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As Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow followed the Yellow Brick Road, they feared the animals they might encounter. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Today, a more realistic fear is the animals we might never encounter. Sadly, the wild tiger population is being threatened by poaching, habitat loss and population fragmentation. Want to learn more? Here are my recommendations for tiger hunting on the Web.

National Geographic: Bengal Tiger

“Tigers are icons of beauty, power, and the importance of conservation. Learn five surprising facts about these striped felines, including how large the cats can be, an adaptation some developed for swimming, and how much wild tiger populations have declined.” Visit National Geographic to watch the two tiger videos, read the article, browse the photo gallery, and learn some fun tiger facts. “A hungry tiger can eat as much as 60 pounds in one night, though they usually eat less.”

National Geographic Kids: Tiger

“Easily recognized by its coat of reddish-orange with dark stripes, the tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. The big cat’s tail is 3 feet (1 meter) long.” Lots of tiger fun for elementary and middle school students, including quick facts, videos, good news for Siberian tigers, 5 Reasons why Tigers are Terrific, and Big Cat quizzes.

San Diego Zoo: Mammals: Tiger

This brightly-colored introduction is perfect for elementary grades. It includes photos, videos, and a short introduction to tigers. “Recognizing a tiger at the zoo is easy. But in their natural habitat, tigers are really hard to find. That’s because their unique orange, black and white stripe pattern helps them blend into the forests and grassy areas where they live and hunt.”

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