Diary of a Homemaker: That’s How It Was


Saturday:  I slept in until nearly 10am.  John, far from being upset over it, congratulated me for sleeping so well!  He's a dear man.  I read my book all day long until I'd finished it.  The only things I did today were to pull the covers neatly up on the bed, make a pizza (dough came from freezer) and later put together a light supper and that was it.  

Boring?  Dull?  Not to me.  It was just a very easy, relaxed day and I've thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and the rest.  Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.  There will be many things to attend to but for today, I'm grateful for the peace and quiet of being home with nothing much to do.  

How was your Saturday?

Breakfast Sandwich with Egg and Cheese


Fish Fillets, Baked Potato, Corn Muffins, Tartar Sauce

Sunday:  I went to bed last night and slept like a top.  I was surprised after sleeping so late yesterday morning to find I was more than ready for bed last night, but I was.

John was up earlier this morning, well before the alarms went off, but when I peeked at the morning, I realized that we're now in the season where it's daylight at around 6am.  I stayed abed though until my alarm went off and even managed a few minutes more sleep.  

We were early arriving at church which made it nice as we were able to speak with a few people we haven't seen in a couple of weeks.  That's always nice, to get a chance to catch up with others.  

We headed to Publix afterwards.  I had a very short list and only added two items to the cart which happen to have been vegetables: yellow squash and broccoli.   I picked up sodas, some of the deli meat we enjoy on our bagels each Saturday (incentive to make my bagels!), sour cream and the whole chickens I went in for.  I bought a whole seedless watermelon.  This was mostly for John.     John is prone to pick up the already cubed melon and I was darned if I was going to pay those prices.  The whole melon was $4.99, which is cheaper than just one pound of the prepared melon.  I will happily buy the seedless because I cannot eat cucumber or watermelon if it has seeds.  I noted that the sales ad said the whole chickens were $1.28 pound, but the packages were marked at $1.01/pound.  I got two.

That's what we bought today.   On the way home, Katie texted that Caleb was restless and asked if she might bring him out to see us. I told her to go ahead and get things squared away (shut doors, move the remote, turn the island to face the wall, the rest of the baby proofing that must be done when he's about) and we'd be home shortly.   I had a dinner plan already.  We're going out to senior supper tonight and for lunch I'd planned to make Open faced Meatloaf sandwiches, chips and melon.  

Caleb was starving as usual. Katie said he'd been eating pretty steadily since he'd gotten up.  I can say honestly that he wasn't without a 'piece' in his hand or mouth for at least a solid hour here.  He ate marshmallows, melon, a slice of cheese, a whole end piece of my homemade bread, chips, macaroni salad, etc.  He's an eating machine.  I'm always amused by my grandchildren and their appetites.  Isaac typically ate like this before he allowed himself to be so influenced by Josh who is literally the sort that eats just enough to live.  Isaac on the other hand is hungry every 20-30 minutes and he's quite sincere.  Millie sometimes eats and sometimes doesn't.  This past week she was in a "No, I don't want that" mood.  She got by on crackers and a strawberry on Thursday.

We had a nice visit with Katie and Caleb.   Caleb surprised me by calling me Gramma today.  When John said "Oh! Can you say Grandpa, too?"  He said "Yea.  Gramma,"  lol.  When Katie asked him where his juice bottle was (a sippy cup but he and Millie both refer to these cups as bottles) he replied clearly "I don't know," and shrugged his shoulders.  His language skills have suddenly blossomed.

I had a lot of the Golden Chicken Pasta left Friday night and sent that home with Katie to divide into lunches for herself this next week.  I had a whole jar of the sauce put aside extra and didn't feel I really wanted to eat those leftovers in the week ahead.  After they left, I cleared up the kitchen where Saturday's dishes were still in the sink and the dishes, I'd washed Friday evening were still in the dishwasher.  It took quite a little while to sort all that out.  I folded clothes we'd washed and hung to dry on Friday as well.  You can see that the bulk of Sunday's work is catch up work.  I don't typically do other chores on this day, just catch up from what I didn't do prior to or during Shabat.

Monday:  We had a very enjoyable time at the Seniors Supper last night.  Admittedly, I'm still struggling with the idea of joining the seniors of our church.  Yes, there are others our age and yes, we enjoy ourselves but...Well to be honest, I still get a shock each time I look around and realize how much older some of these people are than we are.  If 60 is the new 30 (not that I believe it, lol, but then again, I do feel we're still younger than some would have us believe), it's a little hard for me when there's only one or two who appear to be as young as us.  Just saying...Of course, mind you I get the same sort of shock when I see some of the girls and guys I went to high school with, not that I run into them often, but it does make me go take a good long look in the mirror at myself.

Last night after the program, an announcement went out to everyone to take home leftovers.  Generally, we don't bring home any leftovers, but when I was headed towards the doors, I noted they had two of those big foil pans filled with taco meat and one each of black beans and another of Mexican rice.  The woman at the table begged me to please take some of it home.  I said, "Thank you," then filled a small bowl with taco meat and a second one with black beans and rice.   The church provided aluminum foil sheets to cover the bowls.  I was asked if I wanted to get tortillas and taco shells, but I knew I had two packs of tortillas here at home.  

Anyway, we had a nice time.  Enough said.  On the way home, the sun was just beginning to set and we got one of those glorious stormy clouds sunsets that one can expect with skies that can only be called majestic as nothing less could describe the views we had.

Last night, John mentioned something he'd seen on facebook and I felt my stomach drop.  It wasn't a horrible thing nor anything dire, but it triggered anxiety.  Since we'd gotten up early yesterday, I went to sleep right away but doggone if I didn't wake and recall that post he'd mentioned and lay there worrying for far too long.   Katie woke me by calling this morning, though it was hardly early.  I just didn't want to get up this morning at all.  Never mind.  We had PLANS and that meant I had to get up and get myself going.   John took one look at me and decided breakfast wouldn't be forthcoming right away so he got busy making it.

After making a few phone calls, clearing up dishes and making the bed, I hauled the file container from the closet and filed all the paperwork I've been stacking up.  I don't know why I don't just go right to the filing part.  Just like junk mail, paperwork that needs to be filed is easily attended to and I could even just do it once a month, but do I?  No.  I let it stack up and then dread having to sort it all out again.  It took a whole 10 minutes to do today and that included looking for other paperwork I needed to retrieve.

John's guitar needed to go to the Luthier.   I had mentioned last night that there was a Home Depot right across the road and we could easily stop there to get soil and mulch when he was done.   I pointed to it as we went into the shopping center and said "There's Home Depot."   Did he go there when we were done?  He did not.  I fumed for a moment but then said very quietly, "Well when we go for my haircut we'll just go to Lowe's.  I have to have the soil and mulch to work with..."  

He didn't say a word and honestly?  It made me fume a bit more because I've had to wait upon him.  I started planning to just do things on my own as that seems to be the only way I'll ever get to them...

He surprised me and pulled into a hardware store parking lot in a tiny little town on our route.  They had soils and mulch and you know what?  It was all the same stuff I'd buy at Lowe's for less!  I got the soils and mulch required to do the job here.  I also bought a lovely pot of coleus, that has three or four varieties.  I have found myself really enjoying Coleus over the last few years.  They add color and interest to planters and grow really well with the bonus of being easily cultivated from cuttings.  I'd already planted out the ones I pinched back last fall and I'll do the same with these to add to my planters this year.

John admitted as we were leaving that stopping at the store was a mere accident on his part.  He'd recalled the gas station had a store front as well and planned to buy a soda, but discovered that the store front was out of business.  However, he then recalled we'd once bought hay for the dogs winter beds at that particular store before.  I don't care if it was accidental.  It made me happy.

When we got home, I made 2 more phone calls, replied to a text and then started lunch.  I used up the leftovers making up an easy freezer meal.  I meant to do more today but I find I'm weary after the broken night's sleep.  I've told John the no plan for supper tonight menu.  

He's already made plans for us to be out most of tomorrow afternoon as well. I've told him I want to go buy another trunk load of mulch, since Lowe's is near one of the stops we must make.  This time the mulch will be for the house in town.  We can just stop there and put the bags in the bed about where I plan to spread them.  On Thursday or Friday we have to make a return trip to the Luthier so I'm planning to make another mulch stop that day as well.  I'll finally get enough to do all this job, even if I can only fit six bags at a time in my trunk!

Meals:  Eggs, Bacon, Toast

Soft Tacos with all the fixings, rice and beans on the side for John.   I mixed up the leftovers of meat, rice and beans and made six burritos for the freezer.  These were made with the small sized tortilla which is generally what we eat in this household.

Tomato Soup, Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Tuesday: Last night when I was making the sandwiches for supper, I sliced last week's bread that was a bit dry and made French Toast.  I used the griddle for that and a frying pan for our toasted cheese sandwiches, but they took about the same amount of time to cook. I put all the French Toast into the freezer.  That's pancakes and French toast and English muffins.  A pretty good start on my easier breakfasts plan.

I woke early this morning, as I wanted to do.  I went out right away to spread the first two bags of mulch this morning.  It took a whole 20 minutes, start to finish.  It looked so very nice when I was done. 

After breakfast I went out to do the other two bags, prior to showering to leave home.  It too, took about 20 minutes and again the area where the mulch was spread looks lovely and neat.  Now if Maddie and Rufus will just leave it alone.  I finished the Julia Quinn book, Offer from a Gentleman. <>  It was a quick read and lots of fun, a sort of Cinderella story line.   I really enjoyed it.  Somehow I missed this one when I was trying to read the books in order. Never mind.  All of the Bridgerton books do well as stand alone books even though they are part of a series.

We had a list of errands to attend to.  As always I try to make the best use of our gasoline.  I planned to get a haircut.  Then we went in Kroger which is next door to purchase Gramma's Fried Chicken, hot dog buns and mac n cheese.   It was John who noted the sales on Roasted Chickens.  The cut up ones were $4.49 for 8 pieces.  The whole ones were 2/$10.  I recalled I'd (a) not planned meals this week and (b) did not take a thing out to thaw for supper nor make any sort of plan this morning.  We got the cut up chicken.  I figured we were going to cut it up anyway and honestly why pay 50c more just because it was whole?

John and I looked over the manager's bakery clearance and got some big soft sort of rolls I think will be awesome as buns for burgers or sandwiches, as well as a loaf of Pumpernickel Rye for $1.49 each.  Then we found a Blueberry Pie for $1.99.     

We didn't go down every aisle, but I did keep my eyes open to look for clearance tags on things just in case something awesome was on sale.  I also checked my list for this last sales ad items and decided I didn't especially need even one of the three items I'd put on my list.  

We abought ice to keep things cold and packed our groceries in a cooler with a hard shell inside so the melting ice didn't mess up the car. We then had a lunch date in the same shopping center at a favorite Pizza place. 

From there we headed about 3 miles away to an appointment. After that was done, we headed to Lowe's to pick up Mulch and play sand for Caleb's sand box.  I got five bags of black mulch for the town house.   The mulch we bought was half price.  No clue why.  The bags weren't torn or anything.  I'll take the savings!  

I found a pretty Bougainvillea for less than $9. I wanted dianthus but saw none anywhere.  The bougainvillea was for me.  Katie wants peonies and hydrangeas for her house and when we get the mulching finished, we'll see about putting in plants.

It was so hot!  Sweat was trickling down everyone's face out there in the garden center.  John and I were super thirsty when we were done loading up.  There had been no water in the drinks case there in the store. I asked John if he'd go by a convenience store and get us a cold drink.  He stopped at Lane's Packing Shed.  

Strawberries are in season presently and he came out with a clam shell of fresh berries and two waters.  It turned out the water is called 'Hint of Water' <and the flavor he'd chosen was peach.  He wasn't thrilled with it.  I'll confess right now, I do not usually like flavored waters because they are so often sweetened.  This was good! The drinks have NO sugar, no artificial sweetener, just water and flavoring.  I would probably choose plain water first, but these are not bad and make a nice change when you want something different but not necessarily anything fizzy or with calories.

I've just checked on Amazon and these come in several flavors.  They also do a child's boxed water.  

We dropped the mulch and sand off at Katie's.  The five bags weren't enough but they are a start on getting that job finished at last.  I told John the real key is to just make ourselves pick up more whenever we are near the area until we get this job completed and I do mean to complete it before summer starts this year.  

Once home, we unloaded the car and I made us tall glasses of iced water and then I took a cool shower.  John's just given me a hint of what he'd like to have for dinner tomorrow.  I had to rearrange the freezer anyway, so I went and dug that out and set it out to thaw and then I was able to put the breads we'd bought today into the freezer.

Meals:  Cold cereal, Bananas and Strawberries, Toasted English Muffins

We ordered sandwiches and baked chips for lunch.  

Roast Chicken (heated in the toaster oven), salad, strawberries for me, Fruit Cocktail for John

Wednesday:  Today was meant to be our free day, the only day this week we haven't had plans.  I lay awake last night and ticked off a dozen or more jobs I wanted to tackle today.  So no great surprise that nothing went to plan, right?

The morning started with a call saying I needed to pick Caleb up at nursery he had diarrhea.  Well, no he didn't.  He had a blow out, just one, but apparently the nursery 'policy' is that one blow out equals being sent home for the day.  Sigh.

So we packed up prior to coffee, breakfast or chores and off we went to fetch him.  He was not happy about being sent home with us at all.  And he meant to let us know that he wasn't happy over it.  I tried several things to appease him: I brought the slide to the front porch and let him slide but he kept wanting to go 'side' meaning off the porch and I couldn't let him do that.  I'd attempted to let him play outdoors when we got home and he neither paid attention to my requests that he stay near, he'd wander off and not answer.  Of course, he's fairly easy to find.  All he wants to do is climb on Grampa's mower and look it over real good, checking tires, looking at the engine, etc.  It's not hard to know where his interests will likely be when he's older as he loves pushing buttons, turning knobs and checking out wheels, etc.

I tried to let him have water play.  In future we'll take a dishpan of water to the porch.  Too messy to let him play at the sink but I tried.   I pulled out the dishes and encouraged him to play with those.  

We had lots of tantrums and tears today.  At least all the tears were his, lol, instead of my joining in but I don't mind sharing that I'd entirely forgotten today was Wednesday. I kept thinking it was Thursday and frankly had planned out my solitary evening and was mighty disappointed when I got my dates straight, sigh.

Eventually Caleb took a good long nap, as did John.  I couldn't sleep but I didn't do anything at all during that nap.  I didn't pick up a book and read, nor play a game or anything else. I just sat quietly and appreciated the quiet room.

On our way into town this morning, we'd passed by one of the local used furnishings businesses and I'd seen a lovely old desk, just a manufactured piece from the early 1900's but my heart went thump. I said "Oh! he has a vanity!" and that's truly what I thought it was.  When we came back through town on our way home, John stopped and said, "Go see how much it is."  I still felt it was a vanity but the gentleman told me it was a 'pretty desk'.  I agreed that it was indeed pretty.  It's worn and has some verneer missing and half of one of the balls on the front leg, but it's the backside of the leg, not the front.  His price was more than reasonable. I said I wanted it and he laughed.

"You women..."  and he shook his head.  "Y'all come in here in your cars and you want me to fill them full...And Lawd, you got the baby with you, too!"   Well, he was surprised when John opened the trunk to see how big a space we had.  "I was gonna say you need to buy her a truck, but I reckon we'll get this right in there without too much sticking out!"   I had my money out to pay but John paid for it and said "Happy Anniversary."  

Once we got it home, I got a good look at it and I reckon the man was right.  It's a pretty desk. It's too big for a vanity.  John unloaded it but Caleb, 'helped' and he was smart about how he helped him with it, too.   He didn't get in the way.  He stood and guided his end across the floor very neatly. It might have been a day of tears and tantrums but it was also a glimpse at the sort of boy and young man he'll one day be.

We made it through the day in the end.  Not one thing done that was planned but the day went right on just the same.

Meals:  No breakfast

Rotisserie Chicken, Sweet Potato, Fruit Salad  I thanked John one more time for spying that rotisserie chicken sale and asking me to buy it!

Corned Beef and Swiss Sandwiches, Potato Salad

Thursday:  I said I was a day ahead all day yesterday and yet when I typed in last night's post, I wrote out Tuesday, putting me a day behind.  I was going over my June calendar and realized I'd set it up to start a day earlier than it actually does.  Then I set up my perpetual calendar blocks last night and had the day right but the date wrong...Hence when I called at 9:30 to inquire why Millie wasn't yet here, I was informed that the kindergarten graduation is tomorrow, on the 20th which I knew but you see I'd set up the perpetual calendar and tagged Thursday as the 20th!  The kids got a laugh out of it but I tell you truly my head has been discombobulated all week long as far as day and date are concerned!!

Yesterday I lamented the loss of my only free day this week and today I find myself with a free day on my hands.   The only thing holding me back from trying to make bagels is awaiting word that John's guitar is ready.  I hate to leave dough rising overlong and that is almost always how it works out if I start.  So of course, I've had all morning long when I might have gotten them made but didn't.  I've decided if we hear nothing before 5pm then I'm making them later in the afternoon just before evening.

I've had the best time puttering around, doing little and bigger sorts of jobs.  Earlier this morning I was up quite early, around 6:30 because I just woke up naturally at that hour.  It doesn't bother me to get up early and this morning I had no intention of lying in bed since I thought today was Millie's morning visit.  

I unloaded the dishwasher after breakfast and then I sorted out that desk.  Surely it is NOT a vanity as it's quite long and larger than a vanity but it does make me think of vanities in the style in which it's made.  There is clearly no place for a mirror on the back though.  

I moved the desk into place and set it up nicely and it fits my spot just perfectly.   The old tile top table was moved outdoors on to the back porch where I'll use it as a potting table as well as a table to hold pans and utensils and water bottle when we're grilling.

That meant shifting the whole of the back porch about, of course.  It is truth still in my home that any new piece seems to create a fruit basket turnover effect to other areas.  I shifted furniture around on the back porch and then decided that the cafe set simply had to go to the front porch, an idea I've been allowing to simmer in my mind for two years now.  I had to move the cat's shelter.  Where I shall put it remains to be seen.  Since Misu lives almost exclusively only on the front porch it will have to be there.  I just need to figure out where it will be free from the weather, shaded enough to not overheat her and not right in the face of the wind.  

The cafe set fit nicely where the cat shelter had been.  I'll have to move two of the chairs off the front porch that I've had there as there isn't room for them and the cafe table.   I moved plants around on the front porch, and then I left things unsettled in general and went back to the back porch.  Having placed the tile top table and examining the porch overall, I didn't care for how it looked.  So, I rearranged things more, having to come up with plan D because it was very obvious Plan C was not going to cut it.  The seating area out there is acceptable at present.  Truth is smaller chairs would work better but I don't have smaller ones at present so we'll leave that area be for now.

The rest of that porch too is unsettled.  There are many things that must be removed and then the cleaning and finer accessorizing and prettying up can be done, which is truly my most favorite part of the whole process.

I went through the baskets in the laundry area and sorted those out, managing to consolidate the contents of two into four which meant I now had the deep baskets empty.  That clicked as a reminder in my brain that I was planning to look for just such a basket to use under the sink where I'm keeping the plastics and glass storage pieces.  As it happened both basket fit nicely and I can separate the plastic storage pieces from the glass ones which is ideal.

Last I went through the fridge and noted what few leftovers we had and made up a quick meal plan to include them all.  John's out tonight and won't be home for supper which usually means I have a snacky sort of meal so no need to plan for that. 

later:  I couldn't help myself.  There were tasks on both porches and concerning my new desk that I simply had to go do.  

I moved two chairs off the front porch (they can easily be returned if they are needed for seating), then took down the drying rack which we use only on occasion and that opened up space to put the cat's shelter. I watered plants and arranged them neatly.  It looks nicer, just rearranged.   Cleaning and paint will make a huge difference.

On the back porch, I deconstructed a drop area that John had made and put like items together.  Yard tools and brooms together, pet food bowls together, items to go to the trash together.   I moved soil over near the potting table (and am now asking myself why I didn't just put that under the table?) and set up an old wooden stool to act as a table for another chair.  I put out my plants and just sat and enjoyed the view.  I find the back porch is hardest to arrange comfortably because that porch is narrow and long.  I prefer to leave the railings near the steps free so anyone who needs to use the railing will have that support.

I even set up a little potted plant area at the end of Maddie's doghouse since that remains on the back porch.  Not my ideal but it makes John feel happier knowing she has access and can be near the house.  However, the plants sort of help mask that it's the back end of a 50-gallon plastic barrel.  

At my desk, the narrow drawers are deep, but my current bill box would not fit.  I switched that box with another that does fit and took envelopes out of their box and now it is all tucked in neatly and is out of sight, which I really do prefer.  For years now we've had our bill box and register right out in the open where anyone might look through it.  I've always been uncomfortable with that fact.  Now the surface of the desk is neater as well since I have drawers where I can put those things.  I still have one drawer empty, and I'm seriously thinking I might tuck my makeup bag in there.  I have a mirror that I can fold away that I use but it would be nice to have a dedicated spot where I can apply makeup once more.  Besides, it makes me feel the desk is a vanity, which truly is what I thought I wanted;  that this piece is a desk makes me even happier.

When I was done with all of that, I said to John, "I guess they aren't calling today for us to pick up the guitar, so I'm going ahead with my plans to make bagels."  You know they called as soon as I got them started, lol.  It was a bit late for John to go there and make his destination for the evening, too.  We could have done it, but it would have been a very hasty trip.   We'll tend that tomorrow, after Millie has gone back home.

Meals:  Cream Cheese and Chives Scrambled Eggs, Rye Toast

Meatloaf Open Face Sandwich, Broccoli for me, the last of the Potato Salad for John.

On my own. John said they had tacos at men's meating.

Friday:  Another busy day.   This morning we were up early once more.  I stripped the bed and bath and remade the bed while breakfast cooked on the stove.  John did the laundry.

I had Millie this morning, who arrived with all the smiles and dimples and charm she always has.  I was finishing up the cooking of breakfast when they arrived and was about to plate it up.  Since they had time to spare, Sam and Bess ate the meal with us.  I gave Millie cheese.  That's mostly what she wants to eat.  

To distract her from her usual fussing when Mama and Daddy started to leave, I offered to paint her nails.  This is something she loves having done so she said bye to the parents very happily and was off looking for the nail polish before they could close the door.  I trimmed and painted her nails and then she decided Grampa needed to 'sit baby' and she went to fetch the doll so he could baby sit.  I cleared up the kitchen and even got the floor swept before she needed my attention.

After that we played with Millie and just enjoyed her.  John put on an old WWII movie about a Japanese prison camp and while the thing was not in the least gory it had suspenseful music and Millie was very sensitive to that music.  She covered her eyes at one point and wouldn't even play until the music stopped.  I understood well how she felt.  I was feeling a little anxious myself this morning and the music did not help.  

Why I am anxious is a silly thing on my part.  When I set up my pill box for the week, I failed to add in Niacinamide and boy does that tell on me!  It wasn't until Thursday that I realized what was going on and while I did have a dose of it today, I need for it to build  in my system once again to quell the anxiety.

I heard Isaac, Bess and Sam come in.   Isaac had a gift bag filled with candy and bubbles and such.  He was quite pleased to be free from school and have his parents to himself for a bit.   I didn't realize until several minutes later that they brought lunch in with them.  You'll never guess what we had!

After lunch, we got ready to go to Macon to pick up John's guitar.  It's not a long trip but there's really nothing else we can do on that trip.  All the stores in the shopping center there have closed down except for a mere handful.  Ten years ago, it was a really nice shopping center and I hate that the stores all moved to the northside of the town.   

On the way home, we stopped again at that little small town hardware store and bought mulch.  I was wrong in thinking they were cheaper than Lowe's but they are nicer.  Someone actually loads the stuff up for you at this little store.  Kind of makes me wish they were in our little town!  We decided it was worth the extra driving to just go on to the town house and plop those bags into the flower beds.  I'll get over next week  (I hope) and get that spread.  I still need more but 10 bags is better than no bags which is what I've been able to get John to help buy for the past 9 months.  

Then we were home once more.  I had to print out the post I'm reading at tonight's Coffee House.  John's getting his equipment set up to load into the car since he's the lead entertainer tonight.  I can think of thirteen things more I wish I could do before we leave but I know it's never going to happen.  There's just not enough time.  This whole week has been a whirlwind.

And the weekend before us, Monday and Tuesday of next week will all be the same.  We've Taylor's birthday party here and must go pick up a couple of items tomorrow for that because there's been no time for it today.  Sunday is the party, Monday we have Millie and Isaac while the parents attend Josh's honors program where he is the lead speaker, I have Caleb Monday night and then will take him to school and pick him up from there on Tuesday.  

Anyone else feeling super busy just  now?

Meals: Corned Beef Hash, Carrot and Raisin Muffins (Sam ate hash, Bess ate the muffin and Millie ate a 'cute' slice of cheese, lol

Tacos...Yep!  It was very nice of the kids to bring lunch by for us and we appreciated it.  But John did ask me if we could skip eating tacos or burritos for awhile.

No supper for us.  John refuses to eat before playing.  I'll take along something to snack on, but there is usually bagels and coffee.

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