Memorable First Day of School Ideas

What didn’t I think of that?! Create memories they will cherish with these First Day of School Ideas. Back to school printables, first day of school photo ideas, activities for kids and new family traditions you will repeat yearly.

Memorable First Day of School Ideas

Do I address what a crazy year 2020 has been or move on and act like all of us didn’t experience a terrible end of the year? While going back to school is always a milestone, this year is especially special. Celebrate the start of a new school year with these memorable First Day of School Ideas. We bet many of back to school ideas will become annual family traditions!

First Day of School Traditions

Back to School traditions are are first day of school ideas you want to continue and keep consistent every year. Some of our birthday family traditions can be easily transferred into back to school ideas for the first day.

First Day of School Bento Lunch Box

Make their first bite special with a First Day of School bento lunch box. Add a sweet Back to School Lunch Note. | Must Have Mom

How to make a bedroom door balloon avalanche

This is one of those first day of school and birthday traditions you can use either way. We always keep balloons and streamers in our gift supply area. Whip it together when the kids go to bed and they will wake up to a pleasant first day surprise. | Side Tracked Mom (no longer active)

Have a nervous Nancy? This first day jitter glitter can go to school with your child on a necklace or can be sprinkled on them the night before school. | The DIY Mommy

How to make a first day of school schultute german tradition

Adopt a First Day of School German Tradition. Make these adorable DIY Schultüte, or school cones. Fill your homemade Schultute with treats and school supplies to make the start of school sweet for little ones. | Frog Prince Paperie

Silly String First Day of School Idea

Have a huge first day of school bus greeting. Host a water balloon or a silly string fight! Have a barrel of silly string and silly string guns. Gather the neighbors at the bus stop. | Source – Bower Power Blog

First Day of School Photo Ideas

There are so many first day of school photo ideas and we share many that have free downloads in our Back to School Printables post. For this list of First Day of School Photo Ideas, we are taking them outside the box. Instead of First Day of School Signs you can download, we are finding items you have to craft and create.

first day of school sidewalk chalk art

Spell it out on the driveway. This first day of school sidewalk chalk art is easy and adorable. Think you can continue it through 12th grade? | Blue Cricket Design (no longer active)

DIY Photo in Photo first day of school idea

Create a reoccurring DIY Photo in Photo first day of school idea. Starting kindergarten year your child will hold no photo. Each consecutive year, your child will hold the previous years first day of school photo and you can watch your child grow. This will take planning ahead as you need to order the print. We recommend ordering from CanvasHQ. | She’s Making Cards (no longer active)

Annual First Day of School Handprint Shirt

This is an extra special idea your child will grow into. This DIY Back-to-School Shirt with Handprints for Every Grade! You can make your own first day of school shirt (with a silhouette cameo and iron) or you can pick up a handprint first day of school shirt on Etsy. | Where the Smiles Have Been

DIY First Day of School Banner

Announce a new school year with a colorful DIY First Day of School Banner. | Make it My Own

Balloon First Day of School Idea Craft

Using a white balloon. colorful stickers, and balloon sticks, write the school grade and year on a balloon! | Design Improvised

First Day of School Printables

These First Day of School free printables are helpful in creating memorable family traditions.

First Day of School Interview Printable

Conduct a first day of school interview. Mark the start and end of each school year with these fun first day & last of school interview printables fitting for kids from pre-school through high school. Add them all to a notebook or scrapbook for a printable time capsule! | Mortiz Fine Designs

First Day of School Breakfast Table

Celebrate the first day a back to school breakfast with this free printable school table place setting. | The Real Housewife of Fresno (first day of school breakfast) & A Girl and a Glue Gun (table printables)

Back to School Scavenger Hunt Printable

Get the kids excited and have little fun collecting school supplies with a Back to School Scavenger hunt! | The Dating Divas

Back to School Time Capsule Pencil Printable and Pringles Can Craft

Make a printable Back to School Time Capsule. This adorable pencil time capsule is made with a Pringles can. | Aimee Ferre

Host a family game night with a Minute To Win It Back To School Edition Printable. You can also take a look at our list of Minute to Win It Game Night Ideas. | My Digital Creations.

First Day of School Activities

Make going back to school to school exciting with memorable first day activities for kids.

Back to School Party Ideas

Get everyone together with a Back to School Party. So many beautiful tablescape ideas and goodies to welcome the first day of school. | The Sits Girls

First Day of School Ice Cream Tradition

When the school bell rings, bring the kids to get ice cream. This has been a tradition we have continued for years.

Post It Notes Positive Words of Affirmation

Begin a tradition of kindness and start the first day off right by hanging a positive affirmation sticky note each day. Add these messages as the days go on until they fill your child’s mirror. | Source

Back to School Backpack Fairy

Have a visit from the backpack fairy. Leave your backpack in a designated spot the night before school and in the morning the back to school fairy will leave a special gift! | Blissful Roots

Back to School Paper Chain Craft for Kids

And before the first bell rings, start a countdown. Perhaps build each day with a special bucket list on the calendar. Make a paper chain with a different activity for each day until the night before school. | Brassy Apple

first day of school traditions and back to school ideas and activities

Take a look at these Back to School Printables – our favorite is “If you give a teacher a cookie” as a sweet treat on the first day of school. Pin to Pinterest.

Save for later these End of the Year Activities and Ideas. Pin to Pinterest on your School Board!