All about Us books for My Father’s World Kindergarten

Learning All About Us, and yes in my mind those are all capitalized is a common preschool or kindergarten theme. For us, it showed up in our kindergarten, and my preschool daughter was pulled along as traveled through this unit. I did a pivot from the original idea, which was more on the five senses to learn how we experience the world because my kids were more interested in how the human body moves. So our All About Us booklist is more about our skeleton and muscles, with a few books on emotions thrown in for good measure.

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Just a note, bolded books on this list were part of our original All About Us booklist, but the books I added when updating this post in 2020, are not bolded. Some of the original books are now out of print and I don’t see them as anything other than a ridiculously expensive book, so I deleted them.

Our All About Us Science booklist

  • A Drop of Blood– My kids didn’t really like it, the topic was bordering on being too hard for them, and it wasn’t about skeletons. All they want to hear about right now are skeletons. But, it’s a great one to use at Halloween because it’s got vampires. Sadly, in 2020, it’s no longer at the library.
  • My Five Senses– Aliki does such a great job of breaking down difficult topics to something kids can handle
  • Curious George Discovers the Senses– This wasn’t available when my kids studied this, so I’m adding it in now.
  • Your Bones: An Inside Look at Skeletons– And this is why Halloween books are included this week, because half of my really cool bone books couldn’t be included in the carousel. Superman especially was crazy about this book. It goes through and talks about our skeletons and what our bones are like. Then it talks about animals and what their skeletons are like. He loved this book.
  • You can’t make a move without your muscles– Another book that was somewhat popular, but not on the A-list. They’re very intrigued by the idea of muscles, but weren’t super interested. However I would say it’s on a perfect level for 2nd grade on down.
  • Me and My Amazing Body– This is in the same series as Me and My Place in Space
    and Me on the Map. This was Princess’ favorite book this week. She loved going through the book and matching up her different body parts to the little girl’s. It goes through at a perfect level for my kids and talks about all of the different parts. I also liked that it made a point to mention the skin is an organ and we should care for it as well. Most books this age skip that detail. Next year, when they’re hopefully not as obsessed with bones I’ll be able to cover more body parts. I’ve got a really great mini-book (okay, it’s not so mini) that we can do, that they’ll love!

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Feelings for an All About Us booklist

  • Feelings– another great Aliki book, also I was realizing that while for me a book advertised as a Reading Rainbow book means a lot, but I’m guessing it doesn’t quite mean as much to a Millenial.
  • Lots of Feelings– I like how this has pictures of real kids of all sorts. Also that kid on the cover is adorable!
  • Ira Crumb feels the feelings– I haven’t read this one because it was checked out when I was putting this list together, but all the reviews I read praised it like crazy, and talk about how great it is for discussing emotions.
  • There Are No Animals in this Book! (Only Feelings)– This book explores using art to explore our feelings, as discussed by contemporary artists, sound interesting to me, how about you?
  • When Sophie’s Feelings are Really, Really Hurt– This is a classic of books on emotions, and I recommend look at these books (there is also one about anger in this series)
All About Us booklist for preschool and kindergarten
I just put entirely too much thought into where each kid should be sitting and what background to use for this picture, but I like the final results.

Okay, that’s all I have for this booklist, what would you add to an All About Us booklist?

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Originally published November 1, 2009

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