These STEM Learning Starter Kits from Osmo are Oh-So Giftable!

Make space under the tree! 4 STEM learning starter kits from Osmo that are ready to be wrapped

‘Tis the season for…STEM learning? As far as we’re concerned, it is! But don’t worry—your kiddos won’t even know that you’re sneaking learning into their stockings. With Osmo, all that is bundled into one completely fun, game-based program so your little ones actually want to play. And these aren’t just any games. These are hands-on learning games that allow players to use objects in the real world shown on their iPad or Fire tablets.

Kiddos learn best when they’re engaged in hands-on learning, and Osmo teaches with games connecting digital-physical interactions. Each game is designed to bounce the image of the game pieces or drawing the player arrages right onto their device screen. They’re able to see how their movements impact their game, blending the digital game world with their moves in front of them. And don’t worry—the Osmo Reflector is covered so it only captures images in a bounded area. Your child’s privacy is always protected.

Finding the right Osmo Starter Kit is super easy, too. You can always check out one of Osmo’s Classic Starter Kits. These best-selling kits include games covering the area of your choice, so you can’t go wrong! But we’re especially excited about their Age-Based Starter Kits that are curated specifically for your child’s age! Here are the four we’re making sure Santa drops off this year. Santa’s really into STEM learning, by the way.

Genius Family Starter Kit (Ages 6-10)

This is the perfect package for the whole family that'll grow with your little one! It comes with 9 classic games. ABCs, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party, and Stories for ages 3-5. For ages 6-10, there's Numbers, Tangram, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece. In addition to the Osmo Base and Reflector all Starter Kits come with, the Genius Family Starter Kit includes Tangram pieces, Numbers tiles, 38 silicon sticks and rings (BPA-free and dishwasher safe), 19 costume pieces, silicon play mat, and stackable storage!

Osmo Genius Family Starter Kit ($114.10)—Buy Now

Kindergarten Starter Kit (Ages 5-10)

The Kindergarten Starter Kit is designed to introduce little ones to core subjects. With hands-on games for independent and collaborative learning, this is STEM made just for kindergarteners! You get 11 games including Osmo's best-selling Genius Starter Kit and additional games that promote math, reading, vocabulary, and drawing. Also included: tangram pieces, numbers tiles, words tiles, creative board, 4 erasable markers, fuzzy pouch, 31 tangible coding blocks, and stackable storage!

Kindergarten Starter Kit ($182.40)—Buy Now

Elementary Starter Kit (Ages 6-12)

Get ready for an in-depth learning experience with the Elementary Starter Kit! Everything your child needs for a firm core subject foundation is included. Along with all the goodies that comes with the Kindergarten Starter Kit, you get 15 games to explore, learn, and grow!

Elementary Starter Kit ($206.40)—Buy Now

Super Osmonaut Starter Kit

Osmo's most most packed kit yet comes with their most popular best-selling Classic games for hours of (learning) fun! If you can't decide which Starter Kit is right for you, the Super Osmonaut Kit is definitely the way to go.

Super Osmonaut Starter Kit ($264.50)—Buy Now

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