Train Books and Reading Tips

Choo, choo! The best collection of train books for kids! If you have a train-obsessed child in your life, then you will want to read these terrific train books. Includes both fiction and non-fiction train-themed books for your reader! All aboard!!

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The Best Train Books for Kids

As a kindergarten teacher, I would read a variety of fiction and non-fiction literature out loud to the children in my classroom on a daily basis. Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits to reading out loud to your children including language, word knowledge, rhythm of words, and a caring bond with the care-giver.  

As a parent, I try to apply this same philosophy in our home, by purchasing or checking out from the library an assortment of both fiction and non-fiction text. It is important to read a variety of different books with your kids!

  • Don’t forget to talk about the story and pictures as you read.
  • Make predictions.
  • Ask questions!

Here are a few more tips for teaching your child to read as you explore these terrific train books!

Fiction Train Books

Although you see a set of Thomas books for little ones in the list above, I am NOT a Thomas the Train book fan. Sorry to offend those of you who enjoy them, but I find them dry, long winded, and not witty. We owned several and just passed them on for someone else to enjoy, because I didn’t like them.

The board books, however, weren’t all that bad. Short, sweet, and to the point, not great literature (In My Opinion) but ok for ADDING to your train book stash. PLEASE, even if you love Thomas the Train books, read some other train books with your children as there are truely some AMAZING stories about trains that you don’t want to miss.

Non-fiction Train Books

My 2 oldest children LOVE learning about trains. Trains are a great topic to introduce your children to using a non-fiction text.  We actually own 5 out of the seven pictured books in this section and read them often! I keep them in the wooden train storage bin for easy play extensions. See if the books you choose have a glossary or an index.  

Grab a fiction and a non-fiction story about trains and compare the two.  How are they similar? How are they different? What clues tell our little readers that they are reading real information and not a made-up story? These conversations are important in developing reading skills.

Train Book Activities for Kids

We have rolled through this Month with a TRAIN theme, complete with MATH, READING, CRAFTS, and SCIENCE activities for preschoolers all about trains.

I like to combine books with learning activities! Read a book, do an activity. This will enrich and extend your child’s reading experience.

Stop by these train ideas for some learning activity inspiration.

  1. Exploring Magnets with Trains; Simple Science
  2. Learn to Read with Trains
  3. Preschool TRAIN Math Activities
  4. Name Train Craft and Snack
  5. Moveable Cardboard Train and Train Track Craft
  6. Paper Train Tutorial for Imaginative Play
  7. Snowflake Train Game
  8. Train Themed Counting Game for Kids
  9. Math Games with Trains 
  10. Reading Activities with Trains
  11. Fingerprint Train Ornament
learning about magnets with trains
reading with trains
preschool math with trains, 1,2, 3
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