Life Lately: Volume 73

It felt really nice to get back into the groove this week after the world’s longest Christmas break… ever? I think it was a slow start for many of us but I finally feel like I’m back on top of my game as of this morning.

At the beginning of the year, I always have a ton of content ideas and as a creator, it makes me feel very happy and fulfilled. This week on the blog, I shared my favorite non-alcoholic spirits, a long list of my favorite products of 2022, and my word of the year for 2023. And next week I’ll be sharing my favorite kid products of 2022, details on our Kindergarten transition, and more.

At home, Luca has been talking up a storm lately. His vocabulary has exploded all of a sudden and it is the most fun to hear him say words and sing songs that we didn’t know he knew. He busted out the full ABCs last night we had no idea he even knew it! Apparently he listens to everything we say… noted.

And Amalia is beyond excited to be back at school. She’s such a school nerd in the best way possible, loving to learn and the teacher’s pet. Some real first daughter stuff right there. They are both in such a happy and silly stage of life right now, and it is so fun to be a part of.

Pictured above: June St. George Custom Rug I should note that I had this rug made for our primary closet but Luca fell in love with it and thinks it’s a road and it actually works in his room so now it’s his…. for a little while anyway.


The 2023 style trends to start shopping now, according to the experts. I will be skipping the corsets, FYI.

A late-person’s guide to being on time.

I’m head over heals for this puff-sleeve sweater in the perfect color and shape.

Rom-Com core is the new Barbie core. And I’m living for it.

Your 2023 horoscope is here to help guide you in the year ahead.

28 new movies to see in 2023. And a list of 13 feel-good shows to watch this winter.

The swimsuit I’m seeing everywhere. I’m dying to buy it for an upcoming trip but can’t decide if it’s worth the hype. I think I’m going to order it to try on and will report back.

All the royally shocking revelations from Prince Harry’s book, Spare (coming out on 1/10!)

Inside Donald Trump’s sad, lonely “campaign”. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Ever since my dad gave me one of her necklaces for Christmas, I have been obsessed with all of the pendants and chains that Jane Win creates.

8 New Year’s mantras for moms. I’m working on number two but hard pass on number three for me.

Casserole recipes for cozy winter nights in. I’ve never been a casserole gal but I’m sharing a recipe for one next week that may have changed my mind.

J.Crew’s famous cotton fisherman sweater is back in some fun colors. The Lemon Sorbet is calling my name!

The new Gen Z mindset for work can give us all hope.

6 healing energy design tricks for a balanced home.

Chappywrap makes candles now! And this one, with santal, fig, and citrus, is a dream. I’ve been burning it nonstop this week.

How we learned to be lonely.

How luxury rental services are changing our relationship with fashion as we know it.

Photo by Julia Dags.

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