Peas and Carrots for Addition

Peas and Carrots is a free math activity in our store that will help students understand addition as a part-part-whole relationship. Perfect to use with sectioned plates and small equipment (counters, tokens, sticks and pom poms) or the printable templates in our file!

Students will:
  • take a small pile of carrots and peas
  • place them in the divided section
  • find the total
  • label the total with a numeral card
  • write numbers sentences using the + sign to record their work (optional)

Here are a few other ways of using the materials in the game:

Create the addends

  • students place a numeral card down
  • students create two addends for the total using peas and carrots

Making equal groups

  • roll 2 dice
  • read 2 dice as number problem: e.g. 3 groups of 2
  • use peas or carrots to model the problem
  • find the total and record on a whiteboard, e.g. 3 groups of 2 is 6

Making patterns

  • use the pea and carrot tokens to make a variety of repeating and growing patterns
  • students can take a numeral card and use it to make a rule for a growing pattern, e.g. if a 2 is chosen, the growing pattern must build by 2 each step

Included in the printable pack is a printable plate if you do not have access to a real one!

We hope you love using peas and carrots in your kindergarten or first grade math program. Hop over to TpT to find it in our store