97 Times People Designed Things With Children’s Needs In Mind And Excelled At Their Job

Good design makes our life easier. That’s why it’s important for the creators to try and imagine themselves in other people’s shoes when sketching things for their use. Whether it’s a playground or an office building, those responsible for the design have to consider the needs of different groups of people, for instance, those with disabilities, seniors, or children, just to name a few; and that might not be easy. However, some people excel at the task and provide exemplary results.

Today we have gathered some of the best examples of design that alleviates life with and for children. Whether it’s something that helps parents to handle their little ones, or solutions that aid the kids themselves, these people knew exactly what would come in handy for one of the two groups. Their ingenious designs cover everything from tiny doors to playtime areas at the dentist’s, and much more. Scroll down to find their concepts below.

#1 This Playground Has A Sign So Hearing And Deaf Kids Could Play Together

Image credits: Yanduckz

#2 This See-Saw Has Sliding Weights So Different-Sized Kids Could Play Together

Image credits: tomoppad

#3 I Saw A Special Swing For Wheelchair-Bound Children

Image credits: electronicvan

#4 Miniature Traffic Playground In Copenhagen Where Kids Learn To Bike In Traffic

Image credits: ledigtbrugernavn3

#5 This Park Has A Swing Where A Parent And A Kid Can Swing At The Same Time

Image credits: RandomPlayR69

#6 My Car Wash Has A Soap Cannon For Kids

Image credits: JeF4y

#7 The Publix In My Hometown Gives Out Fruits To Kids For Free

Image credits: definitelynot_avirus

#8 My Daughter's First Grade Classroom Has Desks With Pedals So Kids Can Move While Learning

Image credits: LurkerMcLurkerton

#9 Kids Slide With Rollers Near Osaka Castle

Image credits: theresjustme

#10 This Shopping Cart Has A Spot For Kids To Stand On While The Parents Push

Image credits: zOneNzOnly

#11 These Special, Short Windows For Curious Children To See The Construction Site

Image credits: 111z

#12 My City Has A Mock City To Train Kids Rules Of Traffic. It Includes A McDonald's And Tim Horton's

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 These Kids Toilets In A London Museum. Whose Sinks Slope To Cater For Progressively Shorter Children

Image credits: cuttyranking

#14 The Kid's Menu At This Restaurant I Stopped In

Image credits: Gaselgate

#15 My Husband Built This Indoor Playhouse For Our Foster Children, Complete With A Kitchen, Real Working Windows, And Lights

Image credits: SKatieRo

#16 This Step So The Kids Can See The Ice Cream

Image credits: marmite1234

#17 This Book Is For Children To Teach How To Tie Shoes

Image credits: ClinkKongDingDong

#18 A Test Of Maturity

Image credits: stardust7

#19 The Children's Playground At The Airport In Zürich, Switzerland. It's A Mini Airport

Image credits: morbus

#20 This Toilet Has A Separate Door For Children

Image credits: runeli

#21 This Carousel In Hong Kong Has A Sea Turtle Mounted To The Floor For Disabled Children

Image credits: cuttyranking

#22 My Local Domino's Has A Stand For Kids To Come Up And Watch Them Make Pizzas

Image credits: theovincent1997

#23 My School Has Racks In The Front Office For Kids To Put Their Skateboards On During The Day

Image credits: Boopnoobdope

#24 This Picnic Table Has A Built-In Seat For Infants And A Small Bench For Kids

Image credits: kittenmittens1000

#25 Simple Way To Measure Kids Feet At My Local Shop

Image credits: Brentimator

#26 This Extension For Piano Pedals Is Designed For Advanced Child Pianists Who Can't Reach The Pedals With Their Legs Yet

Image credits: abnrib

#27 This Dairy Queen Has A Door Just For The Kids

Image credits: dusanman1

#28 This Cool Kid's Washroom

Image credits: insoh2

#29 They Have Built-In Children Seats In The Madrid Bus

Image credits: Wonderfullltatts

#30 Batteries With "Bitter Coating" To Prevent Kids From Swallowing Them

Image credits: fernanaj

#31 The Taps In Our Kindergarten Have Googly Eyes And Caps To Entertain Children

Image credits: Spanholz

#32 This McDonald's Has The Table Drop Down For Kids

Image credits: ToastyBoyisCool

#33 So My Wife And I Were Shopping For A Children's Car-Seat. We Were Not Disappointed

Image credits: smuggled_raisin

#34 This Irish Clock Is For Teaching Kids How To Read And Tell The Time

Translation: to(blue), after(red)

Image credits: vennxd

#35 My Local Car Wash Has A Gun For Kids That Shoots Soap Suds At The Cars Going Into The Car Wash

Image credits: Micool31

#36 My Son's Shoes Have Different Color Inserts To Make It Easier For Him To Tell Left From Right

Image credits: DasFinkin

#37 These Little Baskets For Kids In The Candy Section Of A Grocery Store

Image credits: dexesto11111

#38 This Playground Has A Sunscreen Dispenser For Kids

Image credits: syncchick

#39 This Swing For Kids Waiting At The Bus Stop In Bergen, Norway

Image credits: Donyk

#40 This Is A Special Swing Designed For Kids In Wheelchairs

Image credits: valle107

#41 The Entertainment In The Waiting Room At My Son's New Dental Office

Image credits: eeaglesoar

#42 This Playground Equipment Is Too Genius. Mini Excavator For Kids To Play

Image credits: ro_taro360

#43 Bus For A Pre-School Kids. Spotted In Nagoya

Image credits: AndrewJamesMD

#44 This Enclosed Bus Stop For The Kids To Use While Waiting In The Cold

Image credits: Banterfix

#45 A Shopping Mall In My City Has A Giant Artificial Tree For Kids To Play In

Image credits: Polaroid1999

#46 This Toilet In Japan Has A Place To Put Your Child

Image credits: SH4Z4M

#47 I Had To Pay 50 Cent To Use The Restroom, But There's A Cutout For Kids To Use It For Free

Image credits: Prodigy829

#48 A Child-Sized Shopping Cart At A Major Grocery Store

Image credits: midwifecrisisss

#49 This Public Restroom Has A Smaller Toilet For Kids

Image credits: falafelorfawaffle

#50 Our Hotel Door Has A Peephole For Kids Or Small People

Image credits: MoonZebra

#51 This Playground Has A Velociraptor Buried In The Sandpit For Kids To Dig Up

Image credits: rocketman1706

#52 This Bathroom Has A Small Door For The Kids Built Into A Regular Door

Image credits: alinac16

#53 This Cool LED Slide For The Kids

Image credits: no_nerd_281

#54 This Beautiful Bus Stop Is In Holstein, Germany. In Front Of The Local High School

Image credits: St_Gemmel

#55 Cue Sticks With Cue Balls For Kids So They Could Learn How To Play Pool And Wouldn't Damage The Table

Image credits: NascentAutist

#56 The Kid's Movies Are At The Kid's Eye Level

Image credits: hoardin

#57 Our Local Donut Shop Has A Spot For Kids To Watch Them Making Donuts

Image credits: Leffty24

#58 The Train I'm On Has A Playroom For Kids

Image credits: manzare

#59 This Public Restroom Has A Self-Retracting Step Installed Under The Sink So Children Can Reach To Wash Their Hands

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 This Kids' Door At My Dentist's Office

Image credits: Fadeawayjae

#61 This Bowling Alley Has A Dragon-Shaped Ball Aimer/Launcher For Little Kids To Use

Image credits: TheJollyChimp

#62 My New Dentist Has A Small Ball Pit For Kids In The Waiting Room

Image credits: Timatan

#63 The Interior Of The Breathable Mattress To Prevent Children From Suffocation

Image credits: smzt

#64 A Carpeted Indoor Pool For The Kids To Play In

Image credits: Nosivad

#65 This Bathroom Has A Special Sink For Kids

Image credits: GeorgeMichaeltheIII

#66 They Make Mini Replica MRI Machines, Complete With Noises, To Prepare Children For Their Scan

Image credits: Channianni

#67 These Egg Trays Are Shaped Like LEGO For Kids To Play With

Image credits: michaelcr18

#68 This Playground Is A Giant Ship

Image credits: deciim

#69 These "Mushrooms" In A Park Are Cupboards Filled With Books For Kids To Read

Image credits: yipidee

#70 A Drive-In Theater For The Kids

Image credits: Viper640

#71 Learner Chopsticks For Children

Image credits: bebsaurus

#72 This Station With Free-To-Borrow Lifejackets For Kids

Image credits: OREOSTUFFER

#73 A Completely Flat Floor Designed To Get Kids To Slow Down

Image credits: DuncanCook10

#74 This Hospital Has An MRI Playset For The Kids

Image credits: crazywildchicken

#75 This Cloth Screen Goes Over The Door Hinge, At A Preschool, To Keep Kids From Getting Their Fingers Smashed

Image credits: LeifSized

#76 In The Europa Park Hotel In Germany, There's A Tiny Children's Bathroom In The Bathroom

Image credits: AndiMacht

#77 Whoever Invented This In A Public Restroom To Hold My Child In Place Is A Genius

Image credits: GoodWiiz

#78 There's A Carriage For Children On Swiss Trains

Image credits: ratiocinator112358

#79 This Kid's Menu At Chick-Fil-A Is At Kid's Eye Level

Image credits: Daxos157

#80 Domino's In India Has Stairs For The Little Ones To Watch Their Pizzas Being Made

Image credits: rickyrorton

#81 This Kid's Store Has A Cute Separate Door For Kids Only

Image credits: Minhimalism

#82 This Dentist's Office Has A Nintendo 64 Set Up For Kids To Play

Image credits: Mijumaru1

#83 Chinese Mall Kiosk Lets Kids Bottle Feed Koi Fishes

Image credits: guymansberg

#84 Light Switch Extender. Perfect For An Unusually High Up Light Switch That A Kid Can't Reach

Image credits: inkedniki

#85 My Town Has A Decorated Post Office Drop Box For Children's Letters To The Santa

Image credits: TheArcticBear

#86 Pediatrician's Urology Office Has Roll-Out Paper So Kids Could Draw While They Wait For Their Appointment

Image credits: kmckennzzz

#87 This Rice Airplane Curry For Kids At A Japanese Airport

Image credits: sillvrdollr

#88 It's 2022, And My Local Car Dealership Has A Playstation 2 With A Spider-Man Game Running For The Kids

Image credits: 0purple0turtle0

#89 2-In-1 Toilet For Parents And Kids. Bonus Bidet

Image credits: buangjauh2

#90 This Restroom Has A Step Stool For Kids To Wash Their Hands

Image credits: Visual_Opportunity_5

#91 The Middle Snap On My Baby's Onesie Is A Different Color To Help Align The Buttons

Image credits: diceblue

#92 This Toilet In A Cafe Has A Child Size Seat

Image credits: Lionblaze10

#93 This Kids Menu At The Hotel I'm Staying At

Image credits: graveyaardvark

#94 The Children's Play Area At Abu Dhabi International Airport Has A Sensory Deprivation Chamber

Image credits: -Khlerik-

#95 A Business Card For Kids Who Are Allowed To Go Places By Themselves

Image credits: jordan460

#96 School Rewards Kids With Tokens For The Book Machine

Image credits: glastonbury13

#97 I Inherited This Lamp From My Sister. The Toucan Lamp From Enea Ferrari, The First Children's Lamp Made Of Plastic

Image credits: ChrissssToff

#98 My Local Dominos Has A Stand For Kids To Come Up And Watch Them Make Pizzas