Addition Stew

Looking for a fun addition activity to brush up on some math facts? Kids will practice addition by whipping up some stew…Addition stew, that is.

You can use seasonal manipulatives like jingle bells and snowman mini erasers , or keep it timeless and play with unifix cubes or buttons…There are infinite possibilities!

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Addition Stew

Getting Ready

Prep for this addition activity was quick and simple!

Print one Addition Stew mat for each station (You can print them on colored paper for a fun pop!)

Laminate the mats and slide them into a page protector to make them reusable.

Print the addition cards and cut along the lines to separate the pieces.

Then, place a basket of two different colored manipulatives at each spot (ex: red and green unifix cubes or yellow and red counters or buttons).

Print a record sheet for each student. (Note: The set includes two versions of addition stew – one working on adding to 10 and a second option practicing adding to 20.)

Addition Stew Activity

Students flip over one card at a time and use their manipulatives to solve it on their mat.

For instance, if they turned over a 7 + 4, children might place seven green cubes in the ten frame and add 4 blue ones, making a total of 11 all together.

They read the addition problem and solution out loud. In our example above, children would say, “7 plus 4 equals 11.”

Then, if you’re having students record their problems on a record sheet, the child would write 7 + 4 = 11 on his page.

Children continue until time is finished.

Extension Addition Activity

For children who are new to addition, give them the addition to 10 set.

For students who are ready for more of a challenge, practice addition to 20 and have children keep track of their results on a record sheet.

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