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This week on Catching up with the Kelnhofers, I’m sharing a list of my favorite sauces and zucchini recipes.  Plus, adventures with the kids home sick, out at the farmer’s market and to a petting zoo in East Troy, WI.

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I think a good sauce often gets overlooked, and it can change the whole taste of a meal.  Below are a few of my favorite sauce recipes:

Remoulade sauce, BBQ sauce, Strawberry sauce
Remoulade sauce | BBQ sauce | Strawberry sauce
  • Remoulade – great on burgers, as a dip for veggies or spread on any sandwich that you love
  • Magic green sauce – a 5 ingredient recipe that is another versatile one.  Try on sandwiches, salad or even as a marinade.
  • Cheese sauce – ok, need I say more?!  It’s only 5 ingredients and it’s a sauce made of cheese – YUM
  • BBQ sauce – a great summer sauce that will impress all of your guests.
  • Tzatziki sauce – yet another 5 ingredient sauce that combines cucumber, yogurt, garlic and dill
  • Enchilada sauce – up your Mexican food game with your own enchilada sauce
  • White peppercorn gravy – it’s surprisingly easy to make your own gravy! This is a great white gravy for biscuits.
  • Strawberry sauce – great for summertime desserts or over pancakes!

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Grilled cabbage steaks, vegetarian dumpling stir fry, energy balls without dates
Grilled cabbage steaks | Vegetarian dumpling stir fry | Energy balls without dates

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  •  I made waffles, both big and small (using THIS amazing little waffle iron – it’s  $10 and actually works) – whenever I make waffles this is the recipe I use. I also replaced the flour with oat flour (same amount) and they turned out great.

Kids eating waffles

  • On the weekend I used my recipe for fluffy pancakes and made them into owl and bear shapes for the kids, lol.

Fluffy pancakes shaped like owl and bear

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Speaking of sauces this week, the sauce on this whole bowl is the very best part.

  • I used to live in Portland and ate Whole Bowl almost weekly (if not more). So I was thrilled to find this recipe online a few months ago. I think I’ve probably made this recipe over 20 times since I’ve found it and it’s good! We usually double the recipe (so that we have enough sauce for the whole week) and use an entire can of chickpeas (it helps the consistency of the sauce) and use a few additional shakes of garlic salt/onion powder instead of onion salt. Overall though, this recipe is AMAZING!

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And since we’re talking about the whole bowl, check this reader re-creation out!

Whole bowl with tali sauce reader recreation

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Bridget, a member of the SweetPhi team, was telling me all about how long she spent researching lunch boxes for her kid’s first year in Kindergarten – there are seriously so many options!  After much research, she landed on this one (because of the built in ice tray mostly).

Red Bentgo school lunchbox
Bentgo box

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  • This past week I was home with sick kids needing my attention, and I could really feel myself missing reading time, I read not a single page!!! So here is my current reading list
  • I decided on Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand “In this satisfying pause-resister from “the queen of beach reads” (New York Magazine), a Nantucket novelist has one final summer to protect her secrets while her loved ones on earth learn to live without their golden girl.”
Golden Girl book cover
Golden Girl

ALSO!! After re-discovering the library these are on my list, only problem is they have a 14 day return and that time has passed so I have to re-check them out:

  • That Summer by Jennifer Weiner – great summertime read
That Summer book cover
That Summer
The Midnight Library book cover
The Midnight Library

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  • Day adventure with Ben. Last summer I took Ben on a few adventure days, where we’d just kind of go somewhere together and explore. I’m happy to report I’m doing the same with him this summer. I’m also going to start doing adventure days with the twins (individually) so it’s special with each kid. We ended up at Colectivo coffee and shared a muffin by the lakefront.

Ben at green table with coffee and snack

  • Frankie’s sick day. Frankie got really sick (she threw up 3 times!) on the way to school, so I ended up dropping off the boys and having a loungy at-home day with her. It was so sweet, she was quiet and just sat next to me as I got a little work done and then had toast and napped. Happy to report she’s all better, but she passed it on to Ben, and then on to the babysitter.

Sick toddlers

  • Petting zoo and East Troy. We visited a petting zoo called Green Meadows for which the kids had received a birthday gift to (thanks Molly!) and it was so fun!!! Afterwards we went to Gus’s Drive In in East Troy – we went there as kids and it was just as good as I remember!

Family outing

  • Farmer’s Market. Over the weekend we went to a farmers market – Freddie kept yelling ‘egg’ at melons, so I got one, and then he proceeded to drop it in the wagon (where Ben was laying at the bottom of because he felt sick, thankfully it missed him, barely, and the melon was in tact.)

Kids in wagon stroller

  • Outside time. Our babysitter was out sick, so I took the kids outside for a chalk morning. They had a blast just playing and being outside (pushing each other in the small toy car we got at a garage sale!)

Kids drawing chalk and playing in car

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Turkey burger with zucchini, savory zucchini bread, zucchini au gratin
Turkey burgers | Savory zucchini bread | Zucchini au gratin


  • Ted Lasso is back!!!! This show is so good, I just wish I could binge watch it instead of having the episodes drip one week at a time. 

Ted Lasso


  • This past week, there was a tornado warning at 1am (we woke the kids and all went to the basement) and the kids got sick in the car, thankfully everyone and everything was ok, but just as a precaution the very next day I purchased First Aid Kits for both our cars and an extra one for the house, seems like a well worth it “just in case” purchase. 
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kit

How’s your summer going? I’d love to know! Just leave a comment below and let me know!

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