David Turns Three!

Happy third birthday to David James! 

I enjoyed going back to read his birth story, a cold induction due to pre-eclampsia with my homebirth midwife acting as my doula in the hospital (click here for a trip down memory lane). 

David is actually the first of the children to celebrate a second birthday in this home, as we moved into it just over a year ago. Click here for another trip down memory lane, which I found poignant because Grandmom and Pop-Pops were able to be here for that birthday, as they were present for almost every single birthday of their dozen grandchildren in three different states. However, Grandmom is still recovering from ventilator damage from her severe COVID, so she is isolated and alone (a barbaric policy) in her acute long-term care facility after five months . . . not here with us for a birthday. We miss her.

Everything is a little bit strange in the Bizarro World of Cancer that we are living in. This past week, David has told me repeatedly that he is turning five years old, has a lump in his belly, and is going to start Kindergarten next week. It is poignant  for me to see how a tiny little boy is processing his big brother's cancer and accompanying positive attention Thomas is receiving.

Has not mastered 'three' with his fingers yet

Thomas (5) drew David and Goliath for David's card

David received a lap desk from Grandpa and loved it so much that he ran upstairs, in the midst of his opening gifts, to go "do some school!" Then, when we had to drive Dad to the mechanic to pick up our van, David could be convinced to join us peacefully only if we brought his lap desk in the car!

Balloons were delivered to David! Thank you!

David had said he wanted a "pool party," so our family went swimming in the afternoon.

After dinner and rosary, we enjoyed Baskin-Robbins cake!

All day long, David had been hauling around his lap desk, writing on papers, which he called "doing my business." As in, No, I don't want to play that game. I'm DOING MY BUSINESS.

At bedtime, I told him to run up to his bedroom and I would be right there to do bedtime routine. When I walked into the room, I found him sitting in his bed, doing more business with his lap desk! So precious!