Dino Stomp with Wind Up Dinosaurs

Dino Stomp Freebie File

You need to grab this alphabet game called Dino Stomp. It is pretty simple and fun game for letter recognition. Start by grabbing the freebie printables below.

Dino Stomp Letter Recognition Game

Grab these Wind Up Dinosaurs

A few weeks ago, I found these precious wind up dinosaur toys in the birthday party section at Target. I thought they were precious and I knew that we teach about the letter Dd pretty early in the school year. Cute toys + learning game = engaging fun. Here is a link to this six pack of these dinosaurs. Each package comes with 6 dinosaurs; 2 dark green, 2 light green, and 2 blue.

Grab these wind up dinos for this freebie printables for letter recognition fun.

Dino Stomp Game

Dino Stomp game is a fun way to work on uppercase letters or lowercase letters. Best yet, it is super simple. First, grab the dinos from Target. Next, copy the printable you need to match. You can choose from uppercase or lowercase letters. Finally, allow students to play.

Uppercase and lowercase printable mats for this freebie letter recognition game.

How to Play Dino Stomp

Dino Stomp is a simple and fun game. Students play by winding up the toy on the letter mat. When the dino stomps (AKA stops) on a letter, they say it out loud and trace it on the answer sheet. What a fun letter game.

Dino Stomp game has two versions: uppercase and lowercase letters mats and record sheets.

Moreso, here are a new additional things to mention. This is free! Woo hoo. You can also differentiate the game using sounds with this game in addition to letter recognition. If you students are rocking and rolling on letters, throw in allowing your students to produce the letter sound as they trace in the letter on the record sheet. Additionally, you can mix and match the mat and record sheets to differentiate.

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