Numbers to 10 in the House

Teach numbers to kindergarten in a creative and engaging way with our Little Number House collection of resources and activities! You can introduce numbers with our free action counting rhyme and then supplement your math program with some of the games and activities I have created. Let me show you one here today, but you can find more over on the resource page!

Number House Math Worksheets

Included are 20 activity pages that work on a range of skills that you will introduce in your class lessons. Use these pages to 
  • support your instruction
  • review the concepts you've taught
  • follow up on learning
  • assess current skills
Leanring Numbers to Ten In Kindergarten

I've included pages for:
  • numeral formation
  • tracing numbers
  • writing numbers
  • drawing sets of dots to match a numeral
  • writing numbers before and after
  • matching numerals with dots
  • identifying sets of dots to match a numeral
  • writing numbers 1-10 in counting order
Number Activities For Kindergarten

Missing Number Activities To Ten

Lots of the pages have additional fine motor activities like tracing, to support your students in a deeper learning experience. 

Writing Numbers to Ten

Numbers IN Kindergarten

After your math lessons and activities you can create a display of your students learning by having them make a little number house of their own!