Partner Match Up

Sometimes matching up pairs in your classroom is hard. Someone is either always left out, some result in tears or some simply don’t want to work with others. But these partner match up cards are here to save the day!

They make creating partners fun and, as a bonus, make a fun indoor recess game, too!

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Student Partner Match Up

Getting Ready

Prep for this partner match up was super simple! I simply printed the activity on cardstock and laminated them for extra durability.

That’s it! I was set.

Partner Match Up

First, I passed them out randomly to each student. (You can also choose to make intentional partnering choices ahead of time by placing one card on each child’s desk.)

Then, students grabbed their card and walked around the room to find his or her partner who had the match. It was fun, quick and best of all – no tears from anyone!

Match Up Activity

Although these cards were originally designed to be a playful way to group students, you can also use them for an indoor recess matching game.

To play, students spread out the cards face down on a flat surface like a table or the floor.

Then, they’ll take turns flipping two cards at a time. If the cards are a match (macaroni and cheese, for example), the player keeps both cards and takes another turn.

If they’re not a match (macaroni and socks), the child turns the cards upside down in the same spot and it’s the next player’s turn.

Play continues until all pairs have been claimed. The player with the most pairs in their keep pile is the winner!

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