Mini-Treasure Hunt Secret Message Puzzle (free printable)

This week we have a mini-treasure hunt secret message puzzle for your little learner! 

This is a mini-treasure hunt because the final answer tells kids to look in a "drawer." So be prepared to hide a little treasure or prize inside a drawer.

During this printable activity, kids do three different tasks:

  • First, kids decode a secret message (which is a scrambled-up sentence).
  • Second, kids unscramble the sentence and write it in the correct order.
  • Third, kids use the letters with the numbers to find the final message: "drawer."
  • Finally, kids search inside drawers for their prize.

Download the Secret Message Task.

Download the Secret Message Puzzle

Just download and print this activity and give it to your little learner!

Click here to download the secret message puzzle free printable!

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