Early Addition Fun

Make addition fun in kindergarten will the help of our little ant friends! Your students will learn to combine two groups to find a total. They can also label their addition story with numeral cards.

Fancy seeing ants crawling on your muffin! Tell your little ones to add ants to their muffin game mat and then find the total. Quick - find the total before the muffin is eaten! We've provided ant counters to use along with the muffin game mat but counters would also work well.


  • remove the number cards and just have students 'act out' addition stories that you tell - e.g Listen to the story and put ants on your muffin - 2 ants crawled onto a muffin and then 3 more crawled on, how many ants altogether?
  • play for subtraction - start with 10 ants, roll a dice and remove that many - how many left?
  • follow up the hands-on game with the included worksheet to consolidate learning