If The World Feels Like A Terrible Place, Here Are 130 Of The Most Wholesome Things People Shared Online To Make Each Other’s Day (New Pics)

With autumn blues slowly creeping into our cooling homes and days getting shorter, it’s easy to feel a little down. You may feel a little more sensitive, irritated or generally dissatisfied with the world around you.

And it’s understandable. With the cost-of-living crisis, gloomy post-pandemic reality, Russia’s war on Ukraine, barely affordable housing and ever growing inflation, few things make us joyful these days. And since bad news has penetrated all layers of media, we prepared you a heartwarming antidote – Bored Panda’s compilation of strictly wholesome and feel-good stories, pictures and events that people shared online.

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#1 Before And After Beating Cancer. 2019 - 2020 - 2021

Image credits: l_ouanne56

#2 Boy Reunited With His Cat He Had Lost While Crossing The Polish - Ukrainian Border

Image credits: GemEgregor

#3 It May Not Seem Like Much, But After Two Years Of Struggling, My Fridge Is Finally Full Tonight

Image credits: Skiddulz

#4 This Guy Managed To Photobomb His Girlfriend For A Whole Month, By Taking Engagement Ring Pictures Without Her Having Any Idea About It

Image credits: eokoro1

#5 I Saw This Man And His Dog Whilst I Was Crossing A Bridge In Prague. It Was -4°C Out And He Used His Only Blanket To Wrap Up The Dog. A True Act Of Love

Image credits: everyonelse

#6 Someone At The Purrfect Day Cat Cafe In Louisville, KY Filling Out The Paperwork To Take This Kitty Home

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#7 I’ve Been Traveling Through The 50 States In Memory Of My Best Friend. Today I Visited Alaska, Completing My Journey

Image credits: Stuyvesant1994

#8 It Has Been Amazing To See How AIDS Has Been Controlled, Definitely A Win For Humanity

Image credits: Matthew_Hodson

#9 Good To Be Open

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 The Famous Actor Met A Young Couple In A Hotel Bar In Northamptonshire. They Invited Him To The Wedding, And Keanu Reeves Could Not Refuse

Image credits: MrsNRoadnight

#11 After A Five-Year Wait And Three Attempts, I Finally Got Gay Married To My Gay Husband

Image credits: derploma

#12 My Little Cousin Did His Last Chemo Treatment And Is Now Cancer Free. It's Been A Long Battle But Look At That Smile. That's My Hero

Image credits: Jackacak

#13 We Just Delivered $9,000 In Children's Food In Ukraine

Image credits: Feylin

#14 Paul Rudd Being Friendly With A Fan

Image credits: thewilderthings

#15 This Soldier's Body Armor Has Additional Protection. In Addition To The Armor Plates, There Is A Drawing Made By His Daughter To "Protect Dad From The Evil Russians"

Image credits: DefenceU

#16 Nice Employee

Image credits: sharidunawaymd

#17 Ladies And Gents Out On The Beach

Image credits: Swn-y-Mor Care Centre

#18 U Of U Burn Unit Putting On A "Party" For One Of The Little Kids In Their Care

Image credits: excandor

#19 A Kindergarten Classroom At Gatewood Elementary School In Minnesota Was Learning About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Teacher Captured This Precious Moment

Image credits: Kronyzx

#20 My Sister's Husband Stepped Away From Her During Their Wedding Ceremony To Say Some Vows To Her Girls

Image credits: pinklunch

#21 They Are Just So Cute

Image credits: blaiseit420

#22 In The Men's Locker Room At My Gym

Image credits: johndepp22

#23 He Used To Be In A Coma, I Used To Be A Fat Guy. Now We're Both Recovering

My son is recovering from a brain injury.  We have a deal now...if he's standing, I'm running.  He's up to 90 minutes and I'm down 70 lbs.

Image credits: stinkeye

#24 My Teacher Tried To Draw My Doodles When He Graded My Quiz

Image credits: ashbyan_

#25 Sofía Jirau, The First Victoria's Secret Model With Down Syndrome, Says She's Dreamed About A Career In Fashion Since She Was A Little Girl

Image credits: sofiajirau

#26 Today I Reached The Mountain Top As A Single Dad

Image credits: Jrock9589

#27 The Owners Asked To Superimpose The Image Of Timber, Their Recently Departed Dog, Into The Photo As They Spread His Ashes Into A Pond. This Is The Result

Image credits: thoresenphotography

#28 I Cleaned My Depression Closet

Image credits: Puguccinos

#29 Found This From My Husband In My Car On The Way To A Big Interview Yesterday

Image credits: Kittywhimsy

#30 11 Signs You're The Favorite Child

Image credits: phantomloe

#31 This Ambulance Has Stork Decals, One For Each Of The Babies Born In The Back

Image credits: Man_of_Aluminum

#32 I Went To A Community BBQ Tonight And Sat By Myself. A Few Minutes Later This Kid Came And Sat Down Across From Me. He Shyly Asked, "Sir, Do Know How To Play Magic?"

I told him that I'd played as a teen. He pulled out two decks and challenged me. How could I say no? It made my night.

Image credits: JephriB

#33 My Dad Lost His Job During Covid. He Drove School Bus. He Recently Got His Old Job Back And Stopped Driving. A Boy From His Bus Stopped By The Other Day Just To “Talk Birds”

They connected on his bus route talking about birds.

Image credits: TheBigRedBeardo

#34 Did I Buy My Grandma And Her Senior Corgi A Utility Cart To Keep On Doing What They Love On Our Farm? You Betcha

Image credits: ddequineservices

#35 A Living Legend

Image credits: ChrisReason7

#36 Such A Wholesome Moment

Image credits: ShadyG

#37 Say Hello To Arnold Schwarzenegger's Puppy Schnitzel

Image credits: GovSchwarzenegger

#38 My Wife Before And After Saying "I Love You"

Image credits: 1thepapa

#39 I Don't Have Anyone To Celebrate With But I'm 8-Years Clean Of Heroin Today. Yay Me

Image credits: ThumbUpMyJapsEye

#40 Discovered A Brain Tumor Last Month, And Named It Johnny Silverhand. Successfully Cut Out Two Weeks Ago

Image credits: Kudanat

#41 My City Has Begun To Change Any Russian-Related Public Road Names To Reference Ukraine Instead

Image credits: Pricey182

#42 A Portrait To Commemorate My Best Friend Arden, Who Passed Away Earlier This Year After A Long And Adventure-Filled Life

Image credits: jjakk

#43 I Use My Bike To Deliver Medicine And Food During The War In Ukraine

Image credits: edamov

#44 Our Family Doesn’t Qualify For Food Stamps, But Every Week I Am Very Grateful That Our Community Offers Such A Wonderful Food Bank To Anyone Who Needs Help

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 My Dad Was Admitted To The Hospital Right Before Christmas. We Didn't Know If He Would Make It Home At All. This Is My Parents Slow Dancing To "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

Image credits: king12807

#46 Smooth

Image credits: lucyblaney

#47 A Photograph Of Humanity. "I'm A Russian But I'm Sorry"

Image credits: BidenforCA

#48 Before I Met My BF, He Hated Small Dogs, And My Dog, Maisie, Was Terrified Of Men. This Picture Was Taken Two Weeks After They Met

Image credits: MyCatIsFamous

#49 A Single Dad Adopted An 11-Year-Old Teen After His Adoptive Family Dropped Him Off At The Hospital And Never Came Back

Image credits: fosterdadflipper

#50 Father And Son Looking And "Father And Son" Mural I Painted Of Them In West Allis WI

Image credits: tomtom303

#51 Every Year This Goose Builds Her Nest Atop A Giant Wood Chip Pile At Our University Power Plant. The Guys Do A Great Job Of Carving Away The Pile Without Endangering Her Or The Eggs

And then the waiting begins.

Image credits: northwestwill

#52 The Speed Camera Lottery In Stockholm, Sweden. Drive At Or Under The Speed Limit And You'll Be Entered Into A Lottery Where The Prize Fund Comes From The Fines Speeders Pay

The average speed was reduced from 32 km/h to 25 km/h (a reduction of 22%).

Image credits: neroina

#53 My Wife And I Put Up Our Own Candidate This Year

Image credits: ahent

#54 My Brother Went On A Date With His Little Girlfriend And He Is So In Love

Image credits: jeanergay

#55 I Put A Log In The Pond Behind My House And I Think It Worked

Image credits: 3softtacos

#56 My Husband Was So Excited About His Custom Card

Image credits: clovergirlerin

#57 Got Married To My Favorite Weirdo Yesterday

Image credits: ravenwantsfire

#58 To Promote NASA’s Artemis Program I Regularly Set Up My Telescope On Busy Street Corners To Show Passerby The Moon

Image credits: __Augustus_

#59 Moved To Japan, Met My Neighbor

Image credits: theresa52

#60 City Roads Crew Saw This Little Boy Sitting Outside With His Grandmother Wearing His Reflective Vest, And Watching Them Work. They Asked Him If He Wanted To Help

Image credits: guylikestoast

#61 I Was Assaulted Last May And Attempted To Take My Life In November After Losing A Close Friend. A Few Weeks Ago I Took Senior Pictures With My PTSD Service Dog In Training

I didn’t think I’d make it this far

Image credits: paytonc0510

#62 1001 Days Sober. 4-digit Club. Was An IV Drug User For 10+ Years

Image credits: DaddyWright05

#63 Blursed Street Art

Image credits: kawuart

#64 My Daughter Was Born With A Terrible Lung Disease And Was On Life Support For Her First Four Days On This Earth. Before vs. After

Image credits: Excellent_Care_1118

#65 People Protesting In St. Petersburg, Russia. The Placards Read “You Are A Bloody Dictator, Not A Freedom Fighter” And “No War”

Image credits: sajidhaque10

#66 We Upgraded Our Dog's Bed Area And Gave Him His Own Cozy Corner

Image credits: Boolaid

#67 A Picture I Made For My Wife To Celebrate 10 Years Of Marriage

Image credits: macbubs

#68 My Daughter Drew A Picture Of Me When She Was 2 Years Old. 7 Years Later And It’s On Me Forever

Image credits: Seymour2112

#69 My Wife Gave Me The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Image credits: baxtersmalls

#70 Got My Piece Of Shot Down Russian Plane Today After Donating To 'Drones For Ukraine' Fund

Image credits: hamiltsd

#71 Sometimes It’s Ok To Slow Down

Image credits: dad_on_my_feet

#72 My Dad Has ALS And Was Unable To Climb The Steps At Rock Eagle. Thanks To My Husband, He Made It To The Top With Us

Image credits: Breakingbay

#73 Friendly Neighborhood Sniperman

Image credits: LogicDude

#74 My Tiny Italian Landlord Strikes Again

Image credits: emily_hillstrom

#75 Approximately 665 Lbs Of Aluminum Cans Collected From A Music Festival

Image credits: J_J0nah_Jameson

#76 The Housekeeper Deserve A Raise, They Must Love Their Job

Image credits: chocolatadisco

#77 I’m Finishing Up My Bachelor’s And My Little 9-Year-Old Brother Wrote Me This Note

Image credits: 3jxxxx

#78 My Son’s Reaction When He First Saw His Girlfriend Come Down The Stairs To Go To The Senior Prom

Image credits: rmks8285

#79 I Was Worried That My Girlfriend Wouldn't Like The Snakes I'm Looking After. Then She Sends Me This While I'm At Work

Image credits: Milo_Hackenschmidt

#80 Wife Did That To My T-Shirt Without Asking. Now It’s My Favorite Shirt

Image credits: Ismatrak

#81 If You’re In Hawaii, Support This Restaurant

Image credits: RicoPDX0122

#82 Ukrainer

Traditional german pastry "Berliner" was renamed to "Ukrainer" (Ukrainers) and colored in blue and yellow. the text says: with every "Ukrainer" sold, 1 EUR will be spent on Ukrainian emergency aid. 

Image credits: mfrybeasley

#83 I Turned A Bunch Of Wood Sticks Into A Meter Long Flying Dutchman Ship

Image credits: bartolo2000

#84 She Hugs Literally Every Dog She Sees

Image credits: trekondafilatekuq

#85 Bob Ross's Son Steve, Painting A Mountain At The Clinic

Image credits: tutusdaddy23

#86 After Three Long Years, I'm Happy To Announce That I Will Be Exhibiting My Works To The Public Again

Image credits: wagnerkuroiwa

#87 Tony Being Tony

Image credits: tonyhawk

#88 Growing Back After Chemo

Image credits: angelaschuchman45

#89 Happy Birthday To Chef's Son

Image credits: reddit.com

#90 I Painted My Neighbor's Cat With Her Ashes

Image credits: Stickyhooves

#91 This Is My Uncle David, Who Died 22 Years Ago, Holding His Daughter (My Cousin). Shortly After His Death, My Husband And I Adopted Her, And My Cousin Became My Daughter

We love her very much and join her in celebrating her biological father's life on this day. This is one of the few photographs she has with him, and she cherishes it. She keeps it on her desk year-round, but she has been carrying it with her from room to room today.

Image credits: Beautiful-Card7976

#92 I Completed The LEGO Colosseum. One Of The Biggest LEGO Set I've Done

Image credits: blackmachine312

#93 Nap Time. My 1-Month-Old Daughter Kept My Wife Up All Night. They Finally Napped Together Today And Fell Asleep In The Same Position

Image credits: celeiot1

#94 I Don't Have Anyone To Celebrate With But I'm Officially An American Citizen

Image credits: Imhotepic

#95 Mailman Gifted My Grandma This, So She Wouldn’t Get Anymore Paper Cuts

Image credits: FireBetAlwaysWorking

#96 Humans Helping Humans

Image credits: FactsMatter19

#97 A Photo That Definitely Makes Me Smile. My Dad Has Alzheimer's And Mum Is His Caregiver, 40+ Years Married

He finds it hard to communicate now but I managed to take this picture, a look that says 1000 words.

Image credits: Amygdali_lama

#98 My Mom Threw Her Dog A Quinceanera

Image credits: scapel_blade

#99 A Child Left This Note In A Hotel Room I Cleaned Today. Pretty Solid Advice

Image credits: RockabillyRich

#100 Trying To Recreate Grandma's Recipes

Image credits: nameshiv

#101 Just A Normal Act Of Kindness

Image credits: andoooreeyy

#102 My Work Leaves Out Cold Water And Cups For The Food Delivery Guys

Image credits: joshweinstein

#103 Doesn't Hurt To Ask

Image credits: DaniAndi4

#104 Egyptian Food Truck Driver In The Bay Area

Image credits: lazymoron

#105 My Brother Had Only Just Met Him For The First Time Moments Before This Picture Was Taken

Image credits: maysatron

#106 My Daughter Was Born On 2/22/2022 And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Image credits: obigatoryusername

#107 For Anyone Who Doubted If True Love Exists: A Guy Rooting Around In The Disgusting Brackish Water As He Searches For His Wife’s iPhone X Which Slipped Out Of Her Pocket

This happened beneath the Oakland ferry terminal.

Image credits: wowbobwow

#108 Packed ED. Mom Said No Soda. Ran Up To This Woman And Said "Gramma Hold Me". She’s Never Met Him Before But Gramma Is A Universal Language

Image credits: QueenAnneBoleynTudor

#109 Finally Got My Childhood Dream Guitar. Worked Hard For It And Now I’m The Happiest Man Alive

Image credits: Nayib_Ozzy

#110 Wife Knows I've Been Missing Golden Birthday Cake Oreos For 3 Years Since They've Been Discontinued. She Bought Golden And Birthday Cake Oreos And Switched The Creme

Image credits: principalkrump

#111 My Daughter Praises The Sunlight

Image credits: missladycorpse

#112 After 9 Years, I Am Me

Image credits: SlanderousLici

#113 I'm Officially A Degree Holder Of Bachelor Of Laws. University Of Lviv, Ukraine

Image credits: Nika-v

#114 After Suffering From Depression For Years, I Finally Found The One Thing That Keeps Me Going: Bodybuilding

Image credits: Gamer-Queen

#115 Found This Little Frog In My Apartment. He Was Dehydrated So I Got A Small Teaspoon And He Got Perfectly. After A Few Fruit Flies And Soaking Time He Was Ok And I Set It Free

Image credits: ReptileMom0w0

#116 My Second Attempt At A Button Up Shirt, And First Successful Wearable Garment

Image credits: olusatrum

#117 I Went Over To My In-Laws And Found That My Father-In-Law Created An Excel Spreadsheet Of The Teams, Tracks, And Champions Of The Last 30 Years

He recently started watching F1 because he knows I’ve been a fan my whole life.

Image credits: ninlivearchive

#118 A&w Just Released A Lidless Compostable Coffee Cup In Toronto

Image credits: 5avethePlanet

#119 I Was Standing In The Kitchen Chatting With My Wife. In Walks, Our Little Girl, Looks At Me And Thinks It's A Good Idea To Stand There Exactly Like Dad. My Heart Was Melting

Image credits: tscharley007

#120 Food Is Allowed In The Library At My College

Image credits: paradoxinfinity

#121 Local Mall Stopped Showing Ads On All Their Screens, Instead Showing Ukrainian Flag

Image credits: redrubynail

#122 I Made A Decision That Will Define My Life. I Will Not Study Political Science. I Will Study Fine Arts In Italy. I Will Follow My Dreams, No Matter How Unreachable They May Seem

Image credits: AnisJerbi

#123 My Local Library Being A Bro During A Heat Wave

Image credits: PatentGeek

#124 That's Cute

Image credits: macartiant

#125 7 Years Clean And Sober

Image credits: YouWillYouWont

#126 My Flatmate Is In Quarantine, And I Bring Him Food. I Have Not Seen Him For 6 Days, But He Must Still Be Alive Because Afterwards, The Plates Are Always Empty

Image credits: baccgirl

#127 My Latest Glitchy Forest Painting

Image credits: luizacreates

#128 Daily Status Meeting With My Team

Image credits: CamaronMorado

#129 I’m A Master

Completed my bachelor's and master’s in 19 months with two young kids. Got pregnant and had a third during this time. While working full-time as an RN during a pandemic. My maternity leave is over today and I head back to work tomorrow. For clarification - the school, western governors university, is a self-paced, competency-based school. If you know the material, you can essentially “test out” a class. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t without effort - but focus, determination, and paying out of pocket by term, not credit, were big motivators. My BSN took 10 months, and MSN took nine.

Image credits: Demmayyy

#130 My Very First Book Launch

Image credits: frankiemacdonald