Amazing Things Your Child Can Learn With EDMO Live!

We are so happy to be sharing information about the wonderful Camp EDMO®. Their mission is to make equitable, high-quality STEAM & SEL education programs accessible to all communities in order to cultivate curious, courageous and kind humans everywhere.

Today's post is sponsored by Camp EDMO.

Camp EDMO® is with you Live!

Camp EDMO has designed a virtual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) & SEL (Social Emotional Learning) experience for kids from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade to suit any schedule, budget, and curiosity. Choose from three great options or try them all to see which fits your family's needs best.

EDMO Live! Camps (Half Day)

Camp edmo zoom call
Camp EDMO Live! zoom experience | Photo: Camp EDMO

The core EDMO Live! experience was created to be a touchstone to your child's summer. Anchor your family’s routine around week-long, 2.5 hour camps led by the wonderfully kind and campy EDMO staff. Kids keep the same instructors and campmates all week, so they build a social community. Join with friends or make new ones. Each session includes rallies; Maker, Science or Tech projects; snack breaks; SEL games; and Indoor Rec.
Duration: Week-long, 2.5 hour morning or afternoon sessions.
Shelter-in-Place Price: $150 for a full-week of half days with “honor code” discounts as needed.
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EDMO Live! Drop-in (Group)

Camp Edmo technology project
Camp EDMO technology project | Photo: Camp EDMO

EDMO Live! Drop-in groups allow similar-age kids to pop into a class or workshop on a fun subject area. These 45 minute-1.5 hour daily drop-in sessions run all day now throughout the summer. Join kids from around the country to go deep on a special interest like hula dancing, drawing, science, graphic design, Minecraft, Roblox, stop-motion animation, and lots more.
Duration: One-time 45-90 minutes (session length varies by age & program). Book as many as you like.
Special Note: Most are single sessions, though a few topics have multiple sessions in this format.
Shelter-in-Place Price: $15/hour with “honor code” discounts as needed.
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EDMO Live! Coach for pre-k through high schoolers (1-on-1)

Camp Edmo maker project
Camp EDMO maker project | Photo: Camp EDMO

Children from pre-kindergarten through high school can use the this talented team of coaches to build skills in almost any area. Use this time at home to learn French, play the saxophone, take acting lessons, learn to juggle, code in Python, animate in 3-D, write a book, or learn practically ANYTHING you can imagine!
Duration: 60 minutes per session. Re-book the same or different coaches as you wish to build your own perfect schedule.
Shelter-in-Place Price: $40/session (regular price $80/session).
Find out more about EDMO Live! Coach Sessions >>


Thanks again to Camp EDMO for building a team of wonderful camp counselors that can make staying at home fun and educational for all. Wow.

Camp EDMO® is powered by Edventure More, a 501(c)(3) non-profit enrichment organization dedicated to cultivating curious, courageous and kind human beings. All programs feature a 100% sustainable equity design that creates space for parents and communities to lead with their values.