Monday November 7, 2022 MaryEllen Uthlaut

Theme: OOHS (67. Cries of delight, and what each of the answers to the starred clues literally are?)

17. *"Drinks are on the house!": FREE BOOZE.

25. *"Just what I wanted to hear!": GREAT NEWS.

36. *"Eyes like Paul Newman!": BABY BLUES.

51. *"Check out those Outback hoppers!": KANGAROOS.

60. *"There's the star of 'Top Gun'!": TOM CRUISE.

Boomer here.  

Make a CHOOSE -You'll never LOSE. I usually stop for a SNOOZE after I watch the NEWS.  

Happy November one and all.  Of course Thanksgiving is on the calendar and coming soon.  


1. "At __, soldier!": EASE. "Ten Hut"

5. Taj Mahal city: AGRA.  Farming business is AGRI.

9. Burdened (with): LADEN.  Potatoes LADEN with turkey gravy.

14. Horn-shaped flower: LILY.

15. "Get a __ of this!": LOAD.

16. Large stadium: ARENA.  They keep getting bigger and bigger.  And the NFL football seems to be sold out every game.

19. A- or B+: GRADE.  Sometimes mine was a 75.

20. "Beauty and the Beast" heroine: BELLE.

21. Out of style: OLD.  That's me at 75.

23. Big fuss: ADO.

24. Outdoor dining area: PATIO.  We had a deck, but we never eat out there.

28. Autotrader offering: USED CAR.  Our Santa Fe turned two years old last month.

30. Refrigerator art holder: MAGNET.

31. Place for pillow talk: BED

32. __ and carrots: PEAS.  Not my favorite.

35. Toy bear: TEDDY.  Mr. Roosevelt.

39. Fall-blooming plant: ASTER.

42. Glasgow resident: SCOT.

43. To the __ degree: NTH.

46. Cheap cigar: STOGIE.  I cannot remember smoking a cigar.  I think I received one when someone had a baby,

48. Fist pump or fist bump: GESTURE.  Fist bumps are frequent in bowling.

54. Actor Capaldi: PETER.  Pumpkin eater.  Many of Halloween pumpkins were fed to animals.

55. Genetic letters: RNA.  Some kind of acid that I can't spell.

56. NATO HQ locale: EUR.

57. Mom's sisters: AUNTS.  I had 6 nice ladies.

58. Unblinking look: STARE.

63. Racing sleds: LUGES.  Popular when the snow falls here.

64. Pesky insect: GNAT.

65. Really stink: REEK.  Take the garbage out every week. 

66. Opinion pieces: OP-EDS.  I seldom read them. Just someone else's opinion.

68. Gaelic language: ERSE.


1. Figure on the shelf, in Christmas decor: ELF.  Santa's helper.

2. Post for military pilots: AIRBASE.  We had a huge one at Fort Campbell, KY.

3. Rained ice: SLEETED.  Nope, we get the real snow - coming soon to a state near you.

4. Body part with lashes: EYELID.

5. __ vera: ALOE.  Never used it.

6. Sticky substance: GOO.  Never used this either.

7. Stubble remover: RAZOR.  I've used this now and then.

8. "Someone Like You" singer: ADELE. Not ah-dell, but uh-dale.

9. Internet connectivity annoyance: LAG.

10. Sets up, as flowers in a vase: ARRANGES.  I could not believe when I was told how much funeral flowers cost!!

11. Like many paths in a maze: DEAD END.

12. Funded on an ongoing basis: ENDOWED.  Like Social Security - going up next year.

13. "Sorry, laddie": NAE.

18. Voting alliance: BLOC.

22. Flood-control structure: DAM.  We have a huge one on the Mississippi.  That's where we get our electricity 

24. Tavern: PUB.  There is one in your town.

25. "__ Anatomy": Ellen Pompeo series: GREY'S.

26. London art gallery: TATE.

27. Spot that's rarely spotless: STY.  A home for your pigs.

29. PD alert: APB.  All Points Bulletin

33. Kindergarten letters: ABC.  A TV station as well.

34. Plods (through): SLOGS.

36. Defied, as belief: BEGGARED. ??

37. Opera solo: ARIA.

38. Beehive State native: UTE.

39. "__ me no questions ... ": ASK.  I'll tell you no lies.

40. Fledgling company: STARTUP.

41. Shipping weight allowance: TONNAGE.  I think the US raised the limit on highways.

43. Like Almond Joy, compared to Mounds: NUTTIER.  Than a fruitcake.

44. Long locks of hair: TRESSES.

45. That girl: HER.

47. "... __ he drove out of sight": ERE.  And all a good night.

49. San Antonio NBAer: SPUR.  Also a place to buy gas.

50. Academic security: TENURE.

52. Expenditure: OUTGO.  Everything is UP.  Thanks to inflation.

53. Maine college town: ORONO.  Also a Minnesota city

57. Plays a part: ACTS.

58. __-mo video: SLO.

59. Sinuous letter: ESS.

61. __-jongg: MAH.  Never played it.

62. Scratch (out), as a living: EKE.  Yikes!