Eeboo Create a Story

Vendor: EEBOO
Type: Arts & Crafts
Price: 17.99

Create a Story Cards from Eeboo feature 36 cards to help create stories and develop language skills. Recurring characters, locations and props encourage linking the cards in endless combinations for fresh, new stories every time it's played. Instructions for different storytelling games included. Take in the car, traveling, restaurants and more. A creative and fun addition to a kindergarten through 5th grade classroom. 3+ years.

Quantum KoalasQuantum Koala Create a Story Cards involve three animals, a dinosaur and a robot – what could possibly happen next? This unlikely quintet is leaping back into prehistoric times and fast-forwarding to a futuristic time. Are they time travelers and how could they have possibly met? Help create scenarios and solve mysteries with this colourful set of 36 cards.

Fairytale Mix-up: Charming fairy tale characters, locations, and iconic objects can be arranged and rearranged to create logical and/or hilarious tales. Kids will build critical thinking skills when they devise a way to incorporate a fire-breathing dragon and a flask of magic potion into their tale of a clever boot-wearing cat.

Mystery in the ForestStorytellers will find plenty of images to develop a mystery and solve it, too. Will they connect the squirrel eavesdropping on chipmunks with the squirrel hiding golden coins under his acorns? Which happened first?

Volcano IslandVolcano Island Create a Story begins with a tiger, three blue monkeys, a pair of children and a volcano.... Is there hot lava involved and what about the other animals that show up in your own story? 

Animal VillageJoin the animals in this village as they dance, sing, and play. Recurring characters, locations, and props encourage linking the cards in endless combinations for fresh, new stories every time it's played. 

A Very Busy DayA bird, a bunny, a bear, and a martian set off on an adventure! What mischief could they possibly get into?

Back to SchoolBack to School Create a Story cards are perfect for children going to school for the first time. Sweet and gentle illustrations depict experiences such as show-and-tell, naptime, sharing with others, being recognized – some experiences that may be new to first-timers.