Top 10 Interactive Tech Toys for Kids

If you were to ask a child if playing and learning were the same things, you might get a resounding no! However, toy manufacturers and parents alike have found a way to help children simultaneously learn and play. With so many options to choose from, USDISH has put together our choices for the top 10 interactive tech toys, emphasizing ones that encourage gross motor skills, educational stimulation, and social learning. 

Building on our previous list of exceptional kids toys, we’ve assembled the latest and greatest on the market for this year. Keep reading to find out if your child’s favorite toy is on our list or discover new ones to introduce to your family—all in the name of playtime. 

1. Pai Technology Botzees Building & Coding Kit for Children: Pai brings modern tech to little hands with its robotics coding kit. And the best part? Kids can see their code come to life in augmented reality. Best for kids ages 3–8 years old. 

2. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad: If you own an iPad, the Osmo Starter Kit is a great way to give kids some screen time that’s safe and educational. Kids learn the basic hand movements for forming letters, mixing and matching, and making shapes. Best for kids ages 3–5 years old. 

3. VTech KidiZoocan m SmartWatch DX2: The SmartWatch DX2 functions as a regular watch with analog or digital watch face options, but works as a smart device too. Kids can capture videos, play brain teaser games, and track active time with a pedometer reader. Best for kids ages: 4–12 years old. 

4. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop: Perfect for curious little hands, the LeapFrog Leaptop provides kids with ways to explore letters, music, animals, and shapes—all with the ability to connect online to LeapFrog’s Learning Path. Best for kids ages: 2–4 years old. 

5. VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe: One of the hardest things about toddlers is getting them to sit for longer than four seconds, but the activities on the VTech Desk can keep even the most mobile children interested. There’s plenty for your toddler to see and feel with five pages that teach numbers, letters, fruits, and colors. Best for ages: 2–5 years old.

6. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet: Give your kids the benefit of Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited content—including your favorite shows, apps, and books—without the risk of unprotected internet use. The Amazon Fire Tablet provides your kids hours of fun on or off Wi-Fi and makes for the ideal travel item. Best for kids ages: 3–12 years old. 

7. VTech Little Apps Tablet: Perfect for parents looking to introduce gadgets to little hands without paying the price tag for the real deal, the VTech Little Apps Tablet provides 12 different learning activities with a screen that lights up. Activity topics include letters, matching, counting, math, and music. Best for kids ages: 2–5 years old. 

8. Hot Dots Jr. Phonics Fun: Introduce reading in a whole new way with Hot Dots Jr. Phonics Fun. Kids can master vowel sounds, letters, and even words as they play the day away. Best for kids ages: 4–6 years old. 

9. Osmo Genius Kit: Turn iPad time into learning time with the Osmo Genius Kit. With five apps available, your kid can learn problem-solving, self-expression, visual thinking, math, and spelling in a digitally-safe environment. Best for ages: 6–10 years old. 

10. Harry Potter Coding Kit: Want to unlock some truly magical learning? Why not try Alohomora? The Harry Potter Coding Kit teaches your young witch or wizard how to build their own wand with codeable LEDs, code more than 70 spells, and make objects fly on screen. Best for ages 6 and up. 

Kids learning through play combines fun for the child with stimulating educational experiences. Incorporating toys in their lives that offer a combination of entertainment and education is one great way to achieve both.

Along with toy selection, parents can consider turning on subtitles while watching a favorite show to encourage reading, or using cooking time to learn the difference between subtraction and addition. 

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