7 Pre-K Thanksgiving Crafts

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Day one: Give ‘Em a Hand

So I have been looking for those Easy Crafts that Even Mom 
Will Keep forever:)

Here are my Top 7 Finger and Hand-painting Thanksgiving Crafts:
Pilgrims with Hand Prints!
 I found these two crafts
On Amanda’s Site. Too cute! Actually, you really have to take a tour. She has some really creative ideas!
Cute Native Americans
That’s right! Native Americans. My 3 Musketeers and I just finished studying all about these wonderful people.
Kid Made Napkin Holders
I found these on Crafts by Amanda. My youngest loves to help make the table look extra special. I think he will love these:)
Thankfulness Tree
This one is stunning. I will likely have my boys make greeting cards of this one!  Little Page Turners won me over with this one!
I am Thankful Cards
I love writing cards to people, don’t you? With all the modern technology I find it refreshing to actually put a stamp on a card and brighten someones day. What a fun card making craft for little ones!
Cheryl Gaffney  did a beautiful job with these adorable cards!
 Keepsake Plates
thanksgiving plate craft Handprint Keepsake Thanksgiving Plate Craft
 The easy Handprint Keepsake instructions can be found here.
Thanksgiving potholders! 

How about You?
Do you have an easy and beautiful hand-print/fingerprint art project?
Share your link in the comments below!

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