Someone In This Online Group Asked “Without Mentioning Age Or Date Of Birth, How Old Are You?” And Here Are 44 Of The Best Answers

People in the same age group tend to have similar interests and even if two people are complete strangers, they still might share some of the same memories. For example, remembering what TV shows they both liked as kids or what major world events they have witnessed.

These kinds of things can actually give away your age even if you don’t say the number or your birth date. Reddit user teddyjr32378 asked “Without mentioning age or date of birth, how old are you?” and the thread got pretty popular, being upvoted 46.6k times with 45.7k people getting deep into the nostalgia, naming movies, songs or other recognizable things that would let other people guess what age they are.

What is the thing you can say about yourself that would let others pinpoint the year you were born? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to upvote the submissions that you can relate to the most!

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MTV actually played music videos.

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I'm "had to make a mad dash sprint to the cassette player to mash the record button when your favorite song came on the radio" years old.

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Would you like to accept a collect call from MomWe’reDoneComeGetUs?

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I saw Disney's "The Lion King" in theaters when it came out.

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Rotary phones were a thing.

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I remember physical keys for hotel rooms.

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I got in trouble in kindergarten because my tamagotchi kept telling me it was hungry

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Went to computer labs in elementary school to Paint and play pinball.

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There was only one newscast at 10pm, and before it started, a booming voice asked, “it’s 10pm. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE????” and after it was over, there was an hour of maybe an infomercial , then a test pattern, and TV was OVER for the night. And there was only 7 channels

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I played the all green Oregon Trail.

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Drop dead Fred, Little Monsters, Ghost Busters, The Last Unicorn, & Labyrinth were my favorite movies as a child.

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When I was little, my favorite cartoons was My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and She-Ra.


I watched blockbuster close and remember when netflix mailed movies and videogames


Why buy DVD's, we have everything on videotape.

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I remember Baby Jessica and I was afraid something like that might happen to me too.

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I’ve lived in two millennia’s, two centuries, and four different decades yet people still tell me I can’t call myself old.

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Until I was in pre-school there were 48 stars on the US flag.

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I had a furrby as a kid

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Rabbit ears on my television..


We actually "dialed" a 7-digit phone number.


When I was a kid the big playground argument was Sega vs Nintendo.

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Old enough to have my first phone be a nokia brick phone/flip phone to now having a smartphone. Ahh simpler times lol

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I was around when man landed on the Moon.

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I’ve had experience with these ways of listening to music: 8 track, vinyl, cassette, CD, and mini disc.

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I was the first person in my high school to have a cell phone

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Toby McGuire is my favorite Spider-Man

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In elementary school, I got to watch the space shuttle Challenger explode on live television.

Edit: the more I think about this and read others' comments, while I was indeed in 2nd grade / 7yrs old, I'm almost positive school was out and I watched this at someone's house with my mother. I know we watched it on CNN and I can see that thin red stripe at the bottom of the screen and that font they used in the 80s in my head and no elementary school would've had access to that channel back then.

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Grew up watching classic cartoon network shows such as dexter laboratory, courage the cowardly dog, Johnny bravo, the powerpuff girls and my personal favourite Ed, edd and eddy.

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I wore Dittos and high waisted bell bottom jeans to high school. We had a rotary phone in our house. We didn't wear seat belts in the car until I was older and most cars only had lap belts. There weren't car seats when I was a baby. Wooly Bully was the number one song the year I was born and Flashdance... What A Feeling was the number one song the month and year I graduated high school.


I remember Back to the Future in theaters.

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Chicken pox parties

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I don’t know if I’m a millennial or if I’m gen z

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I was alive when 9/11 happened but have no memory of it.

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My parents have never admitted it, but I'm pretty sure I was named after Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.

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I was the only kid in elementary school with a Game Boy

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The Soviet Union was still called the Soviet Union the year I was born.

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I remember the sand bag bumpers at bowling alleys (before they got the automatic ones)

Also drank the polio vaccination; it was a nice pink color back then.


Too young for the first Iraq War, too old for the second.


People were wearing balloon pants my senior year of high school.


When I was in high school, literally everyone listened to American Idiot and The Black Parade.


I remember my mom having a beeper and a cell phone when I was in elementary school


The first movie I remember seeing in theaters was Disney's "Lady and the Tramp"


I was conceived when my mom was so overcome by her romantic feelings after seeing Ghost in theaters, starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.