Place Value Games

Teaching our littles ones to understand place value can be made more engagaing and hands-on with some activities and games from our Math Pack series.  

Place Value Game

Race to 100 is one game in our Math Pack 25. It can be used together with the other 4 games provided or you can use it as a stand alone independent activity to consolidate place value concepts as students build a set of exactly 100. 

To play, students each have a mini game mat and roll and add 'ones' to their cute character - trading every time they get to ten. The first to 100 wins! 

This game could be used in a structured game rotation program, as a math center or in guided math. Once taught, it could make a fantastic 'fast-finisher' activity for revision - put it in a little tub on your math help and let students access it when they have a few minutes to fill.

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