Review: CTCMath

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

CTCMathThis summer we took a break from school for the most part, but we added in the 12-month Family Membership from CTCMath as an adaptive online math curriculum to keep the kids learning a bit through the summer.

About the Program:

CTCMath is a complete math curriculum for students ages K-12.  There are video tutorials to watch and then lessons to complete afterward.  Each tutorial is between 4-9 minutes long.  There is a tab to watch the video for each lesson.

After the tutorial, the student will click the Questions tab.  On this tab, there are interactive questions which are scored and available for the teacher to view. You can also see if there are worksheets or study sheets to print.  CTCMath is self-paced so students can return and repeat whatever lessons they need more work on before moving forward.

Once they have finished that, the program moves right along into the next topic.  With a 12-month family membership, members receive access to all grades!  This includes Kindergarten through 6th grade math, followed by Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, Elementary Measurement, Elementary Geometry, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.  A bonus to the program is that you pay one rate and then have access for up to five students.  As homeschoolers, this is huge to just pay one price for your children!  Plus if I know my child is struggling in a topic that was discussed in a previous year, we can click on that grade and then right on the topic to refresh.

Throughout the year, you receive progress reports via email that show where your child is at in the program.  I can also log in to see results at anytime.

Our Thoughts:

My kids spent most of their time this summer working on the speed drills and challenges, but also did a few lessons.  There are fun games that they enjoyed using to practice their math facts.  My rising 6th grader liked the lessons and how things were explained, however my rising 1st grader was not a big fan of doing math online.  I think as he gets older, he will like the program a little better.  He’s more of a hands-on kid.

As a mom, I find this program to be a great way to learn from home and I plan to continue working with my kids using the tutorials and games to reinforce what we are learning.  I found the website to be very easy to navigate and pretty self-explanatory to move between sections.

Although we haven’t officially used the high school courses, I did spend some time watching some of the videos and checking out the work.  From what I have seen, I think it would be a great option for high school, especially for self-motivated students.


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For More Information:

For more information on CTCMath, you can visit their website.  You can also visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  You can also click the banner below to read more reviews on CTCMath from other homeschooling families.

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