83 Horrendous Baking Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Burnt Muffins

We’ve had more tearful breakdowns trying to bake than doing anything else in the kitchen. We’re not afraid to admit that! Some things come naturally to us (making toast and frying eggs, for one), but baking is something that we’re learning the hard way. But mistakes only make you stronger, r-right?

Something that makes us feel way better about our culinary skills is the internet. Though there are literally millions and millions of people who are far more talented and capable than we are, at the same time, we’re not among the worst of the worst. Being average can be surprisingly nice. Today, we’re featuring some of the silliest, worst, and most epic baking fails from the aptly named r/bakingfail subreddit.

A small online community, it documents some of the most egregious examples of baking attempts gone very, very wrong. Cursed is the word some people might use. Others might just turn around and run the other way. Scroll down and upvote your fave fails, Pandas. Just remember, we all make mistakes and mistakes are opportunities for growth. But wow, are there a ton of opportunities for that in this list!

Meanwhile, check out Bored Panda’s interview about baking mistakes we can avoid with famous pie artist and published author, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, aka @thepieous, below.

#1 The First Thing I Ever Baked. They Were Cute, But I Majorly Screwed Up The Bread Itself, Ended Up Being More Like A Cookie Than Bread, Lmfao

Image credits: maipaksana

#2 Accidentally Made Milk Bread That Looks Exactly Like A Butt

Image credits: realcht

#3 I Love The Cursed Hedgehog Cake, Here's Mine, He's A Baked Alaska

Image credits: SPLEHGNIHTYNA

Founded all the way back in the late summer of 2013, r/bakingfail is just one of many different food-related subreddits that have carved out niches for themselves online. Like many others, r/bakingfail focuses on the most outrageous and impactful pics.

There are a lot of good and hearty laughs to be had here. Just remember, we’re laughing at the result itself, never the baker. It’s admirable to try something, to experiment with new baking techniques. Despite our best efforts, however, we sometimes fail.

#4 My Dough Turned Into A Monster

Image credits: Cheloniidaes

#5 Perhaps The Ugliest Cinnamon Rolls I’ve Ever Seen. Luckily, They Tasted Amazingly Good

Image credits: _Greyling_

#6 Frog Cupcake

Image credits: reddit.com

Someone who has a good sense of humor might even feel inclined to share pics of their epic disasters with the rest of the web. After all, you might have faced a setback in the kitchen, but it’s also a chance to make someone’s day by making them laugh. At least something good will have come out of it!

However, dealing with these feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and that you’ve just ‘wasted’ [insert an ungodly number of hours] doing something that couldn’t even come out right can be tough. It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself; don’t be too harsh—we can’t all be pros from the moment we pick up our first bag of flour.

#7 I Tried Baking A Hedgehog Cake For My Mother's Birthday... It Turned Out So Bad

Image credits: DurchfallDrache24

#8 Need I Say More

Image credits: WaitWhat00K

#9 What I Was Trying To Make vs. What I Made

Image credits: CodeEnvironmental594

Talented and world-renowned pie artist Jessica, aka @thepieous, shared some of her thoughts with Bored Panda about baking disasters when trying to recreate something that we see online. Fortunately, many of these problems are predictable and entirely avoidable.

The baking expert shared some of them with us, from rushing the setting and cooling times and not understanding the properties of the food you’re working with to skipping steps in the recipe, being messy, and muddling things up with different ingredients/techniques.

#10 Nasty Filthy Ashtray Cookies

Image credits: aahlookout

#11 Tried A Meringue Recipe For The First Time. Failed To Get The Stiff Peaks But Decided To Cook Them Anyway. As I Watched Them Slowly Deflate, I Felt My Soul Do The Same

Image credits: cosmicafflictions

#12 Attempt At A Horse Cupcake Cake

Image credits: SoberTrashPanda

According to Jessica, the biggest faux pas she sees online is people rushing the setting and cooling times. “When you see a pristine cake online with perfect sharp edges and clean decorations, you’d better believe the baker took the time to allow the cake to fully cool before adding the next elements, and that those elements are the correct temperature for their application,” she said.

“You can’t pipe rock-hard buttercream straight from the fridge. You can’t smooth sweaty, hot cream cheese frosting in your un-air-conditioned kitchen. Take the time to learn a bit about the ingredients you will be using if this is your first time working with them,” Jessica noted that even watching a short YouTube video about baking techniques can save you “a world of pain.”

#13 An Attempt At Croquembouche

Image credits: Toehaha

#14 My Cupcakes Just… Evaporated? Any Idea How?

Image credits: Ok_Personality_1080

#15 Was Going For Croissants, Lot Of Mistakes Along The Way... Still Tasty At Least

Image credits: macsharoniandcheese

Meanwhile, your efforts in research will most definitely be rewarded. You should probably take the time to look up the properties of the food that you’re working with beforehand.

For instance, baking expert Jessica noted that some kinds of cake, like cake pop dough, are very dense and are great for handling inserted details while still remaining upright. However, cake sponge, like angel food, is very delicate and can’t bear any weight.

#16 No Caption Needed

Image credits: destielsimpala

#17 So I Made My First Pumpkin Cheesecake. My Kitten Decided To Jump Up And Check It Out. Kitten Tax Included

Image credits: Pin-Up-Paggie

#18 I'm A Fidiot. Recipe Says 12 Muffins But I Only Have A Cupcake Tin. In My Language They Are Often The Same. The Measurements Could Have Worked

Image credits: jolfi11

“Meringue, whip cream, gelatin, cheesecake, sorbet, mousse, chocolate, muffin batter, pie crust, gingerbread, chiffon cake, etc., all the delicious components of our favorite desserts have their own foibles and ways they like to be treated (and not treated!) when it comes to decorating,” she explained.

If you want to get good results, especially like those fab pics that you can find scrolling on social media, you have to have the patience and diligence to see your project through. You can’t go skipping steps to save time. Otherwise, you’ll end up with something that looks like “a lumpy mess.”

#19 Expectation V Reality: Alice Medrich "Cocolat" Edition

Image credits: I_prefer_chartreuse

#20 Here Are The Thumbprint Cookies I Made Last Year

Image credits: Henry_Privette

#21 Tried Our Best At A 3 Layer Cake

Image credits: L0lligat0r

Moreover, if you want to have a pristine-looking end result, you have to work neatly and keep a neat, orderly kitchen. Clean up after yourself. Your cake, pie, and muffins will look far better that way. What’s more, you’ll avoid quite a few potential accidents, too.

#22 My Daughter's Cupcakes Are... Disturbing

Image credits: jannie1313

#23 That Time I Made Cookie Monster Cupcakes For My Kid’s Kindergarten Class And Scared The S**t Out Of Them

Image credits: oliviaislove

#24 My Boyfriends Attempt At Baking For The First Time

Image credits: teaalldaylong

“Personal expression in the kitchen is a wonderful thing… But remember, baking is a science, and some things have to be “just so” in order for important chemical reactions to happen. If you aren’t experienced enough in the kitchen (yet) to know what will happen if you swap out one ingredient for another, don’t take the gamble on an important bake. Follow the recipe and save your personal artistic flair for the decorating!” Jessica urges.

#25 The Importance Of Scoring The Bottom Of Your Pie Shell

Image credits: That-Ad9337

#26 I Made Cookies

Image credits: dat-long_boi

#27 Forgot To Add Yeast To My Bread

Image credits: PizzaHut_Official_UK

According to Jessica, you’ll know when things have gone wrong while baking when the volume or texture is “completely off from the recipe or picture” that you’re trying to copy.

“Cookies that spread out all the way across the baking sheet, cakes that collapse in the center, muffins that have puddles of melted butter soaking the paper liners… All these things are signs that the chemistry just didn’t happen for you this time around!” You can have a taste and see if your nightmarish creation is actually edible. If so, you can crumble it up and make a parfait or trifle out of it.

#28 Overcooked My Cheesecake And Created The Marianas Trench

Image credits: _-eleanor-_

#29 My Poor Chocolate Chip Cookies... Any Help Would Be Appreciated If You Have Any Ideas What Went Wrong

Image credits: cic4000

#30 Parchment Paper Pan Liner Didn’t Stay In Place

Image credits: KnittingTrekkie

#31 Honey! Cookies Are Ready!

Image credits: KrazyKaleChips

#32 Toffee Raisin Cookies. Somehow Simultaneously Over And Underbaked. Truly Half-Baked

Image credits: seasickmcgee

#33 Made A Glazed Blueberry Crumble Cheesecake For The First Time A Few Days Ago, But The Glaze Looks… Interesting…

Image credits: cakekittensandcrime

#34 These Were Supposed To Be Raspberry Scones But Instead They Are Plague-Ridden Chunks. They Aren't Burnt. No Idea What Happened

Image credits: booksteablanket

#35 Cayenne Rolls

Image credits: 1000asses

#36 My Attempt At Football Cookies For Yesterday’s Game

Image credits: unrecklessabandon

#37 Tried To Make An Opera Cake. It Went… Not Great

Image credits: Ivedonethattoo

#38 Easter Is For Traditions

Image credits: Ramalama123

#39 My Amazing Baking Skills

Image credits: nisa_sisa

#40 The First Cake I Made Of 2022 - It's Gonna Be A Long One

Image credits: kingmarcelline

#41 Holy Cake

Image credits: Whizzo50

#42 They Were Supposed To Be Snowflake Biscuits. I’m Going To Present Them As “Snow Splats”

Image credits: istara

#43 Almost

Image credits: EarlyMorningGray

#44 My Mum Has This Habit Of Not Wasting Anything, So She Took My Old Matcha Buttercream, Mixed It With Some Flour, Tossed It In The Oven, And 30 Minites Later, You Got Hard Tack

Image credits: muagaichoi

#45 Me Watching Beginners Guides To Piping As They Effortlessly Create Perfect Flowers Of Every Type: "This Looks So Easy. I Can Definitely Do That." Atleast It Tasted Good

Image credits: evekillface

#46 Fudge Cake That Boiled And Turned Into A Soup

Image credits: mrpants22

#47 Obviously These Macarons Are Utter Perfection

Image credits: cosmicbebe

#48 Made Sweet Potato Biscuits With Purple Sweet Potatoes...got Something That Resembles The Nasty Patty From Spongebob Instead

Image credits: thevegqueen

#49 Misread 1 Stick Of Butter For 1 Cup Of Butter

Image credits: SamoyedSweetShop

#50 First Time Making Colored Meringue Cookies. Tasty, But My Family Said They Look Like Alien Turds

Image credits: RosieKittenGirl

#51 First Attempt At A Swiss Roll...look At That Cross Section

Image credits: Brit-in-Canada-eh

#52 How?

Image credits: daysturnintonights

#53 Accidentally Used Powdered Sugar Instead Of Flour In Banana Bread

Image credits: Fysh_taco

#54 Didn't Know This Sub Was A Thing. Here's A Baked Dough Because It Didn't Rise Lol

Image credits: Taugay

#55 So The Recipe Says Divide Into 2 Loaves But I Guess It Should’ve Been 3

Image credits: canned_beanz

#56 I Have Made A Cursed Mistake... I Forgot To Put Sugar In My Cake. It One Of The Worst Things I've Ever Tasted, And I'm Highly Disappointed

Image credits: daysturnintonights

#57 Never Trusting Another “Batter Is Supposed To Be Slightly Liquidy” Recipe Again

Image credits: Just_A_Person333

#58 Overfilled My Cupcakes

Image credits: BrownLeafThatFlew

#59 Four Layered Banana Cake With Banana Pudding Filling And Cream Cheese Frosting Fall

Image credits: Mariomasetati

#60 Slice And Bake Cookie Fail...it Was Supposed To Be Winnie The Pooh

Image credits: maipaksana

#61 Macaroons, Anyone?

Image credits: PruneTracy957

#62 I Made Frog Macarons But The Tops Were Slightly Lumpy

Image credits: I-am-dog--

#63 My Grandmother Made Easter Cookies. They All Look Self-Aware

Image credits: lemjor10

#64 My Swiss Roll. It Cracked, Looks More Like A Flattened Loaf, And The Filling Is Turning The Sponge Gray. But Tastes Sublime!

Image credits: Stinkylilah

#65 Cookie Fail X2

Image credits: Vegetable_Attitude68

#66 Ugh, Macarons Should Not Look Like This!

Image credits: killscar

#67 My Dad Asked Me And My Brother To Make A Cake In A Few Hours With No Prior Experience Or Planning

Image credits: AdmirableWorker3444

#68 Tried To Make A Sponge Cake. Failed. Tried To Recover It By Frosting It. Failed Harder

Image credits: my-life-ducks

#69 Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Image credits: OliveTheCopy

#70 I Made Gingernuts Today. They Look And Taste Fine. But I Forgot To Put In The Ginger

Image credits: manobel

#71 Chocolate Molten Crater Cakes – I Mean, Lava Cakes

Image credits: LilCorgster

#72 Tried To Make A Cake…

Image credits: Bababooey735

#73 It Was Supposed To Be A Four Strand Braid Challah... I'm Sure It Will Make Excellent Bread Pudding

Image credits: geekspice

#74 My "Macarons"

Image credits: SmittyWerbenman97

#75 Accidentally Added Butter In The Wrong Spot, And All My Filling Melted Out And Scorched

Image credits: emi98338

#76 My Mom Says It Looks Like A Dr Seuss Cake

Image credits: doriblue42

#77 This Was My First Attempt At Macarons. I Haven't Been Brave Enough To Try Again

Image credits: SunflowerGirl011

#78 My Attempt At Macarons. Never Baked Something That Didn't Come From A Box Lol

Image credits: loonashadyfacts

#79 In A Groggy Stupor I Used The Wrong Pan Size, Didn’t Realize It Wasn’t Done When I Flipped It. Flipped It Back In And Baked It A Bit More, Then Birthed This Ugly Loaf. Twice Baked Blueberry Crumb Loaf/Cake

Image credits: glass_heart2002

#80 Fumble At The 1 Yard Line

Image credits: Lokkiethedon

#81 Strawberry Galette Fail. Filling Leaked Out And Completely Soaked Through The Bottom Crust

Image credits: celiacsunshine

#82 I Present To You: Our Gingerbread House

Image credits: ComprehensiveData902

#83 These Red Velvet Explosions I Made In 2016

Image credits: dg80808