Watch Russell Westbrook’s Adorable Son Show Off His Moves on the Court

Noah Westbrook, son of NBA superstar Russell, joined his father on the home court of the Oklahoma City Thunder for a pregame shootaround yesterday. Noah didn’t run particularly fast or dunk, but, given the fact that he’s only a year old, we’re not quite ready to downgrade him in our 2037 mock fantasy basketball draft.

A video posted to the Thunder Twitter account shows the Russell dribbling down the floor of the Chesapeake Energy Arena as Noah, pumping his legs as quickly as possible, tries to keep up. Once they’re underneath the basket, Noah cranes his neck up and lifts the ball. Russell takes the hint and lifts his son towards the hoop. Unfortunately, the elder Westbrook is 6’3″, so they don’t quite reach it, but we’re confident Noah will be performing dad-assisted dunks well before kindergarten.

After that warm-up, it’s time for some shooting practice. Given the fact that the ball is about a third of his height, it’s understandable that Noah doesn’t quite have the upper body strength to hit a layup or midrange jumper. Thankfully, Russell obliges again, forming a “hoop” with his arms and bending ever so slightly to make sure that any less than perfect shots still make it in. What a confidence booster.

Noah has a tendency to fall after shooting or after pulling down a rebound. That could be because he’s only recently learned to walk, but it’s also possible he’s practicing drawing charges, a key defensive skill.

And Noah and Russell didn’t only spend quality time together on the court. The notoriously fashion-forward point guard and his son showed up to the arena in matching outfits: jeans, beanies, and tan jackets.

The Thunder fell to the Lakers later that night, but the Westbrooks, with their on- and off-court chemistry, still won the day.

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