Printable pre-k sight words flashcards

This set of printable pre-k sight words flashcards includes the first 40 service words that comprise the pre kindergarten set of the Dolch word list.

In the late 1930s Edward William Dolch first published his list of words most commonly found in children’s books during that time. Up to around 75% of the 310 total sight words are (still) found in kids reading material. The word list is divided into six sets. The first five (pre-k to third grade/year three) contain what are called service words, or those necessary to achieve fluency in the English language. The last set includes nouns. The printable pre-k sight words flash cards provided here include words from the first set.

Printable pre-k sight words flashcards

The sight words for pre-kindergarten, also called the pre-primer set, are as follows:

  • a
  • and
  • away
  • big
  • blue
  • can
  • come
  • down
  • find
  • for
  • funny
  • go
  • help
  • here
  • I
  • in
  • is
  • it
  • jump
  • little
  • look
  • make
  • me
  • my
  • not
  • one
  • play
  • red
  • run
  • said
  • see
  • the
  • three
  • to
  • two
  • up
  • we
  • where
  • yellow
  • you

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