Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 3: Teaching Ch & Th Digraph Words

Ready2Read! A reading curriculum that makes teaching reading FUN and effective! In unit 3 of Ready2Read, we will be covering the ch and th digraphs, along with 6 new sight words! Incorporating both sight words and targeted phonics skills, helps students become strong, confident and fluid readers. All of the research and work has been done for you! Just print, prep, and teach! No matter if you’re teaching at home or in the classroom, this curriculum will work for you! Now let’s take a close look at Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 3!

Lesson Plans

There are a total of 10 days worth of lesson plans for each unit.

The lesson plans are simple and easy to follow! Each unit has 10 lessons. Each lesson includes:

  • Phonics Instruction
  • Sight Word Instruction
  • Phonics and Sight Word Practice through activities and practice pages
  • Intervention and extension support

Let’s take a look at Unit 3 in action:

Ch Digraph Words

Ch and th digraphs can be tricky for students to learn. Therefore, Unit 3 is packed with plenty of fun ways for students to practice, practice, practice!

Phonics Posters– Each unit comes ready with phonics posters that explain the new phonics skill! Hang these posters on your wall and add to them each new unit! Everyone will be amazed at what they learn as the units progress!

Segmenting and blending cards break up each phonics sound so students can isolate and blend new words!

Sound box cards- Add magnetic letters to form new words! You notice the the digraphs sounds are grouped as one box. This helps students understand and recognize that digraph is two letters that make one sound.

Spin and Build a Digraph Word! Ready2Read incorporates a lot of interactive learning…which most kids love! Just spin the spinner and add the ending sound. Read the new ch digraph word! Simple but highly effective!

Say and Sort! Say the name of the picture and sort to the correct column.

Simple Digraphs Sentences– Now students are moving onto some fluency activities while incorporating both phonics and sight words.

Beginning and Ending Digraphs– Visual images help solidify new phonics sounds. This fun and cute Ch sort had decodable letters that students can read based on pervious taught Ready2Read lessons.

Ending Digraphs Spin and Build– Spin the make a new word that ends with the ch digraph!

Identify the Word– Students look at the picture and circles the correct word that matches.

Roll, Read and Trace– Grab some dice and play this roll and trace digraph game!

Starts and Ends with ch– More fluency practice with this simple sentence and digraph identification!

Build the digraph word– Use the picture clues to build decodable words found in Unit 2 of Ready2Read.

Fluency Sentences– Practicing more fluency with simple sentences!

Reading Passages– Fluency practice gets more in-depth with these simple stories! Read the story, highlight the ch digraph and write the words!

Digraph Word Search– Kids love word search and this makes learning those ch digraphs FUN!

Word Wall Fun– Look at all the new words your kids can read! These ch Digraph pieces are part of a carnival themed word wall! Each unit, you will add the new phonics word wall pieces and watch the carnival theme grow! How FUN and rewarding!

My Ch Digraph Book– These cut and paste phonics books allow students to build new words!

Spelling Practice– Build it with magnetic letters! Look at the picture and build the word!

Spelling Egg Machine– Slide the picture up and build the next word.

Th Digraph

Th Digraphs are also introduced in this unit. Students will work with both beginning and ending th digraphs.

Th Song and Poster– also included to help retain their new phonics skill!

I like to keep learning fun and fresh by implementing some novelties. In the picture below, I used some colored sand and magnetic letters. Three ways of learning are used in this picture: 1. segment and blend cards 2. magnetic letters to build the new word 3. colored sand to write the word. All of these learning materials play an important role in synthesizing new phonics concepts.

Spin and Build a new word!

Say and Sort– Th and Not a TH Digraph sorting practice.

Fluency practice– matching a sentence to the correct picture.

Beginning or Ending– Sorting new words with a visual reminder!

Word Wall Fun– Students will also be adding more little ducks to their carnival wall!

Identify the th Word– Read the words, select the word that matches the picture and write the word neatly on the lines.

Starts and Ends with Th– More fluency sentence practice…

My Th Digraph Book– Th cut and paste digraph word books for building new words!

Sight Word Centers

Not only do phonics play a crucial component in learning how to read, but sight words also play an equally important role! In Level 2 Unit 3 we are focusing on the following 6 sight words: into, but, so, pretty, what, and ran.

Sight Word Search– Each sight word will have their own word search with some sentence practice.

Go Fish for Sight Words– A quick game of Go Fish also helps make practicing those sight words FUN! Learning becomes a game!

Fluency Practice– Read the simple sentences that incorporates the targeted phonics skill and the unit sight words.

Mixed Review

Once students have practiced ch and th digraphs and the 6 new sight words, it’s time to practice mixed review.

Digraph Roll and Read– Roll the die, read the word in that column, and color the circle. Continue to roll, read and color until all bubbles have been colored it. This one sheet of practice covered 30 targeted phonics skill words! So much practice packed into one page of Ready2Read!

Ice Cream Digraphs– Cut and paste the correct picture to each cone, listening for the ch or th sound in each picture.

Read and Color– Ready2Read also included a mixed review of skills to maximize the learning in this unit.

Mixed Review Fluency Sentences– These provide practice with a mixed review of words.

Digraph Board Games– Another FUN game! Each player flips over a card and reads the word. Next, they find the picture that matches their word on the game board and covers it with their marker.

Review Word Lists– Show what you know with these words lists! This is where students are able to see how much they learned. This is such a confidence booster! The list include words what I have learned and challenging word lists. The challenging word lists combine phonics skills that have been taught in previous lesson of Ready2Read.

Ready2Read Level 2 The Bundle covers so many phonics skills and sight words! This solid curriculum truly helps students master a variety of phonics and sight words! This curriculum build confidence and fluency!

I hope you find this resource helpful! 

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