September 2021 - BACK TO SCHOOL!

It's the first month of school!  That means new students, new routines, new everything!  I love this time of year....yes, it may be the most stressful but it's also a time of fresh beginnings.  We start the year slowly, thinking about how to set up our classroom so that students are able to independently navigate and explore.  This year, Covid restrictions are still in place, so students will be sitting, once again, in "Friendship Pods".  Here's a peek into our room!

What does my timetable look like this year?
Keep in mind that it still may change (early in the year to finalize everything) but this is how we planned out our week.

Do I have long range plans for Kindergarten?
YES!  And they are a FREE download!

How do I schedule our week?
I'm keeping it the same as last year since that worked so well given the many restrictions.
READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE (this is the post from last September but it's the same for this year).
If you are looking to download the same materials I use, check out these resources:

We start the week learning a new poem!  We sing/chant it, find letters/sight words and more!
I compiled a huge pack of poems for the whole year (they are either well known and I have permission to use them or I wrote them myself).

Students draw/write in a blank notebook.  They can draw anything but I like doing this activity on Monday because we discuss what we did over the weekend with our family.

I teach the letters in order and have students work on fine motor skills by printing.

The SK students cut/paste pictures of things that begin with each letter and write the word beside by stretching and sounding it out.
If you would like to use these supplementary pictures, these alphabet strip cards can be found in my Alphabet Folding Books pack.

I start lesson #1 the second week of school and simply follow the weekly lessons from my I Can Write packs.
Here's an example of one of the first writing pieces we do.  I build a Writing Wall with the students from the first month of school and post our work.

We review the weekly poem (see Monday) and have fun saying/chanting it in different voices.  I place these cards in a tin can and have students choose one.  They LOVE this!

Then they work on a poetry journal (there are 3 differentiated activities per poem and over 50 poems included).

We choose a child to be the special "Child of the Day" where classmates ask questions to learn more about this person.  Students can draw a picture of this friend in a blank notebook.

September 6-10, 2021
We introduced a variety of centres around the room, sat and spoke with students to get to know them, spent lots of time outdoors (seems to be our favourite!) and learned to sing/chant the Alphabet Song Book (which we will be doing each morning!).

Click the picture below to download a copy for FREE.

September 13-17, 2021
We are getting to know one another!  This is a great song/chant to help students identify their name.

We will also be playing a lot of number games - our focus this week is on number sense (counting and 1:1 correspondence).  You can find a lot of games and hands-on activities in my Number Sense in Kindergarten pack on TpT.

Click the picture below to download a copy for FREE.