Mystery Digraph Center

Just when kids finally have their letter sounds down, out pop tricky letter combinations like digraphs that change those sounds entirely. Oy! Luckily, this mystery digraph center is here to help! And along with it, try out some of these little tricks:

Turn each digraph into a silly chant! Digraph chants are such a simple (but powerful!) way to make those digraphs REALLY stick. Take this one for CH: Chugga, chugga, choo choo.C-H /ch/.

This chant for SH: Sharks in the shower.S-H /sh/.

And this one for TH: Thumb on my throat.T-H /th/.

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Getting Ready

As always, prep is simple and easy. Print out the game on cardstock and laminate for extra durability.

Place the cards in a stack and print one record sheet for each child.

Optional: Grab a pile of magnetic letters so that students can build the missing digraph in the box on each card or give them a dry erase marker to write the missing digraph in the box.

Mystery Digraph Center

Students grab a card, say the word, then write the word on their record sheet.

For example, a student might say, “CHIP. CH-ip. That has a /ch/ at the beginning. /Ch/ is spelled C-H.” Then, the student would write the word “chip” on his or her record sheet.

The play continues until the student has written all of the words.

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