Build a Fence to 20

Perfect to play in kindergarten or first grade, here is a free math game for learning to count groups of objects to 20. 

Students will match a numeral card to a set that they count!

counting to 20

All you need to use alongside the printable game mats and number cards are craft sticks! 

It make a fun and open-ended small group activity lesson.

matching numbers and quantities

To extend it for your learners:

  • use 2 standard dice, roll and add - with students building a fence that shows the total
  • roll a single die and make it cumulative - beginning to develop an understanding of addition and how to make 20
  • let students play side-by-side with a friend, have them each make a fence and them compare them - let them discuss who has the longest fence, by how much etc
  • reinforce skip counting by 2 - build the fence 2 sticks at a time - use dice - e.g. roll a 4, build 4 sets of 2 for a fence of 8
  • make a pattern fence - use colored sticks and make repeating patterns - blue/yellow/blue/yellow for example
build a fence from the pond