My 5 Senses Printable Book for Kids

This my 5 senses printable book will have the kids brainstorming an idea for each of their senses. If you like adding printable books to your thematic units, this reader is perfect for a preschool five senses theme.

Each page of this book contains an illustration of the body part associated with the sense. And there’s a short sentence inviting the kids to write and draw about each of their senses.

This free book is a super introduction to the five senses for your students. It covers what the senses are, and gives them a chance to think about all the ways they use their senses to understand the world around them!

child's hand drawing a pizza in senses reader, with text that reads My 5 Senses Printable Book

Even though this is a very simple emergent reader about the senses, it really is “just right” for preschool and kindergarten students. It lets them practice their knowledge about the senses, and it centers their opinions along the way!

My 5 Senses Printable Book

Using this 5 senses emergent reader is rather straightforward. But there are a lot of fun extra ideas you can incorporate into this study of the senses. I’ll show you what you get with the book download, and then touch on just a few ideas for extending the printable book.

cover of printable book with title My 5 Senses

Materials for the Senses Printable Book

You don’t need much to get the my 5 senses printable book ready to go. Here are some materials you can use in conjunction with the reader (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

Some of those material suggestions are optional, really. As long as you can print and staple the book, you should be good to go. But you can also see what you have around the classroom for supplies the kids can use to add their illustrations. Sometimes I find that an idea will spark based on gathering a few extra materials and going from there!

How to Assemble the Five Senses Emergent Reader

After printing out the pages of the book, fold and staple the book together like our other printable books. Want a little refresher on how to fold the pages? Here’s a short video that shows you how, or just follow the written directions below it:

First, fold each paper in half, with the words facing out. This turns 3 pieces of printer paper into 6 pages of a mini book. Next, separate the pages and arrange them in order. Finally, staple the book along the left-hand side.

Also, it’s up to you whether you want the kids to work on the books and then put them together, or vice versa.

open printable book with words about the 5 senses and kids' drawings

Using the 5 Senses Printable Book

Start off by reviewing the five senses with your students. After a quick chat, work with the kids to brainstorm ideas for each of the senses. This can help inspire some ideas for the children, if needed.

Next, tell the children they’ll be making a book about their favorite ways to use their own 5 senses! Take a quick walk through the book, showing them each page.

Go over each of the senses while you point to the part of your body where you experience that sense. Then point to a body part and let them give you an example of something they can sense with that body part. For instance, if you point to your nose, they can answer with some of their favorite (or not so favorite) smells!

Ahead of time, you can gather few specially-picked items that represent each of the 5 sense categories. When you read the book with your kids, you can go through each collection and talk about which senses you can use with that object.

If you want to keep a copy of the 5 senses printable book to use separately, you can cut apart the pages and laminate each one. This will allow you to use the book with messier materials. Or the kids can use dry erase markers to trace over the words to practice their writing!

printable five senses emergent reader book with pencil

You can even extend the my 5 senses printable book by graphing the class’ data. Make a chart about the different items the children like to taste, touch, hear, smell, and see.

Don’t forget to get your own copy of the reader at the bottom of this post!

More 5 Senses Activities

Here are a few more activities you can do with your kids if you want to keep exploring the 5 senses with them. These all would make a great addition to the 5 senses printable book.

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preschool 5 senses lesson plans cover
5 Senses Lesson Plans

Here are even more ideas for your preschool classroom:

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Christmas Five Senses Book
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Free Printable Book about the Senses

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