tall dollhouse is pretty much the ultimate for any Frozen 2 fan.

The annoying part here is the size, but let’s face it, you’ll win Christmas with this thing. It has a moving balcony, lights that actually work, and seven fully furnished rooms with a piano, banquet table, and of course a throne chair.

Osmo toys are pretty dope and this set teaches kids to draw their favorite Frozen 2 characters.

Kids five up go on an actual on a storybook adventure with the Frozen 2 peeps while improving their drawing and listening skills. You do need an iPad to use this, though. Kids draw the characters and watch them come to glorious life on the screen.

So, first we bring you a Frozen 2 nightgown because...it doesn't make noise! Unless you count your toddler's sequels.

This flannel nightgown is perfect for Frozen fans who want to curl up with Elsa and Anna and have sweet dreams of sisterhood. This has been tested on an actual toddler affiliated with Fatherly by virtue of her dad getting a bunch of Frozen stuff in the mail. This toddler loves said nightgown. It’s also called a “granny’ nightgown and you can kind of see why. You can also get this nightgown as part of a subscription to KidBox, which has a pretty solid Frozen 2 box that sets your kid up with decent swag.

This coloring kit is great for Frozen aficionados but beware, there will be a mess made. But at least, no singing!

Kids in kindergarten and beyond will dig this art kit, which comes with watercolors,  metallic crayons, three glitter glue tubes (sorry, parents), a brush, stampers, coloring pages, and construction. And stickers, of course. Must have stickers. This set is also not bad for younger kids, too. The same Fatherly toddler who liked the nightgown also loved the markers that come with this Arts and Craft set. The reason? They’re not remotely messy.

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