Rain showers bring May Flowers


We are down to a couple of super busy weeks.  The last few weeks of school are CRAZY.  We have 8 days left but they are packed.  Two graduations (kindergarten and fourth) and two field days and lots of last min projects and "bring this to school", etc.  Trying to keep up with all the things and all the emails for three kids can be a lot.  Plus I have a lot of things going on.  But we are leaving for the beach the day after school gets out.  Which is exciting but adds a lot more things for me to do - like pack and get things together.  

In the meantime.......

I've been doing a lot of subbing and a lot of stuff going on with Tangible Truth.  

Will Holden had to get a haircut.  He goes to a kids place where he has always sat in little cars and airplanes but last week he sat in a "big seat" and he was SOOO proud.  His hair gets so big - it's a bouffant usually when I finally get it cut.  

It's mid May but you just never know the weather.  Saturday Will Holden had a soccer game.  Spring sports in Arkansas always get a lot of rain outs.  It wasn't raining when we got to the field but started pretty quickly after.  I HOPED they would just call it but they had us play the whole game in the cold rain.  It was so miserable.  

But Will Holden didn't complain.  And his teacher came to see him and a few of his classmates on the field.  It was so sweet of her! 

I ran from there to a book signing for Susan.  I helped her with that and had to run straight to get Hollis to take her to a birthday party.  

Our favorite gift these days is to give a basket with fun little things in it.  Hollis and I had so much fun picking out things and we went with a watermelon theme.  We got a notebook, a pop it, a watermelon face mask and some watermelon candy.  

Hollis was so excited to go to a party with some girls from her class. 

They all wore tie dye.  All we had was our buc-ees shirt.  ha! 

Saturday night we went over to the Ormon's house for dinner for Steve's birthday.  The girls accidentally twinned.  They didn't love it but they took a picture for me.  

Laurie and I and her robe.  

Sunday we went to church and lunch and then worked around the house.  I got to be on a zoom call for a gender reveal for a couple who met on my Singles page.  I was so honored to be included.  

I hope y'all are having a great week! It's supposed to rain all week which is a little bummer but also typical May weather.