The rosy list #10-another blog post of everyday joy.

The theme of this post seems to be coffee in hand, or something to keep me warm.  Winter has truly arrived and I just asked Brett today if it could be spring yet.  Pretty please? I know there are joys to be had in each season, but the months of January/February are like a game of hide and seek when discovering them sometimes.  But, just like this post shows, I'm putting one foot in front of the other and chasing hard after the light, color, and joyful things. 

One small joyful thing that feels BIG is that the sun is staying out past five! I always rejoice at this because it feels like the light is creeping in more and more. 
The first photos here are phone snaps. I read on Fox's Lane blog that blog posts are supposed to have a small number of photos.  You know me though-that's NOT me at all.  The more the merrier! 

These were from a recent trip to Crystal Bridges, the absolutely amazing art museum just down the road a bit in Bentonville.  Our family took a little field trip there on one of our last days off of school.  

This sculpture was made entirely of buttons.  Can you even believe it?! 

There was an exhibit by this guest artist and I felt so incredibly seen.  It was like she took the inside of my brain and made it something I could walk through! 

Color like that literally makes me feel happier inside. Also, I looked at the artist's IG and saw she drew all the little eyeball looking shapes on the wall by hand! 

I got a new robe/loungewear set and enjoyed relaxing around the house in it over the break.  For someone who loves to be cozy and warm but also loves to get dressed each day, this is the perfect "stay home" look for me!
A peek inside the dollhouse. :)

We also went and explored the new (to us) park in downtown Rogers before visiting Crystal Bridges. I'd highly recommend it! We ate out before we played and I would say the restaurant's name, but it wasn't very good.  Let's be honest-we just like eating at home better. 
I bought this adorable plate at the thrift store and forgot that they wrapped it in the pants I bought as well. I came home, excited to show Brett the pants and precisely dropped the plate and broke it. :( Yes, I know I could have used it for a mosaic, but I know realistically I would't have so in the trash it went.

We had some family over for New Year's Eve! 
I turned my lounge wear robe into a real outfit for New Year's Eve! As much as I really liked this combo, I actually ended up putting this cream shirt in the donate pile because it goes down too low and I  had to keep pulling at it all night long.  My rule is, if something isn't comfortable it goes.
Christmas at Grandma and Papaw's was last week! I so appreciate them taking the time to host all of us.  
This is where you can find me a LOT during these months. Under a blanket with coffee, bone broth, or tea.  Occasionally hot chocolate.
Ha! Taking over the girls' Facebook Messenger and using the fun filters. 
We had our first dusting of snow last week! I won't lie-I was grouchy about it. I'm not a fan of snow. I guess a snow day would be nice, but last year we had a lot of snow and I feel like I'm good for a while now. 
Color, pattern, painted nails, and coffee all make my heart feel happy.

Outfit! Both shirts are thrifted and these are my new favorite, affordable jeans.  They are Universal Thread, by Target.  

When I pray for the girls to notice God in the tangible, this is what I mean. Hundreds and hundreds of birds flew over and oh my, the sound! It was heavenly.  I grabbed several photos with my phone. 
Dried wildflower wreath I wanted really badly from Target, but didn't want to shell out $45. Maybe I can make one?
The girls and I went into a new flea market, thanks to my twin sister's recommendation. It is SO NEAT.  The day we ran in we only had 20 minutes and I was trying to find one particular booth. We plan to go back when we can browse longer though. 

The flea market is called Pirate's Cove and is on furniture row. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but if you like that kind of store you have to check this one out! It's amazing! 
(Grandma and Papaw-you've gotta let me take you!)
This little bag I wanted so much and it was only $9. I talked myself out of it though...

perhaps I talked myself out of it because I spent hours cleaning out my closet on the last day of break. What you can't see is that behind the door there is a little pillow for me to sit on.  If you know, you know!

Something I've been researching, reading about, and pondering on lately is what it means to be a highly sensitive person.  I mean, I've take the quizzes LOTS of times and I am clearly one.  It's something I'm working on feeling brave and confident about, instead of embarrassed or burdened with.  At my last chiro adjustment, the chiropractor asked me what in the world I had done to my shoulder and lower back. I explained "it's stress and sadness".   Even with exercising regularly, I do tend to hold things in my body.  As that book title says "The Body Keeps the Score".    I asked the chiropractor if he knew what a highly sensitive person was and he didn't. Most people don't and then you're just labeled as "sensitive", emotional, or like a ditz or something for having extra feelings. 

I am none of those things. But I do feel the world much more deeply than those around me, I'm coming to figure out. For example, at the art museum a kid was screaming and crying and going on and on. I quietly whispered to Brett that the noise automatically made my stomach physically hurt. He looked at me like I was nuts, he wasn't feeling a thing at all or having any reaction at all from the noise. 

Any more of you in the rare group of people known as HSP?

With all that said, calm and quiet in little doses, even with my bathroom decor, do me a world of good! I worked on freshening up the bathroom over the break too and now I feel like I'm at a nice hotel with a really good bathroom.  
Betsy and I made chicken and dumplings together!
Sweater found at TJ Maxx, turtleneck thrifted, and necklace found at Beautiful Lives Boutique. It's the perfect time of year to layer a turtleneck with a sweater.

Incredibly inspired by taking a peek around another school I was at for training.

I'm currently reading a book called The Playful Classroom and in my personal life, am also taking this practice to heart by playing around on Procreate on the iPad.  I am willing and ready to do the work to discover all that I am capable of with digital art. This will be a slow learning process, but what a gift to have the time to do this!! (bye bye grad school-WOOHOOO)

When you're home at last and that sun hits just right......
Another TJ Maxx shirt, paired with my favorite quilted jacket.  I always tease with a friend that I have to wear this to live up to my librarian reputation. :)
The hours of Pirate's Cove! I hope you check it out!
Out and about with my two girls.  We visited a new bookstore and then went to Savoy Tea.  We drank some delicious tea samples and bought some sample packs to bring home. This was different than our normal evening routine and felt extra fun. 
I bought the girls each a lemon tea cookie at Savoy and it was my lucky day because apparently it was buy two cookies, get one free! I chose this gingersnap one and it was probably the best gingersnap I've ever had.  
Another outfit. Thanks to my mom-in-law for getting me these really nice, soft black pants for Christmas!

Pink skies are just my favorite.
Now for the Nikon pics.  :) Remember, it's still a complete surprise and miracle my Nikon started working again, all on its own. I am so grateful! I haven't really wandered around the yard with my camera for an hour or anything lately, but have remembered to pick it up and snap a photo here or there.  

The way the morning light shines through our side yard is absolutely breathtaking. 

I checked the weather forecast and see that we're supposed to have sun coming in the next few days and I'm counting on it! Also, yes those are still pumpkins on the playhouse porch. I've decided it will be an eternal fall there. 
Pretty pattern at the bottom of the blueberry bowl.

Snow! Will we have snow days this year? I wonder. You know, here in Arkansas we are babies about the snow. It just takes a bit for things to close down. I know all you northerners are probably rolling your eyes at us each winter. I would be! (lol)
Ok, there's something that really gets to me about this photo.

I try to keep our bedroom a calm, relaxing place.

Other joys last week included getting to visit with my co-workers about stuff besides work (thanks kindergarten team for welcoming me in at training!), having a fridge full of yummy leftovers, starting two fires in the fireplaces by myself one cold evening, painting my nails a light aqua color, starting The Wild Robot Escapes, and learning how to draw on the iPad.
Something that's been a real treat to me is having time after work to do other things besides study.  Of course, we're making plans and dreams for the new year too.  Are you?

Oh yeah! And I finally found a new substitute for the quinoa salad I was so burned out on.  This black-eyed pea, artichoke, tomato, caper, olive, and serrano pepper salad does the trick.  Today I enjoyed it for lunch with a mug of bone broth. 

I also had pizza for dinner. Balance! :)

Are you ok over there? Finding ways to chase the light, grab hold of it, and hold on for dear life? 
I hope so.  I am.