75 Beautiful Sewing Projects Shared By Members Of This Online Group (New Pics)

Barely anything feels better in life than having all of your hard work and effort finally come together. When you find a hobby or craft that you’re deeply passionate about, spend months and years honing your skills, and finally finish a complicated project—that’s already the best reward you can get, all in itself. The praise that you get after sharing photos of your work is just the cherry on top (though a delicious one!).

The r/sewing subreddit is a fantastic place for all needle-and-thread enthusiasts. It’s an online community that unites sewing fans around the globe, and invites them to discuss the hobby and share photos of their latest work. We’ve collected some of their most powerful pics to help you inspire you, dear Pandas.

As you’re scrolling down, upvote the sewing projects that impressed you. Meanwhile, if you’ve got some nice compliments to share, be sure to write a comment or two! Got any sewing tips that you’d love to give to all the other readers? Feel free to share your pearls of wisdom.

Bored Panda got in touch with 23-year-old Johan, from Denmark, to talk about his stunning knight outfit that impressed everyone so much on r/sewing. His entire outfit weighs around 35 kilograms (over 77 pounds), and he uses it for LARPing—live action role-playing, where people act out fantasy scenarios while wearing impressive costumes and using props. It's as much about creativity and self-expression as about escapism and socializing. LARP is a step above playing Dungeons & Dragons (hi!) and a step below going on real-life adventures. You'll find our full in-depth interview with Johan below. Make sure you don't miss out!

#1 Maybe Not The Usual Kind Of Stuff You Would See On This Sub, But I Made This Outfit Myself

Image credits: YohanXQsme

Johan, aka u/YohanXQsme, told Bored Panda all about his knight outfit that went viral on r/sewing. "The time spent planning takes the longest. Inspiration can't be forced. Additionally, lots of considerations need to be taken into account. I must be able to fight in it, it must be warm/cold enough to wear outside, and of course the look itself," he explained that he looked for inspiration on Google.

"Most of the pictures had a chainmail skirt, but I know the oil would ruin my robe, so I decided to use an underdress instead," he said that he adapted the designs he found to suit him best.

"Once that was done, and I had the money, I bought the fabric from a friend who owns a fabric shop. After that, making the actual robe and hood took a total of 10 hours. It's a really easy pattern, so it was not much trouble making it," the LARP enthusiast shared with us.

#2 I Made A Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Image credits: Sunshine_manifest

#3 I Normally Don’t Make Halloween Costumes But I Love The Way This One Turned Out!

Image credits: WhosBomac

He noted that he didn't forge the armor himself, as that would be extremely difficult to do. For one, you'd have to invest in some very specific tools. "The armor is real iron, and in total (including the helmet which is not in the picture) it weighs about 30 kilograms [66 pounds]. That's besides the fabric. In total, it is around 35 kilograms [77 pounds] or more."

Johan added that walking around in the armor isn't as hard as you might think. "Proper weight distribution makes all the difference. Ideally, the only body part to be under more stress should be your legs, since they have to carry the extra weight no matter what. The only downside is your sprint speed is limited, but apart from that, you still maintain all your mobility. That being said, after a few hours, you do get tired. Good exercise though!"

Johan, from Denmark, shared how he got into live action role-playing in the first place. He said that he was first introduced to LARP at an event that was hosted by his local commune. He then got some of his friends who already did LARP and they all went on to do a campaign, a monthly event. "Then I never stopped," he told Bored Panda. "I've visited so many LARPs, and I don't intend to stop."

"My passion comes from the creative side of LARPing, not just making cool outfits," Johan explained that a core part of his hobby is expressing yourself through the characters you play. The only limit is your imagination.

"I can be a noble knight who will do anything to stop the evil of the world. Or I can be a bard who cares only for wine and women. Or I can be a pirate, seeking his own fortune, no matter the cost to others. Sure, it started as an escape from reality, but now it is a way to express and explore the different sides of me, and test my limits as an actor and warrior! Also, the community is a strong and loving one. I have never seen such inclusive people, making sure everyone feels welcome. No matter your gender, religion, or the color of your skin. That keeps me motivated."

#4 I Made Myself A Dress For My Phd Graduation. Butterick B6018

Image credits: Annuszka

#5 It’s Been Waaaaay Too Long Since I’ve Made A Gown!

Image credits: JodieFosterchild

#6 I Just Finished Sewing My First Outfit! It's For A Festival

Image credits: 88miyou88

LARP expert Johan shared some advice for anyone who feels like it's something they'd love to do but are a bit scared of taking the first step. "The best advice for someone who is new is to just get out and try it! Contact the local GM (gamemaster or event organizer) and ask them if you can try it out. Most places have some gear you can borrow, so make sure to ask them. If you love it, then go buy some basic stuff: a weapon, a shirt, some pants, and a belt with a weapon holster. Don't spend everything on a full suit of armor or something like that, before you know this is something you wanna spend a good few years on. LARPing is a hobby. And hobbies are expensive."

He pointed out that quality costumes aren't a necessity for LARP. "It may vary from game to game and what their standards are, but just getting out there and having fun is the most important part. Of course, if you wanna look cool, then put some time into your gear. But remember, it is a journey, and you don't have to sprint it to win it!"

He added that he's currently hosting a campaign in Løsning. "This campaign is Danish, but I will attend Krigslive, which is the biggest international event in Denmark. The outfit [in my post on r/sewing] was actually made for last year's Krigslive, and I will wear it for the next one as well."

#7 Stargazing Hoodie For A Little Astronomer

Image credits: ktlyn1982

#8 Not Sure How Many Of You Are Quilters — I Made This Quilt Skirt For My Guild’s Challenge This Year

Image credits: better_luck_tomorrow

#9 My Most Ambitious Project Yet! Wool Winter Coat, 1 Year In The Making

Image credits: Mentalcouscous

Johan also explained that LARPing is very different from playing tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. LARP is very active and social. "It is your own actual skills as a swordsman that matter. You gotta jump the creek, not your player character. It is your own self that portrays your character, and all he does. So if you suck at persuasion, so does your character. But if you are really good at flattering people, then so is your character. This is what makes LARP so much better, in my opinion. Because when you defeat an enemy, it is not some dice or the will of a Dungeon Master who made it happen. It was you! You did it! It is the best feeling ever," he said.

"Standing in a shield wall with literally hundreds of others, roaring a battle cry and making a charge that literally shakes the ground beneath your feet! No game or tabletop will ever give you that experience," Johan said, highly recommending that anyone who is a fan of fantasy or tabletop games give LARP a try.

The LARP enthusiast wanted to share a link to his favorite campaign, as well as a link to his own campaign. If you're living in Denmark, consider getting in touch with Johan.

#10 I Ruined 100 Needles To Make A Kate Spade-Inspired Croc Purse

Image credits: Alchaeologist

#11 The Best Smelling Jacket! I Made A Bomber Jacket Out Of Coffee Bean Sacks

Image credits: glass_somewhat_full

#12 Thrift Flipped This Embroidered Sailboat Dress And I Love It!!

Image credits: SpiritualAd8692

One of the most awesome things about the r/sewing subreddit is just how much effort the moderator team has put into welcoming new members and sharing pertinent information with them. At the top of the subreddit, you’ll find the wiki and FAQ tab that’s split into a whole bunch of categories.

Each one deals with a specific topic, on which the mods elaborate in great detail: whether it’s tutorials that you’re looking for or if you need a detailed account of how the online community’s posting rules work. What this means is that if you’re a newbie to sewing, you’ve got access to a humongous support network right from the get-go. All it takes is the patience and curiosity to apply all of that knowledge in real-life.

Created all the way back in the spring of 2011, r/sewing has been around for over a decade now. During that time, the subreddit has grown immensely and is currently 815k+ ‘stichers’ strong. We don’t want to sound cheesy, but it’s heartwarming to see so many people passionate about their crafts. We said it before and we’ll say it again: everyone should have a hobby that involves creativity in some way or form.

Part of the beauty of r/stitching is just how welcoming the sub really is. “This is a community specifically for the hobby of sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, embroidery, quilting, hand sewing, tapestry, patchwork, and help/suggestion threads.” In other words, a lot of different hobby sub-categories fit under the umbrella.

#13 Couldn't Afford A Vivienne Westwood Cocotte Dress, So I Made One

Image credits: 12thHousePatterns

#14 I Recently Got A Bunch Of Old Dress Shirts From My Dad, And I Turned Four Of Them Into This Dress!

Image credits: ZopiloteAndroid

#15 I Made My Own Wedding Dress. I Feel Just Okay About It, But I Thought I'd Share Anyway

Image credits: sd1272

The mod team reminds members to flair their posts appropriately and add details about how the projects were constructed. 

Meanwhile, all community members are expected to refrain from trying to sell stuff, promoting themselves, and spamming the online group.

“This is a no-hustle subreddit intended for the hobby of sewing. This includes mentioning or linking your own social media accounts, businesses and affiliate links as well as asking business or manufacturing questions.” You can find more information on what exactly this entails right over here.

Like on nearly all subreddits, members are expected to be nice, kind, and polite. Any comments that degrade people, tear others down, or are hurtful will be removed. Constructive criticism is encouraged. Bullying and comments that focus on a user’s appearance are not.

Meanwhile, redditors should try and limit their posting frequency to one project and one question every 24 hours. That’s to ensure that users’ feeds aren’t flooded. 

Naturally, the photos themselves ought to be focused on sewing. “Photo images need to clearly show sewing details without excessive editing. Lingerie and swimsuit projects should have a flat-lay as the first photo for the thumbnail. Adults posting about children’s clothing are limited to flat-lay or mannequin only, no modeled photos,” the mods explain.

#16 Belle Inspired Ballgown For An 8th Grade Project!! (First Sewing Project Ever)

Image credits: CharacterMight1485

#17 First Time Sewing: Making The Dresses From Season 2 Of Bridgerton!

Image credits: Anjukk

#18 I Just Spent 3 Years Hand Sewing And Embroidering A Sansa Stark Cosplay. Here's The Finished Thing!

Image credits: _River_Song_

If you know yours truly at all, dear Pandas, then you probably recognize the fact that I find any type of sewing extremely challenging. Even sewing on a button takes me far longer than I’d like. It probably has to do with my lack of patience and an overabundance of clumsiness. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

It’s because of my lack of sewing skills that I can greatly admire when people put in the time and effort to work on a magnificent project. And as a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, fantasy, and sci-fi, I think that people like Johan who make outfits like this one right here are as cool as anyone can get. It’s seriously inspirational. If I ever pick up sewing seriously, that’s what I’ll be aiming to make.

This isn’t the first time that Bored Panda has written about sewing and crafting-related subreddits. For instance, a while back, we reached out to the wonderful team running the r/quilting community.

One of the moderators had this advice for new quilters: "Personally, I recommend beginners start with a simple checkerboard of patchwork, which is made even easier with charm packs (5” squares of precut fabric); this way a new quilter doesn’t need to invest in the various tools of quilting, which can be pretty spendy if it’s your first project.”

#19 First Self Drafted Sweater Made From A Thrifted Table Cloth

Image credits: Shot-Improvement-998

#20 I Made A Waistcoat To Celebrate The Opening Of London's New Crossrail Line That Opened Today

Image credits: chadjj

#21 I Made My Prom Dress!

Image credits: imnotprocrasinating

Meanwhile, the quilter told Bored Panda that there’s no substitute for ‘live learning’ where you learn from someone who is skilled in the activity in person. For example, that might be your parents or grandparents or someone else entirely.

“I always advocate for live learning when possible, so you can get feedback and ask questions. With the current state of the world, that’s a lot harder though! The Internet age has definitely given a huge rise in video tutorials for newbies who maybe don’t have access to a beginner quilting class, for whatever reason, as well as offering skill refreshers or new techniques to experienced quilters,” the r/quilting mod told Bored Panda during an interview earlier.

#22 My Attempt At A Recreation Of Adriana's 1920's Day Dress From Midnight In Paris!

Image credits: mork-calling-orson 6

#23 I Am Very Proud Of My First Wool Coat! I Had Little Experience, But A Lot Of Patience (And Youtube)

Image credits: zomerzon

#24 I Made A Replica Of The Famous Strawberry Dress By Lirika Matoshi. Very Late To The Party

Image credits: scarlet30chan

Starting a new hobby is almost always fun, but it can get a bit difficult to motivate yourself through mistakes and failures. "I’ve been quilting for over ten years and have blocks all the time. There are tons of ways to re-inspire yourself! Check out local quilt shops, go to a quilt show, browse on Pinterest for new ideas, reorganize your fabric, check out new pattern books at the library,” the redditor suggested to us.

And if you find that sewing is a bit too difficult for you, there’s no need to worry, Pandas! Some time ago, Bored Panda spoke to one of the moderators behind the lovely r/crochet online community, and they explained that crotchet is “definitely the most beginner-friendly between crochet, knitting, and sewing. This is because, in part, it’s the easiest to rip apart (called frogging) and go back to fix a mistake.” So that might be more your game.

"Most beginners often find difficulty in knowing where to place the hook in each stitch and figuring out how to coordinate holding the yarn, hook, and work all at the same time!"

#25 I Made My Cousin’s Wedding Dress

Image credits: savannahriz98

#26 I Made A Cheerleading-Inspired Outfit For Absolutely No Reason

Image credits: getoutofmypoolhouse

#27 My Fall Coat Is Done Just In Time For Winter!

Image credits: Mentalcouscous

While there’s a lot of overlap between crochet and knitting (“They’re both yarn crafts that create fabric. Other similarities include knowing how to count stitches and read written patterns.”), there aren’t too many similarities with sewing.

“There is no real crossover with sewing, except perhaps that advanced sewers may have an advantage in understanding how garments drape and fit," the r/crochet representative told Bored Panda.

#28 Completed My Magnum Opus Today!

Image credits: WA5GFT

#29 I Made My Own Wedding Dress!

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#30 Made Myself A Strawberry Dress Of My Dreams, Along With A Matching Shirt For My Husband!

Image credits: QueenAkemii

"Learning to crochet, like everything else, has a learning curve! Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get started—all you really need is a hook and a skein of yarn. Most people find it easiest to learn from YouTube videos, and they are a fantastic resource for learning new stitches and patterns. There are also some wonderful books out there that can teach every conceivable stitch—you want to look for something called a 'crochet stitch dictionary' or similar. Other than that, have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!”

#31 First Day Of Kindergarten Dress For My Little Artist

Image credits: ktlyn1982

#32 Made Myself And Husband Matching Outfits For The Bridgerton Ball!

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#33 Y’all Liked My T-Shirt Last Weekend, Here’s My First Attempt At A Button-Down Shirt!

Image credits: NewCobbler6933

#34 Bought A Machine For Xmas, Never Sewed Before So I’m Pleased With The Outcome

Image credits: Blissmoments

#35 I Sewed A Chinese Cheongsam Using An American Vintage Pattern

Image credits: lotus_kitchen

#36 Mom Finally Picked Up A Hobby. So Happy For Her

Image credits: Sushiduck_1

#37 I Made My And My Friend's Prom Dresses!

Image credits: ramenbroodle

#38 I Sewed A Little Bear From Sweater Scraps - I Named Him Scrappy Bear!

Image credits: prettyinpinktalk

#39 Endless Possibilities With This Bikini Top

Image credits: Committee_Primary

#40 Made A Little White Dress For Dinner With Friends

Image credits: nosebearnosebear

#41 After Over 2+ Years Of Work, My Dream Blue Wedding Dress Made It Down The Aisle!!

Image credits: bexyrex

#42 Upcycled Denim Marie Antoinette

Image credits: apolllox

#43 I Went To A Convention And "Cosplayed" As The Carpet

Image credits: BearMcDowell

#44 Finished My First Garment, And Not Mad About It!

Image credits: Voyageur

#45 Made A Cupped Corset/Bustier For Myself

Image credits: scarlet30chan

#46 I Made Some Root Vegetables

Image credits: raspberry_threads

#47 A Dress I Made For My Friend’s Wedding Last Year

Image credits: c_side_art

#48 I Made This Dress Some Time Ago But I’m Still Very Proud And Wanted To Share It

Image credits: inesgoodchild

#49 Finished My Galaxy Dress Just In Time For A Star Wars Concert

Image credits: StitchWitch95

#50 Nearly-Perfected Cupped Bodice & Wide Hip Pencil Skirt Dress

Image credits: verniyah

#51 Designed Something A Little More Daring This Valentine’s Day!

Image credits: CarbonChic

#52 My Self-Drafted Princess Dress That 5-Year-Old Me Dreamed Of

Image credits: FeistySlide

#53 Turned My Old, Ripped Barbour Jacket Into An Awesome Backpack! [self-Drafted]

Image credits: hastanunca

#54 Sewed A Dress For My Neighbors Wedding With Fabric She Gave Me

Image credits: Engineermom

#55 I Spent Weeks Hand Sewing An Aussie Animal Baby Mobile For My Best Friend

Image credits: CarbonChic

#56 My First Time With Sleeves And French Seams!

Image credits: MayaHami

#57 I Made The Ugliest Bag. But I Made The Ugliest Bag !

Image credits: Hanoverview

#58 Dress I Made For Prom

Image credits: chelsea2-0

#59 Finally Found The Right Project For This Fabric I’ve Been Holding Onto For 10+ Years

Image credits: WoesAndBows

#60 Sewed This Cute Summer Dress From 2 Very Different Fabrics

Image credits: fancy_cat_pants

#61 Made A Knockoff Fashion Brand Company Virgin Mini!

Image credits: cowboysatan

#62 Finished My Dream Summer Dress

Image credits: ACNHA

#63 Turned This Thrifted Bed Sheet Into A Two Piece Wedding Guest Outfit!

Image credits: gbsicotte

#64 Made Myself A Retro Swimsuit!

Image credits: sewmagical99

#65 Before And After Altering A Dress I Found On Amazon!

Image credits: ceciliaeffa

#66 I Made My Dream Dress For St Patrick’s Day And I’m So Proud Of How It Turned Out!

Image credits: CarbonChic

#67 I Made My Dream Ballgown!

Image credits: spiretedseamstress

#68 I Made A Two-Piece Outfit

Image credits: lidzilla

#69 Witness My Pattern Matching

Image credits: APrunesquallor

#70 I Made A Floor Length Dress Out Of Shiny Curtains!

Image credits: getoutofmypoolhouse

#71 My Graduation Dress For My Master's Degree!

Image credits: toriroka

#72 I'm So In Love With This Fabric That I Made Two Items

Image credits: fdsotmoon27

#73 My First Attempt At Shorts vs. My Second Try!

Image credits: misaoupsu

#74 I Made A Strawberry Top!

Image credits: Sewitseamss

#75 Well, My First Thrift Flip Is A Failure

Image credits: Cenlei