June 2021

June is HERE!
It's the last month of the school year.  It's also THE cRaZieST time of year, as there are so many things to do and students sense summer is coming and would much rather be outside playing all day (wouldn't we all?!?!)

May 30-June 3, 2022
This week is a shorter week, as we have a PA Day on Thursday (there is an election here in Ontario on that day and most schools will be used as polling stations).
We have a busy week planned though!

In our Writer's Workshop lesson this week, we are playing "The Mystery Bag".  
I put something in the bag (such as a maraca) and give 3 clues as to what it can be.  Sometimes the students don't know what it is but this lesson is a great way to expand their vocabulary!
It's, by far, one of our favourite lessons because after I show the students how to play, I have them each take turns and bring something in for the next few weeks to quiz their peers.
This lesson is a great way to introduce new vocabulary as well as focus on question words (W5H - who, what, where, when, why, how).

You can find this activity in my "I Can Write! #3" pack in my TpT store.

In math we will be learning about time.  It's a 2-week unit that covers so much and is age appropriate. The first week we really focus on what time is, we take a look at our day and discuss morning/evening, and play games to learn how long a minute is (we are often saying to the students, "In one  minute we will be...." and they might not understand how long that truly is).

You can find these activities and so much more in my Telling Time in Kindergarten pack in my TpT store.

In religion we will be focusing on our virtue for the month of June - INTEGRITY!
That's always a hard one - so we start by listening to a story I wrote about what integrity is.

I'll also be playing a game about being honest. We have stressed the importance of honesty all year round.  Even if you do something that isn't right (hurt someone, break something, act silly, etc.) it's important to tell the truth.  That's also hard for young children! This game helps them understand a little better.

You can find these activities, and so much more, in my June Religion pack in my TpT store.

On another note...we have butterflies!  For the past month, at our Science and Discovery Centre, the students have had an interest in insects.  We ordered caterpillars a few weeks back and they 2 of them have finally turned into butterflies!
(For those of you wondering, we made the mesh butterfly house from 2 outdoor food covers that are from Dollarama - I just clipped them together so we can easily open them).

Here are a few provocations we set out for this week:
Create a spring picture using loose parts!

How high can you stack? Use a variety of lids and popsicle sticks.

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